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Kids’ Enrichment Classes to Check Out During the Holidays

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What are your kids up to during the school break? If you’re looking for an enrichment class or educational workshop that’ll keep them busy and learning during the holidays, we’ve got intel for you!

Equipping kids with 21st-century skills is a must if we want them to keep up with a fast-moving world – but there’s not always time in the week to supplement our kids’ learning in school with extras like baking classes, sports or scratching that coding itch with extra robotics classes. The year-end holidays are the perfect time to look into enrichment classes for the kiddos to give them additional skills to stay ahead of the game.

But where can you go for fun drama workshops, science or coding classes and even vital life-skills courses? We’ve found a one-stop online platform that allows you to explore, compare and contrast various academic and enrichment classes for your children – enter POSB Education Marketplace. Here’s how this online platform is making life easier for parents with its academic and enrichment offerings for kids.

“I want a class that helps my kids be future-ready but how do I narrow down the options?”

It’s no secret that enrichment courses come with loads of kid-friendly benefits – after all, coding lessons can teach children problem-solving skills (giving them an edge later on in the workforce); baking lessons show kids the importance of hygiene and teaches them Math skills through measuring out ingredients (plus knowing how to create delicious food is always a plus!), while sports lessons will help kids learn discipline, shows them how to handle winning and losing, and gives them regular exercise.

There are so many options out there for academic and enrichment opportunities; wouldn’t it be great if you could find them all in one place? POSB Education Marketplace offers just that! It has a wide range of holistic academic and enrichment programmes that aim to build your child’s mind and boost their spirits. Choose from academic choices such as in-person and online tutoring services and even life-skills courses that help kids set the foundation for successful learning, alongside fun options such as holiday workshops, science classes, coding courses and music lessons.

As busy mamas ourselves, we love that POSB Education Marketplace sorts all its enrichment classes and programmes according to price, duration, age suitability, online or in-person availability and much more – it certainly makes it easier to find something that’s perfect for each kid and fits our budgets.

“But, what about the quality of the enrichment programmes?”

You’ve narrowed down what type of enrichment class you want your child to enrol in, but how do you know if the brand is going to be a good fit? After all, you want to know that your child will be well-guided by expert tutors and instructors, but it can be exhausting to dig through various sources or rely on word of mouth to know you’ve made the right choice. What if we told you that you wouldn’t have to worry about any of that at POSB Education Marketplace? That’s because the platform only partners with brands that are committed to – and are known for – high-quality education for kids of all ages, all taught by experienced tutors, teachers and instructors who put your kids at the top of everything they do.

Some of the brands you’ll find on POSB Education Marketplace include Mindchamps, 88tution, Flying Cape, Empire Code, Learner Net, Storytel, PAL Solutions and more.

“Will I be able to find something within my budget?”

Tuition and enrichment programme prices can add up, especially if you’ve got two or more kiddos at home who are eager to learn new things or want to try multiple classes and camps. If you want to give your child a chance to explore various interests, but are worried about your budget, then relax, mama, because some educational partners, such as MindChamps Academie of Stars drama class, offer free trial lessons!

Has your child already found something they love? Then take advantage of flexible payment plans and interest-free instalments, which are available for all DBS and POSB credit card holders through its Pay Later service. DBS and POSB credit card holders also enjoy loads of exclusive discounts – get up to 50% off on deals found at POSB Education Marketplace!

Explore POSB Education Marketplace’s classes and perks:

Want to see how POSB Education Marketplace can benefit your kiddo? Check out all its offerings during the POSB Education Fair, which runs from now until 31 December 2022! During the fair, you’ll find loads of awesome discounts and promotions from tuition centres, online tutoring centres, enrichment centres and ebook providers. Here are some deals you cannot miss:

  • 88tuition: Enjoy 12 free trial classes. Use your DBS/POSB Credit Card to get 10% off paid classes and get an additional S$25 off with promo code ED25.
  • PAL Solutions: Purchase any PAL Academic Packages and get an additional $200 off with promo code DBS200P or receive a complimentary Samsung Tablet or Smart Monitor with promo code DBSPALD
  • Flying Cape: Get up to 40% off tuition and enrichment classes.
  • Mindchamps: Enjoy free trial classes worth up to $110!
  • Learner Net: Get free trials for its online lessons.
  • Empire Code Education Centre/Empire Code Loves Back: Get 50% off Empire Code Education Centre courses and 20% off Empire Code Loves Back courses.
  • Storytel: Enjoy a 60-day free trial for its audiobooks, ebooks and services across various genres

Excited to check out the POSB Education Fair on POSB Education Marketplace? Here are all the deets you need:

POSB Education Fair
Now until 31 December 2022
Online on POSB Education Marketplace
How much: From $0 onwards! Click here to find out more.

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