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Quick Hairstyles at Home

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What’s your go-to hairstyle mama?

Ours is scrape it up in a bun, hunt for a hair bobble, fail, steal one from the kids, tie and voila. Not very glam. But who has the time? We asked around for a few 5 minute hairdo ideas that don’t involve the chop, from curling your hair at home into glossy waves (haven’t you ever wondered exactly how to do that properly?) to a cheat service that comes to you plus intel on easy up dos!

LeeKaJa Beauty Salon
LeeKaJa, one of Korea’s best known brands is the go-to spot for a total Korean beauty experience. They do pampering hair treatments, plus makeup, nail art and eyelash services too. Stylists (who are bilingual no less), can give you a full style consultation for the total look. Want in on the secrets of how to get that on-trend wave at home?

Hairstyle: Loose Waves
1. Apply heat protection serum to prevent hair damage.
2. Part hair into chunky sections and curl with a curling tong at 180 for 5 seconds.
3. Avoid curling the tips of your hair to achieve a natural curl.
4. Curl your bangs slightly to complete the look.
5. Loosen the curls with a bit of a serum to achieve a shinier finish. Watch the vid above for the full look!

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Now if you want a new look for hair or makeup but want to feel like a diva (because you deserve it!) get the stylists to come to you! Novu offers a suite of on-demand beauty services – from manicures to makeup and hairstyling – all in the comfort of your home (or even office!). Think of it as your personal stylist on call! Here Novu gives us two super easy hairstyles to do at home….but if it all seems like to much work you can always call them to do it for you! Booking is super easy – click on their website, choose a date, time and location and pay online.

Hairstyle: Boho Bun  (left)
1: Secure hair into a low ponytail (for a side bun, secure just behind the ear). Tease lightly and spray with hair  spray. Leave out front sections for curling later.
2: Divide the ponytail into four sections. Take one section and loosely wrap around the hair tie. Secure with bobby pins. Repeat this step with remaining three sections.
3: Curl the hair segments at the front and let them fall around your face. Set with hairspray.

Hairstyle: Cascading Pony Tail (right)
BONUS! This hairstyle works best on unwashed hair.
1: Tie hair into a low ponytail and plait, secure with a band at the bottom.
2: Take your hair straightener and pass over plait, section by section holding for 3 seconds at a time (depending on heat settings). Repeat. Set with hairspray.
3: Remove bottom band and carefully undo the plait. Gently run your fingers through the curls to separate, then use a ribbon to tie a bow around the top band.

CLEO Hair & Make
Luxury hair salon CLEO Hair & Make offers affordable hair services: $50 for hair cutting (no length charge, or GST), plus colour at $100 with Japanese products, and rebonding at $130. If you are looking for something a bit different their stylists Yu and Hiro who have worked internationally with at least 10 experience (bilingual in English and Japanese) can transform your look.

Hairstyle: Elegant twist
This simple hair style only needs two rubber bands and some patience.
1. Take a segment of hair from the top of your head on each side and tie with one rubber band like a half up do.
2. Take a segment of hair from just below the previous section on both sides and tie with a rubber band for a second half up do.
3. Take the second half up do and insert the gathered hair into the middle of the first up do and pull the hair through.
4. Take the first half up do gathering of hair and insert it into the middle of the second half up do, then pull through.
Confused? Don’t worry watch this simple video and all will become clear!

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3 More 5-Minute Hairstyles!

Wraparound Twisted Ponytail
1. Divide your hair into two – put most of your hair in a low pony tail.
2. For the second smaller segment start in low pony tail position then twist the hair.
3. Pull the twisted second ponytail over the first ponytail and under wrapping it around the pony tail a few times ten securing underneath with bobby pin.

Twisted Bun
1. Gather all of your hair to one side and place in a ponytail behind the ear.
2. Begin by twisting and wrapping the ponytail as if you are tying a knot.
3. Once knotted before pulling the tail all the way through, secure the knotted bun with large bobby pins.
4. To finish pull and tug the hair from the crown and throughout the bun for a boho full texture.
See more images at!

Crown Braid
This hairdo is what you need if you are going to a classy event.
1. Part your hair in the middle, then divide it into two even sections and braid each and secure. The tug the braid widths to fatten it.
2. Next, pull the braids up and over the top of your head, and secure them there with bobby pins.
3. For more of a boho chic look, free a few strands of hair so they fall around your face softly.

Lead image courtesy of Hair Romance Novu dark updo image (left) courtesy of Chialimengartistry via Instagram Novu blonde ponytail image (right) sourced via Pinterest Wraparound Twisted Ponytail courtesy of Luxy Hair via YouTube Twisted Bun image courtesy of Once Wed Crown Braid image courtesy of Cute Girls Hairstyles

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