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Does Your Child Need Chinese Tuition To Ace Class or PSLE? Free Chinese Class Trials!

LingoAce Chinese tuition
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LingoAce offers Chinese classes that follow the Singapore MOE Higher Chinese approach. Here’s everything you need to know about their Chinese tuition and how to score free online trial classes!

Looking to help your child with their Chinese? Global Edutech LingoAce is a trusted name on the Chinese tuition circuit thanks to their engaging, effective live online classes and in-person Chinese classes for kids. If your child needs extra support in their Chinese class, whether it’s Higher Chinese or not, it’s worth checking out LingoAce. The curriculum adheres to strict MOE standards (great for reinforcing the primary school syllabus learned at school) with Chinese classes taught by experienced Singaporean teachers.

LingoAce offers two types of lessons – online only or the blended learning module mixing both online and in-person lessons:

1. LingoAce’s online class: 55 minutes long
Age group: 4-15-year-olds
There are different programs available: the local Singaporean program which follows the MOE syllabus similar to that of local schools for bilingual speakers, the advanced Chinese program (for native Chinese speakers), and the international version (for non-Chinese speakers).
What’s covered: When you sign up for a LingoAce class, you’ll also get a free Chinese proficiency test and consultation to understand the best program to meet your child’s learning goals – whether they need bridging classes, PinYin classes, Composition Writing training, oral or even practice exams and preparation for PSLE. Class sizes are kept small (a maximum of four kids) and lessons are vigorous but made fun and engaging with games.

LingoAce Chinese tuition

2. LingoAce’s Blended Module: Online 1.5hr and offline 1.5 hr at 111 Somerset learning centre
Age group: 11-12-year-olds
What’s covered: This blended learning module for older kids is geared towards academic excellence so the workshops focus on culture heritage plus PinYin enhancement, Composition Writing, PSLE, and practice exams.

Meet one of LingoAce’s Chinese teachers, Peggy Lim

Peggy graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. She found her passion in education while trying out contract teaching. After attaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, she joined the Ministry of Education and headed the Mother Tongue Department in a Primary school for more than 10 years.

Peggy believes in constantly developing new and innovative ways to not only help students to meet examination needs, but also to deepen their understanding and appreciation for the Chinese Language and to think deeply and to reflect on what they have learnt. She also believes in leveraging on technology to enhance the teaching and learning of Chinese. Peggy feels that students should also be empowered to feel they are in control of their own learning, enabling them to understand, relate and apply the language in everyday situations while building proficiency to excel in Chinese as an examinable subject in school.  

Why not take your kids for a free trial class to experience LingoAce’s lessons!

Register through this link and get free trial classes of LingoAce’s most popular workshops!

LingoAce, 111 Somerset Road, #04-01, Singapore 238164,

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