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5 Ways Oats Help Calm Fragile and Sensitive Skin in Mamas and Babies Alike

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Redness, itchiness, tight or thin-feeling skin… Suffer from any of these problems, mama? Your fragile skin could be yearning for the magical ingredient, Rhealba® Oat

Using commercial off-the-shelf products laden with parabens and harmful ingredients may be detrimental to sensitive skin, so you might want to think about making the switch to more plant-based skin care if you suffer from frequent fragile and sensitive skin issues, mama.

In DIY skincare, there’s been a lot of buzz around oats lately – beauty junkies are often seen using rolled oats or even oatmeal to create at-home skincare remedies. But there’s one particular species of oat that’s known to be absolutely magical, mama, and you can’t find it just anywhere – enter the Rhealba® Oat, a naturally active ingredient with incredible skin-soothing properties. What exactly is so amazing about this particular variety? Here are five ways the active ingredient helps to calm fragile skin, and where you can get it.

1. Soothing and anti-irritating
Rhealba® Oat Seedling extracts are harvested as young shoots between 10 and 12 weeks old. They contain all the qualities of the fully grown plant, and are harvested within three or four days in order to extract specific molecules at the height of their efficacy. Despite being an active ingredient, the Rhealba® Oat’s effect is gentle but works efficiently to soothe the skin, unlike ingredients coupled with soap and fragrances that tend to irritate sensitive skin.

2. Nourishing and hydrating
Rhealba® Oat moisturises and softens from within, retaining hydration for long hours and keeping dryness away.

3. Protecting
On top of its softening properties, Rhealba® Oat also protects the natural skin barrier with its solid layer of moisture.

4. Antioxidant
Potentially damaging oxidising agents that may lie on top of or within the skin are removed when you use Rhealba Oat, allowing the skin to breathe despite existing pollutants in the surroundings.

5. Reducing inflammation and irritation in acne
Rhealba® Oat Plantlets extract has also been known to inhibit bacterial adhesion. The extract also enhances the production of collagen IV and hyaluronic acid, making it capable of reducing inflammation. Plus, it has no detectable proteins, a potential source of allergy and hyper-sensitisation – making it suitable for even the most fragile and acne-prone skin.

Where can I find this miracle oat?

Selected from over 26,000 different oat varieties, the precious active ingredients in the organically grown Rhealba® Oat grain are extracted to address the needs of sensitive and irritated skin. To date, there’s only one Dermatological Laboratory allowed to grow it – A-DERMA.

The discovery of the oat’s properties came after 20 years of research, resulting in a range of products that all include the magical ingredient. The 4-star products in the A-DERMA ESSENTIAL CARE line are just what you need for a complete fragile and sensitive skincare routine. Plus, with many of the products free of parabens, soap and fragrances, the range is so delicate that the whole family can use it! The products in the ESSENTIAL CARE range offer non-aggressive, gentle cleansing and moisturising products for fragile skin, while respecting and strengthening the skin’s natural shield: the hydrolipidic film and skin barrier.

Want to win yourself some A-DERMA goodies, mama? Enter the Facebook giveaway happening on the A-DERMA Facebook page and stand a chance to win ONE of three bottles of Soothing Foaming Gel (200ml) or Moisturizing Body Lotion (400ml)!

A-DERMA products can be found in Watsons and Guardian stores.

Brought to you in partnership with Pierre Fabre. 'Reducing inflammation and irritation in acne' information extracted from 'Inflammation & Cell Signaling' by G. Fabbrocini *Not all products pictured are available

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