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The Right Balance: The Perse School Singapore’s Daily Mandarin Programme

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Want kids to learn Chinese without the stress? The Perse School Singapore’s daily Mandarin programme is the perfect in-between to help students hone their language skills

The Perse School Singapore understands Mandarin immersion programmes may be daunting for some students, while weekly Mandarin lessons may not be sufficient to fulfil the required exposure needed for kids to become proficient. So how do they ensure children learn Mandarin best without too little exposure, or too much intensity?  Their compromise comes in the form of Mandarin provision, where all their students (5-11 years old) take part in daily Mandarin lessons!

aily mandarin and science at Perse

Mandarin Provision Lessons

The Perse School Singapore follows the Cambridge Primary Curriculum while incorporating Singapore Mathematics and daily Mandarin. The school has two Chinese programmes; Standard Chinese (SC) for those who already have a strong grasp of the language, and Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL) for those who are new to Mandarin or who have only been learning for a short period of time. Both of these Chinese programs focus on language proficiency and cultural appreciation.

The Perse School Singapore values both their UK heritage and Singapore as their home. Students belong to more than 18 different nationalities, allowing the school to really celebrate diversity, nurture a sense of belonging and create a strong sense of identity. They’ve also got a pastoral approach centred around creating an environment where each child is known and listened to. Teachers are able to develop positive relationships with every student, thanks to the small class sizes and small school campus.

In addition to the great Chinese programmes, students can opt to take part in Chinese Extra Curricular Acitivities such as Chinese Speech and Drama and Chinese Drumming. They’ve also got a library with a large selection of Chinese books, and during the term breaks pupils are provided with both English and Chinese reading books tailored to their individual ability.

The Perse School Singapore - Children and teacher at reading time

More About The Perse School Singapore’s British Curriculum

The Perse School Singapore offers a British Curriculum for Key Stage 1 (age 5 to 7 years), Key Stage 2 (age 7 to 11 years) with plans to open Key Stage 3 (11 – 13 years). The International Cambridge Curriculum that they offer encourages both curiosity as well as academic rigour; children are encouraged to ask challenging questions instead of taking things as they are. In addition to extra-curricular activities and school trips, children are given student leadership opportunities with an active student council and school prefects – to make sure that the grown-ups are listening!

The school also takes pride in their broad and balanced academic curriculum, with a generous amount of time for games, extra-curricular activities and opportunities to develop socially. So it’s just as much ‘play’ as it is learning!

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The Perse School Singapore, 191 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 588180, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6971 8210,

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