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Science Centre Singapore : The Cure for Bored Children

science centre singapore
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With everything from a water park to an indoor winter wonderland, Science Centre Singapore offers days of fun (and lots of learning) for kids

Hey Mamas — If you’re like me, the first week of the school holidays seems to come around super quick. I am never prepared for that cry at 7am on day one of “Mum, we’re bored! What are we going to do today?”.  This year, I actually had a plan — a 3-day plan!  The Science Centre! And apparently now, I am the best mum ever. Read on to see why!

With four attractions in one place, the Science Centre is so much more than what it sounds like (not that there’s anything wrong with science, but they’ve got everything here from a water park to an indoor playground).  Here’s what 8-year-old Bertie  and 4-year-old Esme thought of it all!


Snow City 

Show your little tropics baby how the rest of the world experiences winter! It’s cold, very cold here, dropping as low as -5 degrees Celsius. But all togged up in our coats, gloves and boots (provided by the centre), and armed with our Artic Avenger activity guide we couldn’t wait to get in!  It really has it all here: artic playgrounds, slides, snowmen, snowfall and more.

Bertie’s Favourite Part: The Artic Snow Slide: racing on a rubber ring down the 60m slope! “It’s as high as 3 storey house!”

Esme’s Favourite Part: The Inuit’s Igloo! 



Edutainment at its best. Kids and parents will love this hands-on, active adventure that takes indoor play to another level. There are over 3,000 square meters of rotating exhibits and themed zones – from supermarkets to slides, from dinosaur excavation to denistry!

Bertie’s Favourite PartThe giant J – drop slide! 

Esme’s Favourite Part: The big dream climber -9m of climbing leading to a hidden tree house in the sky!!


Science Centre

This was our fifth visit to the Science Centre, but we never seem to tire of it! There is always something new to discover, and I’ve found kids enjoy different aspects as they get older. There are over 24 different exhibitions to see and experience. From Marine Alcove to Funfair Maths, from Climate Change to Bioethics, the Science Centre has it all!  No visit is complete without a trip to the awesome Waterworks, with its own water maze and clock tower. The kids can really cool down and have fun here!

NEW: The Butterflies Up Close exhibition is fab!  Step into Singapore’s first and only indoor butterfly enclosure while following the transformation of a butterfly from egg to beautiful butterfly. It’s like The Very Hungry Caterpillar come to life, mama!

Bertie’s Favourite PartThe Typhoon Simulator at the “Earth: Our Untamed Planet” exhibition

Esme’s Favourite Part: “Butterflies Up Close” and “The Waterworks” exhibitions



Last but not least we also went to a screening at the amazing Omni-Theatre, the world’s brightest 8K digital dome theatre! We watched “Mysteries of the Unseen World”, which was all about the things the human eye normally can’t see. Through high-speed and time-lapse photography along with nanotechnology, kids will be amazed by the universe of creatures, events and processes they never even knew existed!

Bertie’s Favourite Part: Learning about Light rays!

Esme’s Favourite Part: The space shots and the rocket.

You can do all four attractions in a packed two days, or explore over the course of a chilled-out week, mama, probably depending on how easy it is to make your way out to Jurong. Be sure to find  the time to play in the awesome Kinetic Garden that joins them all together, too. And of course no trip is complete without a visit to the fab toy store, The Curiosity Shop (resistance is futile).

If you are tight for time (or want to strategically navigate all those exhibits), you can even plan your visit online before you go. Have I mentioned that we love this place?!

Science Centre Singapore, 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081, Tel: (+65) 6425 2500,

SnowCity, KidSTOP and Science Centre images provided by the author.

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