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‘The Bump’: Vicky Lee Ward

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Gorgeous Singapore Maternity Photos in Sassy Mama’s ‘The Bump’

We’ve got more expert prenatal fitness advice in this month’s ‘The Bump’ interview courtesy of fit mama Vicky Lee Ward, owner/director/teacher of All That Jazz Dance Academy (yes, she taught through most of her pregnancy!). After giving birth to daughter Honor Grace last September (she arrived via emergency C-section at 4.3kgs!), Vicky also has tons of wisdom about looking after yourself post-pregnancy. And of course there are lots of gorgeous photos of Vicky with her husband, Mat, too!


What was your reaction when you first found out you were pregnant?
I was super excited but I wasn’t sure, so just to make sure I actually waited a day and tested again the next day before I told my husband the news. I surprised him in bed in the next morning; I was so excited I woke him up to show him the pregnancy test!

Your funniest memory over the 9 months?
Haha, there are so many; most are embarrassing. No one ever talks about these things but I will! I drooled in my sleep and snorted from time to time. My husband would joke that he missed his wife… where did she go? It’s just hilarious! Thank goodness I no longer drool and snort.

Any great books and resources that prepared you for when your baby arrived?
I read quite a few books but none really prepared me for the baby. I think you just have to go with the flow when your baby arrives, as every baby is different. But having read the books definitely gave me a sense of confidence and preparation prior to having my baby. I used several apps such as What to Expect to keep track of my baby’s development, read a ton of forums, and spoke to lots of mums with experience and great advice.


What do you think every woman should know before getting pregnant?
Make sure to prepare your body for pregnancy: eat healthy, exercise, take folic acid, stay positive and happy. Most of all, enjoy your sleep as much as you can because as soon as you are pregnant, your sleep is never quite the same ever again!

Motherhood is the most wonderful thing but challenging at the same time. But mostly, it’s wonderful!

What was the easiest trimester and which one proved most difficult?
The second trimester was the easiest, I had a lot of energy. I did most of my baby shopping then, and even sneaked away for a babymoon with my husband. 

I struggled most with the first trimester as I wasn’t used to the changes in my body and I also had nausea that lasted all day and night for about two weeks. I was also working at the same time, it was unbearable! I was lucky it only lasted two weeks!

Did you follow a fitness programme while you were pregnant?
I teach dance for work so I kept active throughout my pregnancy with teaching. I also did Prenatal Pilates with a trainer and also walked a lot. The more active I was, the less tired I felt. I just made sure at the end of the day to elevate my legs and got my hubby to massage my feet!

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Any fashion tips and tricks for maternity dressing?
I wore fitted cotton dresses a lot as it was the most comfortable and it was probably the only time I didn’t have to worry about how I looked in a tight dress. It’s such a beautiful time in a woman’s life, definitely show off your bump!

Did you have any weird and wonderful cravings?
I never used to like chocolate or desserts, but I craved them when I was pregnant. Sadly, I am still craving them. My husband now has to share his chocolates with me.

What did you struggle with most being pregnant?
I was very lucky as I loved being pregnant. I probably struggled with sleeping on my side the whole time and not being able to rest on my back.

Name a mama you find inspiring and why?
So many moms inspire me. Everyone has their own story and it’s so wonderful to share this journey of motherhood with them all. In particular, now that I am a mother, I know how much love my mom has given me, and the sacrifices she has made for me. She inspires me everyday with her strength, patience, and unconditional love for not just me but all her children and her grandchildren.

Vicky Solo

What are your thoughts about finding out the sex in advance?
Definitely find out the sex! In our opinion, it’s a surprise regardless when you find out. We were so curious to find out, so we were pleasantly surprised and so happy when we found out. I loved setting up my baby’s nursery and buying things for her; I was able to take my time and I really enjoyed the process. I wouldn’t have been able to do so if we waited, as I was too busy and absorbed with her when she was arrived.

What kind of birth did you have (hospital, home, epidural, etc.)?
I had an emergency C-section after trying for a natural birth. I had an epidural but it didn’t really work on me. I was literally in pain for 13 hours! My baby just wasn’t coming through…. she was born at 4.3kgs.

What helped you get your groove back after being pregnant?
I had postnatal massages everyday for two months and it really helped me not just physically, but also mentally. It was an hour of quiet and relaxation. Also, my mom was around to take care of me and made sure I ate healthy. I didn’t start any exercise until I was 6 months postnatal.

Do you have any mama-friendly favourite places (restaurants, parks, etc.) to hang out with your baby?
I love taking her to the baby spas to enjoy the Jacuzzis, especially when she was younger as it was a safe place for her to enjoy the water without chlorine and she also started to learn to kick and build her confidence in the water there. We like going to Cafe Melba and PS Cafe Dempsey for brunch, and take walks at East Cost Park and Gardens by the Bay.


Any local businesses (or websites) that made your pregnancy journey easier?
I referred to KellyMom and Ask Dr Sears quite a lot for just about anything to do with pregnancy and now for the baby.

What are your hopes and dreams for your baby?
Our hopes and dreams for our baby is that she will grow up to be up to be someone who has integrity and empathy, understands the value of hard work and above all, has the freedom to have her own dreams and goals whatever they may be.


Thanks Vicky! And thanks to the lovely Kate and Emily of Littleones Photography for the gorgeous snaps!

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