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Melbourne Specialist International School Expands to Offer Differently-Abled Teens Education, Confidence & Work Experience

The GUILD International college
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Melbourne Specialist International School’s new subsidiary, The GUILD International College, is financially inclusive and empowers older students of different abilities with knowledge, an ‘infinite mindset’ and work opportunities

For Jayne Nadarajoo and Ganesh Kanapathy, student life is more than just books and examinations. Instead, the husband-and-wife duo believes that the right education starts by understanding that every child, regardless of their abilities, can contribute to society in some way. This belief spurred them to establish The GUILD International College, an art- and trade-based college for differently-abled students aged 16 and above.

A safe space for curious learners

The GUILD International College offers further education in areas such as carpentry, music, art, retail, fitness, media, care-taking and more. An extension of the Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS), The GUILD International College gets students ready for holistic, healthier living. “We engage the whole student – mind, body and spirit – and give them the capacity to improve their own health and advocate for themselves. We make sure to do so in a non-judgmental, caring environment,” says Ganesh.

The programmes here are designed to train students to have “an infinite mindset,” says Jayne, who stresses that the college’s end goal is to empower young adults to trust themselves so they are keen to collaborate with others, and aren’t afraid of making mistakes. “We want our students to have the courage to be the best they can be,” she adds.

Unlocking every learner’s potential

Every student deserves a wholesome learning experience that suits their needs. It’s important, says Jayne, because these experiences can help unlock their potential, boost their confidence and open doors to various opportunities. “Education is an entitlement, not a privilege, and Ganesh and I are committed to value-adding to the community by creating new areas of learning for children who are excited by it,” she explains.

Real-life work experiences

The GUILD International College provides people from various walks of life with a safe space to celebrate inclusivity through collaboration. Small business owners in particular are welcome to set up pop-up stalls to launch new products or retail their existing wares. In exchange, Ganesh explains that students are allowed to gain real-life work experience on-site. Students also receive training with the college’s career coach.

Jayne and Ganesh see the school as a stepping stone towards their dream – that one day, all students, regardless of their abilities, will be given equal opportunities to learn in the same school. “I can see that in my mind as the vision for the future. It is one that we do not live in yet, but it is something we can work towards,” Jayne says.

Want to find out how your teen can benefit from being empowered by The GUILD International College? Call 6235 8240 or email [email protected] for more information!

Get a 10% discount on a woodworking (carpentry) course for adults and children when you enrol at The GUILD International College!

The GUILD International College, 318A Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park, Singapore 247979, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6235 8240,

Brought to you in partnership with Melbourne Specialist International School

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