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Super Styler: Anne Gedeon, Chief Designer and Owner, GRIN Design

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When we stumbled across Anne Gedeon at the Boutiques fair earlier this year, we were instantly smitten with her colourful jewellery line, GRIN. Loaded with bright colours and intriguing designs, we wanted to find out more about the mama behind the brand and so our newest Super Styler feature was born. We spoke to Anne about how she turned a hobby into a career, how she stays stylish in the Singapore heat and the accessories she always wears with her mummy shorts!


How did you get started with turning a love for jewellery into creating your own brand?
Taking my hobby and turning it into a business came as a natural progression for me. When I landed in Singapore 7 years ago I didn’t know a soul and having been in events management, I couldn’t continue in that field as I didn’t know a soul! GRIN is something I always wanted to do but because of my loaded event planning schedule, I simply never had the time. So I decided to dive in (head first!) and turn my hobby into a business. Now 5 years down the line, I have acquired a substantial database, and through GRIN I’ve even been able to do ad hoc events for clients when they’ve requested it! Under GRIN, I’ve also developed creative brand concepts for entrepreneurs and businesses alike and my goal now is to provide a multitude of creative services under the umbrella of GRIN DESIGN.


Did your style change when you became a mama?
Not really. I always loved to have fun when I dressed and I definitely have not achieved a more practical “mama” wardrobe since having babies!

Who do you have in mind when you are designing?
I tend to design for people like me — someone who is adventurous and loves to push the boundaries a little.


How do you manage your time effectively as a mama and businesswoman?
I split my work into two categories – computer and atelier time. With atelier time, I encourage my kids to join me for “creative play.” The atelier is a hub for all that is creative – painting, beading, drawing, arts and crafts, and even dancing. And the rule is “no rules!” Basically my kids can do whatever they want. If there is any rule at all, it would be the “make something out of nothing” rule. I believe their imagination is ignited when no rules are set. Letting them do as they please whilst I work on my table is very fun, but can be noisy at times as it’s usually paired with loud music and mad dancing at the end of it! When I’ve got to do computer time that’s normally alone time.



What is your style advice for Singapore mamas?
If you insist on wearing flip-flops all the time (and I know it’s hard sometimes not to due to the hot weather!), do make them as stylish as you can.

We’d never catch you dead in…
Those sequined croc-like flip flops. Somehow I have an aversion to them.


What is the one item you can never get enough of?
My staple white structured top. I always seem to gravitate back to it. It has short sleeves, is modern with straight lines and goes with just about everything!

What has been your greatest style discovery in the past year?
Definitely — love their products! So hip!


Can you describe any obstacles and setbacks you have encountered that have made you stronger?
My designs are not for everyone and I realised that they’re not so attractive to the Singaporean market, which tends to be very brand-focused. It was challenging getting things off the ground when I first launched here but I’m happy to say that I have now located the right stores with the right personality for GRIN and they definitely aren’t mainstream. Stay tuned!

How do you rock your mummy shorts?
I am a shorts kind of mummy! I wear them to formal and informal occasions so I pretty much dress them up and down with wedges or heels plus simple or statement GRIN jewellery!


What is your beauty routine and how long does it take you to get out of the house in the morning?
I’d like to think that I’m low maintenance so I try to keep it natural with essential oils for my daily face routine and very light make-up during the day. I can leave the house in 20 minutes if I have to… however I will have a bad day if I don’t have at least an extra 15 minutes for a calm sit-down to drink my Turkish coffee. A happy mama is one who’s had her coffee. Ha!

Any tips for pre- and post-natal style?
Although we are always struggling to find the energy (pre-natal) and those few extra minutes (post-natal) do try to put the extra effort in and dress with allure. Once you look good, you will surely feel good no matter how tired you are!


What are your top Singapore style addresses?
I am an Orchard Central kinda girl.. and for shoes, the newly revamped Robinsons at The Heeren has the ultimate selection! I also love M)phosis for my basics. My accessories are usually bought online from many sources – I like the off-the-beaten track stuff. Nothing mainstream. It’s such a turn-off when you see everyone wearing the same dress or shoes. You lose that personal sense of style, because a unique mama is a GRIN mama!


Thanks to the ever fabulous Gunilla from Sugarlight Photography for taking these stunning photos of Anne!

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