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Best Cat Cafes in Singapore for Coffee and Cuddling Kitties

dog cafes and cat cafe sin singapore - Meomi Cat Cafe
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Don’t have a pet but want to cuddle up to a cute kitty in 2024? Check out these purrfect cat cafes in Singapore where wagging tails and whiskers meet your coffee or babycino!

If you’re like me and can’t resist the urge to pet every cat you see, this roundup of cat cafes in Singapore is for you! We love taking the kids to kid-friendly cafes in Singapore but if you have an animal-loving kid, you may be on the lookout for cafes where you can pet animals. Cat cafes in Singapore have become increasingly popular — offering the opportunity to pet resident cats as you sip on your babycino making it a fun experience for a weekend activity. I mean, the combination of cakes, coffees and lap cats, what’s not to love? Plus it has been scientifically proven that petting a cat can be therapeutic! Bonus: the cats at these cafes are incredibly friendly, so we don’t need to worry about our kids leaving with scratches, bites, or even allergies because these furry friends are vaccinated and well taken care of! Ready to get chummy and make new furry friends? Here’s our complete guide to the best cat cafes in Singapore! Pssst! If you are looking for dog cafes read this!

Sassy Mama tip: Most cat cafes in Singapore welcome young kids, but it’s crucial to practice good etiquette. The majority of the resident cats are older and have been adopted or were strays. To ensure a positive experience, approach them gently, avoiding disruptions during their afternoon naps or mealtime. It’s all about showing respect and kindness towards our feline friends to guarantee a delightful experience for all.

Cat cafes in Singapore

Certain cat cafes in Singapore may have age restrictions in place. While we strive to keep our articles current, we recommend that parents double-check the cat cafe’s official sites for up-to-date requirements before planning a visit.

1. Meomi cat cafe

cat cafes singapore
Image credit: Meomi Cat Cafe via Facebook

Cat cafe entry price: $14/adult and $7/child for first 1 hour with a complimentary drink.
Min age requirement: at least 7 years old.
Meomi Cat Cafe has been one of the OGs in Singapore’s cat cafe scene. Located just a few minutes from Bugis MRT, this popular cat cafe is home to beautiful long-hairs and short-hairs and sees plenty of visitors daily. Meomi Cat Cafe even have rare cat breeds like Munchkins and Maine coons!

Meomi Cat Cafe, 668 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188801,

2. The Cat Cafe

Dog/cat cafes in Singapore The cat cafe

Cat cafe entry price: $18/pax for first 2 hours with a complimentary drink.
Min age requirement: at least 6 years old. Children between 6 – 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
The Cat Cafe has two outlets in Singapore – in Bugis and Rail Mall, making it an accessible hang-out place for cat lovers islandwide. One of our favourite things about the Cat Cafe is that all resident cats are adopted or re-homed strays! Despite that, the cats here are extremely friendly with the patrons and are always ready for a game of string-catching. If you’re visiting The Cat Cafe at the Rail Mall outlet, be careful when you order chips because the resident cats (Bubbles and Bailey, specifically) will stop at nothing to have a bite at their favourite snack!

The Cat Cafe, 241B Victoria St, Singapore 188030 and 392 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678046,

3. Catopia

Dog/cat cafes in Singapore Catopia
Image credit: Catopia via Facebook

Cat cafe entry price: $15/pax for first 1.5 hour (weekdays), $15/pax for first 1 hour (weekends, public holidays)
Min age requirement: at least 7 years old. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. 
Catopia is located in a quaint shophouse on Dunlop Street and houses 10 resident cats of varying breeds, including Jasper, who is affectionately referred to as the boss and founder of Catopia. Parents should note that this cat cafe in Singapore has a strict grace period of 5-10 minutes, and seats will be given up if you’ve not arrived on time!

Catopia, 46 Dunlop Sreet, #02-00, Singapore 209375,

4. Nekotown

Dog/cat cafes in Singapore Nekotown
Image credit: Nekotown via Facebook

Cat cafe entry price: $9/pax for first 1 hour (weekdays), $12/pax for first 1 hour (weekends, public holidays)
Min age requirement: at least 4 years old. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. 
With rates from just $9 per hour, Nekotown is one of the cheapest cat cafes in Singapore and one of the few to allow younger kids (minimum 4 years old)! Resident cats vary in breeds, including short-hairs and long-hairs, and they also come with peculiar names, such as Cereal, Egg and Cactus. Did we also mention that each entry to Nekotown also entitles you to free-flow drinks?!

Nekotown, 658 Geylang Road, Siangpore, 389588,

5. Cat Paradise Singapore

cat cafes singapore
Image credit: Cat Paradise Singapore via Facebook

Cat cafe entry price: $18/pax for first 1 hour
Min age requirement: None. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. 

Cat Paradise doubles as an adoption centre and a cat cafe. But what’s unique is that this cat cafe in Singapore adopts a cage-less adoption centre concept, where potential pawrents can interact with the cats who are free to roam around without being cooped up in small cages. This unique concept has resulted in Cat Paradise successfully rehoming 50 cats in the past year! While Cat Paradise’s entry rates are a little pricier, guests can look forward to interacting with more than 10 exceptionally friendly cats, given their cage-less concept. Day passes to this cat cafe are also available at $40.

Cat Paradise, 23 Upper Weld Road #02-01,

6. Meownistry of Meow

Dog/cat cafes in Singapore Meownistry Of Meow
Image credit: Meownistry Of Meow via Facebook

Cat cafe entry price: $10/pax for first 1 hour
Min age requirement: at least 10 years old. 

If you’re looking for a co-working space while being surrounded by the company of fluffy felines, this one’s for you! Meownistry of Meow serves as a cat-friendly co-working space in the heart of Bugis, so you can look forward to attending meetings or catching up on deadlines without stress as a purring fur friend lies next to you. Meownistry of Meow also has private rooms without felines for karaoke sessions, gaming sessions or if you just want a place to get some work done without being distracted by adorable kitties.

Meownistry of Meow, 4A Jalan Klapa S199316,

7. Wildflower Studio: cat art-jamming studio

cat cafes singapore
Image credit: Wildflower Studio via Facebook

Cat cafe entry price: $20/pax for first 1 hour
Min age requirement: at least 5 years old. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
Heard of art-jamming with cats? Wildflower Studio allows you to interact with its 6 resident cats while showing off your art skills in an art jamming session. For $48 for a 2.5-hour session, art and cat lovers can experience the best of both worlds in this unique experience. If you’re simply looking to hang out with the cats, Wildflower Studio also has a “Chill Out with Cats” option from just $20. Wildflower Studio only serves drinks, so be sure to grab a bite before your visit!

Wildflower Studio, 56A Niven Road, Singapore 228405,

8. The Cat Museum

Dog/cat cafes in Singapore The Cat Museum
Image credit: The Cat Museum via Facebook

Cat cafe entry price: $20/pax for 1 hour (Booking is required before visiting)
Min age requirement: None.
Not exactly a cat cafe but The Cat Museum in Singapore is a cat petting sanctuary located in Bugis, occupying a 3-storey shophouse along the bustling North Bridge Road. The Cat Museum houses unique sculptures and paintings revolving around the theme of felines. The third storey of this non-profit Cat Museum houses a kitten orphanage and nursery where visitors can cuddle, interact with or even adopt a cat! The Cat Museum, which has successfully rehomed more than 370 cats, also has an education centre, perfect for potential adopters to understand the know-how of owning a cat at home.

The Cat Museum, 781A North Bridge Rd, #02-01, Singapore 198749,

We hope that our roundup of the best cat cafes in Singapore has inspired your weekend to-dos! Do you have any petting cafes in Singapore that you want to include on the list? Share them with us at [email protected]!

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