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Mama does Botox… and lives to tell the story!

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Yes, yes, go on, roll your eyes, say it is sad, vanity at its worst, but we know you will be reading this one anyway. While Sassy Mama is totally in the camp of “You are perfectly fine the way you are” the honest truth is that sometimes you feel like helping that statement along a little. And by saying that, we by no means mean it is something you should get too focused on — heaven knows there are plenty of other things more productive to do — but we have to admit we were a bit intrigued by the thought of smoothing out a few post-baby lines on our face.

None of us had ever tried Botox before so we decided to give it a go and then share our story with our favourite people… you! The most important thing when trying something like this for the first time is to find a person who makes you feel calm and instills a sense of trust in a nervous mama (with fine lines between her eyebrows). And why on earth are they called “fine” lines when they are anything but that?

One sunny December morning last year, one finely lined Sassy Mama stepped into Neuage Clinic to see Dr. Nick Ngui for some Botox. Neuage Clinic is an aesthetic medical practice focusing on cosmetic dermatology. And the man himself, Dr. Nick has a Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology. What this means is that he helps his patients with anything from acne to sunspots to general aging.

This particular mama was rather nervous at the thought of ending up looking like Joan Rivers (you know, the smooth-faced 80 year old lady from Fashion Police) and bombarded the doc with in-depth questions about possible side effects before sitting down in the treatment chair. Dr. Nick explained the procedure (as well as the potential side effects again, which of course was the only thing this mama could think about for days after!) and then set to work. He made a point of saying that for a Botox virgin like me he wanted to inject very little medicine and then top it up if required, which seemed like a rather healthy approach to a not-so-healthy substance. Two minutes later, those fine lines were under siege and a nurse was applying some ice to reduce any swelling. The needle was so tiny you could barely see the injection site at all after 10 minutes, which was a pleasant surprise.

Once back in the office and showing off the newly ‘toxed face, everyone was raving about how you couldn’t see a thing. But hang on… that wasn’t good. Mama wanted to look 10 years younger in as many seconds! Oooo… the full Botox effect takes about a month to settle — thaaat’s why!

And now about a month later what do we think? We really do wish we could say it wasn’t that great but honestly it really does make a difference. With the little amount that was injected, it’s not like the lines are totally gone but they are no longer deep enough for makeup to get stuck in them, know what we mean?

And since it takes a few weeks for the results to fully kick in, at this very moment in time it should be as good as it gets. And that is pretty darn good! The lines are now super-fine but the ability to make a stern face at your kids is still there.

There you have it, we did Botox and kind of loved it (sorry!). Guess we are a bit shallow after all.

Mega Mama Disclaimer:
Please note that we are not being paid to write this article, nor do we endorse or recommend any specific doctor in Singapore. We are simply sharing our experience of this specific treatment with you. We know Dr. Nick personally and therefore decided to go to him, but if you are considering a treatment like this, you need to do your own homework. Are we all good on this one?



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