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Innovation and Inquiry: i-STEAM Learning at GEMS (Singapore)

gems world academy
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From hands-on learning that spans subject and disciplines, to a revolutionary partnership with one of the world’s leading technology universities, GEMS (Singapore) helps students prepare for the future

Anyone up for a round of golf?

The challenge: Use Sphero robots to complete a golf course challenge.

For Grade 5 students at GEMS World Academy (Singapore), this is all in a day’s work. The 21st-century concept of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) has gotten an upgrade with i-STEAM, which adds innovation and inquiry into the mix.

gems world academy

A framework for introducing problem-solving into the STEAM fields that also makes STEAM learning particularly relevant for students, i-STEAM helps kids make connections between subjects through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning.

With the golf challenge, for instance, students first utilised math skills to count shots on each hole, then work out averages for their games. Next, they used ICT (information and communications technology) to connect and control the robots, and present their work. Then it was more math to present data in tables and graphs.

At GEMS (Singapore), i-STEAM helps students ask questions, make connections and learn how to be creative and innovative. Students truly learn by doing, with plenty of encouragement to think big, and in the process find they can come up with solutions to challenging problems. The i-STEAM approach to learning provides a greater sense of purpose and context for students, and is therefore more likely to reinforce knowledge and content. This radically new type of learning isn’t accidental: it brings relevance to real-life skills.

gems world academy students

GEMS (Singapore) takes real-world preparation quite seriously. Besides helping students grasp concepts through hands-on, interdisciplinary learning, there’s also its amazing Future School initiative. The newest addition to this is a robust entrepreneurship programme, because GEMS (Singapore) believes creative, entrepreneurial and innovative skills should be at the foundation of the taught curriculum.

The school has even partnered up with one of the world’s leading engineering universities, Carnegie Mellon, to form the CREATE Lab, which gives access to cutting-edge research as well as both current and emerging technologies. Much of this falls to i-STEAM Coordinator Brendan Burke, who gets to witness students having A-ha! moments on a daily basis:

gems world academy students project

“[I love] seeing the sheer joy in the students when they solve a problem they didn’t think they could, or that they had difficulty with. When they have a successful moment, it’s really fun to watch. Here [in the dedicated STEAM lab, one of the school’s many amazing facilities], they can be noisy and loud, and have great fun with their learning.”

Every day, and in every classroom, GEMS (Singapore) practises holistic, inquiry-driven learning that not only develops students’ academic outcomes, but even more importantly nurtures core human values and builds real-life skills.

Are you ready to future-proof your child, mama?

Come find out more about the i-STEAM programme and innovative teaching approach at GEMS (Singapore) by joining one of their monthly Open House sessions, or call (+65) 6808 7300 today to book a visit!

GEMS World Academy (Singapore), 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039, Tel: (+65) 6808 7300, 

Brought to you in partnership with GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

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