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Could Music Be the Key to Unleashing Your Child’s Holistic Development?

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Heard of mamas-to-be playing their unborn babies Mozart in the hope it will make them smarter? This preschool takes things up a notch – their research shows that music gives infants and young children an edge for holistic development!

Keen to give your child a headstart when it comes to their holistic development? Kinderland Preschool & Infant Care has over four decades of early childhood experience with 60 centres in Singapore and the region and they are big advocates of music driving higher cognitive development for preschoolers. Their unique music-infused preschool curriculum has been proven to enhance the cognitive development of young tots – especially in the development of language literacy and also across other subjects like maths!

Children’s Music Programme at Kinderland

In a joint study published in 2014 led by Dr Carol Loy, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, Kinderland, and the National Institute of Education, music was shown to “contribute to preschool-age children’s awakening to different subject matters, particularly to reading and writing.” Research has shown that music-making catalyses better performance regardless of socio-economic background, and children fare better in reading proficiency among peers of the same age compared to those with no music involvement.

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Benefits of children being exposed to music

Better vocab, reading and maths: According to Kinderland’s study, they found that young children who have had music experience before they start school have an edge over their peers in areas such as vocabulary and reading. Early exposure to beats and rhythms also aids children in visualising topics in math, such as multiplication, division, patterns and fractions.

Better fine and gross motor skills: Their study showed that young learners who are exposed to music education hone their fine and gross motor skills as they nimbly handle instruments and strike musical keys precisely while marching to, and following the rhythm of the music. These skills are critical for the young as they enable children to learn to move in a controlled, coordinated, and efficient way.

Better emotional intelligence: Beyond classroom learning, Kinderland is the first and only preschool in Singapore with a marching band and stage ensemble. Kinderland Academy @Yio Chu Kang is the home of their Preschool Marching Band where preschoolers enjoy the exclusive opportunity to take part in the programme. These experienced performers from the marching band and stage ensemble have put up countless performances for dignitaries on occasions like World Water Day, Early Childhood Conference 2019 and Octoburst 2019 – A Children’s Festival by Esplanade.

When playing in an ensemble, the young ones will also pick up communication skills as they improve their ability to express feelings better and cultivate an appreciation of teamwork. This includes cooperating and compromising on who gets to play which instrument, contributing to the music, and working as part of a collective to create one sound.

At Kinderland, children are exposed to different genres of music through varied activities even during infancy. Through their continuous preschool progression in Kinderland, children not only benefit from skills of playing music, but also in other areas such as building social-emotional skills, communication skills, better-moderated temperament, and active listening amounting to greater self-confidence.

Kinderland Infant Care Music Programme

The music-infused curriculum at Kinderland is taught through an inquiry-based learning approach, built around the K.I.N.D.E.R. multidisciplinary lands – Kineticland, Intelliland, Natureland, Digiland, EQland, cReativeland, covering six developmental domains based on learning areas identified by the Singapore Ministry of Education, in the Nurturing Early Learners framework:
Kineticland – Strengthen Motor Skills through physical activities
Intelliland – Hone children’s Language & Literacy through curated programmes
Natureland – Spur inquisitive minds through Discovery of the World
Digiland – Understand Numeracy and build Logical Thinking for application in real-life
EQland – Develop character by refining Social and Emotional skills
cReativeland – Encourage Creative Expression through Arts

Are you keen to see how your child could benefit from this multidisciplinary musical approach? If you want your preschooler to become curious, creative, capable, confident, caring and communicative, why not get in touch with Kinderland Preschool & Infant Care by contacting 6881 8818 or emailing [email protected].

Enrolment is open for 2021/2022 with limited vacancies left in selected centres!
– Kinderland Academy @ Yio Chu Kang
– Kinderland Preschool @ Hougang
– Kinderland Preschool @ Marine Parade
– Kinderland Preschool @ Pandan Valley
– Kinderland Preschool @ Ministry of Manpower
– Kinderland Preschool @ Ministry of National Development
– Kinderland Preschool @ Woodlands Civic Centre

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Brought to you in partnership with Kinderland Preschool & Infant Care

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