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Guide to Online Enrichment: Kids Coding Classes, Language, Art & More

online enrichment kids virtual camp dance class
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Give your kiddos the chance to really enjoy their holidays with these awesome online enrichment classes and camps

School’s out! Now what? While it can feel like a dread to stay in even during the holidays, we’re optimistic about making the most of our time indoors. Some of our favourite enrichment companies have quickly whipped up online programmes to entertain (and educate!) your kiddos right at home — from cool VR coding to messy art play, music and even martial arts!


Drama & Dance

Online Coding Classes & Camps

Coding Lab

Whether your kiddo is interested in games, animations or tinkering with programs, Coding Lab believes in lighting the way for all children aged 7 to 18 to bring their imaginations to life through coding. They’ll get to learn from the school behind some of Singapore’s top coders, including the Youngest Medallist at the National Olympiad of Informatics. Guided by passionate tutors who’ve been handpicked and meticulously trained to impart their award-winning curriculum, their classes cover visual programming of simple games and animations for ages 7 to 9 to app design for ages 10 to 12, and the Mathematics-infused Python courses for the more advanced and older ones aged 10 to 12 and 13 to 18.

They now offer LIVE online classes for a number of their holiday camps throughout the year, as well as term classes. You may get in touch with them to find out more about their weekly term classes. You can also refer to their schedule online here. Worried about your child’s transition to online learning? Fret not, their goal is to nurture future leaders in technology! Their complimentary Online Concierge Service offers 30-minute consultations and the small class sizes allow tutors to regularly keep an eye on students in classes, should any hiccups arise. Their LIVE online classes also harness the same technology and teaching strategies that were used to host the 100% live and online Young Coders Global Hackathon attended by many around the world – and your child gets to experience it from the comfort of home!

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saturday kids coding online enrichment lesson class

Saturday Kids

Students don’t just learn to code at Saturday Kids, they code to learn! The skilled instructors at Saturday Kids will help to bring out the curiosity in children, encourage them to look at problems and think, “I can figure this out myself!” As Singapore’s first coding school for kids since 2012, Saturday Kids has taught over 5,000 students how to learn through classes in programming, electronics, digital art and design thinking. In addition to awesome holiday camps and weekly classes, they also collaborate with corporates and non-profit organisations to create access to digital literacy for less-privileged kids.

Saturday Kids will be bringing some of their most popular coding camps online, redesigning the educational experience (as opposed to just swapping out the classroom for a webcam) to transform kids into curious, self-directed learners. Preschoolers aged 5 to 6 can explore the wonders of tech with Curious Critters: Telling Stories Together with Code. Kiddos aged 7 to 10 can look forward to programmes like Start with Scratch: Your Adventure Begins Now! and Journeys in Scratch: Create Your World with Code. Those aged 11 to 14 can opt for Back to Basics: From Zeroes to Python Heroes, a power-packed introduction to basic computer science concepts with Python! What’s more, regular screen breaks will be provided, with a special Saturday Kids twist.

Use the promo code SASSYMAMACODES to save $30 off Saturday Kids’ online coding camps (only applicable to full priced tickets)!

ripplecreate coding online enrichment class


Trusted by educators from over 200 schools in Singapore in the arena of technology education, ripplecreate is a mainstay in both the local and international school scene. Having organised many large scale coding education camps with community-based organisations for students, and supported numerous tech-based CCA programs in schools, they know a thing or two on how to make tech courses age-appropriate and fun for children of all ages! They’re also a co-organiser of RippleUX, a national coding and robotics competition, which pioneered the first national robotics competition in Singapore for preschoolers in 2019.

Ripple Tech Program, a regular form of weekly coding lessons for children aged 7 yrs upwards, can be accessed online. Classes are divided into 3 categories – Basic (for 7-8 yrs), Intermediate (for 9-10 yrs) and Advanced (for 11 yrs and above), covering an incredible range of platforms ranging from Virtual Reality codingA.I. machine learningiOS app development and Python, just to name a few. Each category comprises of a 2-year programme covering basic modules to build the foundational learning in the first year, and accelerated and breadth modules in the second year to really provide the depth and breadth of learning.

Big on the fun factor are the zoom-based holiday camps and special programs running through the major school holidays. Typically, the main camps are the summer camps (running from June to August) and the winter camps (running from late Nov to Jan), with minor ones running in between. Customised camps are available upon request. To find out more, contact [email protected] or visit here for more information!

online tutor sg code campus

SG Code Campus

SG Code Campus offers tailored group or one-to-one classes for students taking the Computer Science subject for IB, O or A Levels, with lessons specially curated to follow the individual schools’ curriculum. They also offer online enrichment classes for students from primary school onwards with a strong emphasis on conceptual understanding, fluency in programming languages and solid building skills to solve problems. Their newly established partnerships with Apple and Amazon ensure that your child receives coding education of the highest quality upon joining their student community! The age-appropriate enrichment courses include introductions to Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Java and C++.

SG Code Campus also offers a number of advanced programming courses at the end of their curriculum roadmap, including Cybersecurity, Data Science, Competitive Programming (For the National Olympiad of Informatics). Plus, their Advanced Web and Mobile Programming offering is ever evolving, with the centre actively enlisting the help of Amazon to help students prepare for professional certification exams.

Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount off your first course with SG Code Campus! Call or email them to find out more!

Language Classes & Camps

british council language online enrichment class

British Council Singapore

British Council’s Online Study Camps use English as a way to explore the world around us, developing problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity skills. Through games and fun activities along with group research projects and presentations, the skills-focused camps are great for both primary and secondary students looking to improve in Comprehension, Composition Writing and more. Camps begin every Monday in small class sizes so every student gets individual attention and support. Students will study a different topic each day, collaborate and communicate with friends and teachers, develop world knowledge, vocabulary and learn to communicate confidently. Their internationally qualified and experienced teachers will also engage parents in Parent-Teacher video calls to discuss your child’s progress! British Council also offers online one-to-one and small group classes.

British Council students can enjoy 15% off study camps!

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online enrichment science centre young scientist badge

Science Centre Singapore

Kids can earn their own Young Scientist badges right at home with Science Centre’s online activities! Open to kids age 6-12 years old, all they have to do is participate in the online courses on the Young Scientist platform and submit their work to be graded by the Science Educators at Science Centre Singapore. Once they achieve their stars, they will be awarded with a certificate and online badge! They can then collect the physical badge at the awards ceremony slated to commence in November, provided the Covid-19 situation improves. The Young Scientist Badge Scheme aims to stimulate interest in science activities among students, enable students to carry out self-directed activities in various disciplines of science and provide opportunities for students to develop initiative and creativity.

Art Camps & Classes

art wonderland online enrichment lessons classes

Art Wonderland

Art Wonderland is an exciting art space that provides children of ages 5-12 years old with a fun, warm and nurturing environment to learn art. Art Wonderland’s experienced, passionate teachers engage children through a variety of art mediums and techniques, and connect their learning in the classroom to their everyday experiences. The curriculum is based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and promotes integrated learning of concepts such as numeracyliteracy and discovery of the world through the Arts.

Art Wonderland has launched digital and immersive art classes that continues to explore a variety of topics and mediums. Conducted on Zoom, one of the programmes is the Live-stream E-Art Class which encourages children to explore with watercolour, oil pastels, charcoal and various art mediums at home. There’s also various online holiday workshops that will transport your children into fantastical worlds where Art comes alive through games, craft activities and role-play.

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chalk n pencils online enrichment class instagram live painting lesson

Chalk N Pencils

Chalk N Pencils was founded by local artist and art educator Ms Priscilia Kheng, who graduated with a first-class honours Degree in Painting and Printmaking. With a qualified team of teachers, Chalk N Pencils believes in the continual support towards the growth of the local arts scene and to provide quality art education for those who seek to express themselves. Their classes are tailored to children’s and adults’ abilities, and structured with a progressive learning outline. They will experience various mediums and tools such as painting, printmaking, and 3D art-form in a conducive setting. Through fun and interactive lessons, these programme will help students build their confidence, imagination, and art appreciation!

Chalk N Pencils is conducting free painting classes via Instagram Live every weekend for you to participate from the comfort of your home. Follow them on Instagram and tune in every Saturday from 3pm to 5:30pm with art supplies like brushes, a canvas and acrylic paints. You can also drop them a DM to order a Chalk N Pencils Stay Home Artist Kit and have it delivered to your home!

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impressions art studio online art class enrichment

Impressions Art Studio

Since Impressions Art Studio’s establishment in 2010, they’ve grown to be the preferred choice for Art Enrichment Programs in various preschools, international schools and corporates around Singapore. Their holiday camps encourage individuals to find the freedom to explore independently and express themselves through creative experiences. Their three creativity-focused Virtual Interactive Online Holiday Camps will be conducted on Zoom, with options like Kids Create Camp (Art), Explorer Multi Activity Camp (D.IY, Arts craft, dance, fitness, storytelling) and Science Art Attack Camp (Science and Art Fusion, experiments). All materials will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep! 

Impressions Art Studio also has a Reward System to encourage children to complete camp activities and be on their best behaviour. Upon camp completion, they’ll even receive limited edition badges and a badge sash!

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Music Camps & Classes

creative hearts music online lesson class

Creative Hearts

Creative Hearts offers in-person and online classes! Your child can join their virtual Glee Club while you join their adult pop choir online, singing warm ups and learning harmonies for a pop song virtually! Other programs include songwriting, piano and vocal lessons. Enquire with Creative Hearts for more information about their programs. Creative Hearts can also host virtual sing and dance birthday parties!

Drama and Dance Classes & Camps

tanglin arts studio dance online lesson class

Tanglin Arts Studio

Suitable for littlies 18 months to 5 years old, the babyballet® dance classes offered by Tanglin Arts Studio are bringing joy to thousands as they make learning to dance an unforgettable and magical experience for you and your little star. Founded 15 years ago in the UK, the successful babyballet® programme is now also available in Singapore! With learning through play, qualified and welcoming teachers give babies, tots, toddlers, preschoolers and young children the chance to dance in their own unique way, having fun and making friends along the way. All ballet lessons are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFSF), making them the perfect activity choice for you and your child. 

Tanglin Arts Studio offers unlimited classes per week plus access to the babyballet Facebook group, in which they post a lot of extra content like story times, sing-a-long, pre-recorded classes. All content comes from the babyballet headquarters in the UK.

Online classes may be temporarily on hold for now. Write to them or call to enquire about any upcoming programs!


stepping out studios online dance lesson class

Stepping Out Studios

Stepping Out Studios has been providing dance classes in Singapore since 2010, quickly establishing themselves as the school of choice for those with a love for dancing. They offer a wide variety of classes for children, starting from their unique dance syllabus targeted towards little ones as young as 18 months to 4 years old. The Melody Bear programme for littlies provides an excellent introduction to the concepts of ballet, tap, music and movement. After graduating from Melody Bear, students progress to Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary or Hip Hop Classes, all taught by a fantastic team of internationally experienced, highly qualified and friendly instructors.

Learn from the comfort of home with their wide range of online dance classes for children aged 3 to 13 years oldClasses are open to everyone, even non-registered students! Enjoy a seamless online experience with real-time feedback from highly experienced teachers with private coaching classes also available on request. Each 45-minute class is priced at just $15.

Enter code sassy for a 30% off your first purchase of online classes, through the booking platform!

Centre Stage Interactive (CSi)

We’re all familiar with Centre Stage as a performing and creative arts school, right mama? Offering classes in Early Years, Dance, Creative Drama, Musical Theatre, Stage Training and Singing for students aged 18 months to 18 years, they now present Centre Stage Interactive (CSi)! There are two elements to these online classes — pre-recorded ‘on demand’ classes you can refer back to at any time; and a live interactive class (via Zoom) where you can catch up and collaborate with your teacher and friends in real time. The wide range of subjects include Drama, Dance, Musical Theatre and Voice. Students can opt for one-to-one coaching with any of their teachers in a specialist area of their choice!

CSi offers three access levels: Bronze (1 course), Silver (1 whole department), or Gold (absolutely everything!) so you can pick and choose how much you engage with. As a bonus, the classes are offered at much cheaper rates than usual! These classes have been designed specifically to keep kids active, encouraging them to get up on their feet moving and use their imaginations to transport themselves from their living rooms to the CS Dance Studio, Big Stage, or a far off adventure land!

Sports Camps & Classes

karate nation online enrichment lesson class

Karate Nation

Since starting his Karate journey in 2011, Karate Nation’s Cyril has earned a black belt, participated and won in regional competitions and started teaching kids and adults all in the span of just a few years! Cyril is just as dedicated in coaching and sharing his passion to his students. He has an innate perception on the way the body moves, its biomechanics, and a real understanding for different cultures/backgrounds to bring an easy and open approach to Karate for kiddos and adults alike. His online classes via Zoom are available for kids from 4 to 9 years old up to adults.

New and existing students are welcome to join Karate Nation’s Live Online classes streaming everyday. You can learn and participate on training online from the convenience of your home. They’re offering One-on-One coaching, Group Sessions and Family Sessions.

Multi-activity Camps

lorna whiston online lesson class

Lorna Whiston

Lorna Whiston Camps will be running a variety of fun online holiday programmes from 11 May to 29 May 2020. Enjoy various programmes hosted by experienced teachers from their dedicated, compassionate and highly experienced team. Camp themes include English Explorers (Ages 3 to 8), Multi-Activity (Ages 3 to 5), Code Academy (Ages 9 to 14) and Cooking Club (Ages 6 to 12). 

Price: $348 per child, per camp

outdoor school singapore knot tying online enrichment class

Outdoor School Singapore

Outdoor School Singapore was set up to support bringing children out to nature in Singapore, with the aim of developing their ecological awareness, empathy and intelligence to eventually become risk-taking, responsible and resilient citizens. During the Circuit Breaker they developed a fun and interactive online course to teach knot-tying and other survival skills to kids ages 6 to 10 years old. Reach out to Outdoor School Singapore to inquire and find out more about their online and onsite programmes!

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