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Need tech help? Meet the “Geek Team”

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Have you ever asked yourself: Should I back up my computer? How? What about all of my photos? What’s that new music system my friend recommended – Sonos? How does that work? The Cloud? Thunderbolt? RAM – you mean the sheep?!

If this sounds like you, fear not Mama, help is on its way. Meet the Geek Team, yes that’s what they call themselves because that’s what they are, and they’re proud of it!

Founded by dynamic women Beth Ann Lim and Natalie Dau, Geek Team is the answer to solving all your technology support needs, and even better they can do it 24/7, and remotely to boot, with a combined team based in Southeast Asia and the tech capital of the world, Silicon Valley in the United States. In fact, Geek Team has an impressive “remote solve rate” of 95%!

Sounds too good to be true? I put them to the test for you.

Geek team_1a

I’d been looking to upgrade my computer for a while but didn’t know what to get. So I asked them if they could send someone to help me figure it out and make a recommendation. A week later, a “Geek” showed up at my doorstep. After about an hour, based on what I had shared with him, he recommended the perfect system for my family needs. Not only that, but he was going to install it all the following week! That is, set up the new computer, transfer all the data and set up the back up system. Dream.

Fast forward another week later, everything is set up and working perfectly.

geek team_3

“What if it something goes wrong?” you ask. Not to worry, the Geek Team offers a remote service available 24/7, 365 days a year so if I ever have any issues, I can just call them up and as long as I can get online, the Geek Team can help me.

Fun fact: before my appointment the Geek Team sent me a little profile of my “Geek” (see below). Turns out he was not only a total tech buff, but he was also super friendly and extremely patient. He answered all of my questions, went out of his way to make sure I was totally happy with his services and even helped my daughter with her Chinese homework. Bonus!

Geek team_2

So would I recommend their services? Yes, absolutely!

Sassy Mama Perk: Sassy Mama readers receive a discount on Geek Team In-Person and Remote Services through 28 February, 2015, including:

  • 2 hours in-person consultation $188 (UP is $230)
  • Up to 1 hour in-person consultation$118 (UP is $135)
  • Remote service up to 1 hour consultation $68 (UP is $78)

Geek Team Asia, Tel: (+65) 6631 8447, [email protected]

Lead image sourced via Pinterest

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