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Coding Classes for Future Smart Kids at SG Code Campus (+ $50 Discount for Sassy Mamas!)

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Technology drives the modern world – here’s how coding at SG Code Campus gets your kid in the driver’s seat

Coding is a literacy essential for understanding our increasingly computational world. We all know the importance of teaching our kids how to read and write. SG Code Campus tells us why coding is the next essential skill that your kids will need to stay ahead of the game!

Why Learn to Code?
Coding is not just for aspiring programmers, or developers (or hackers!). Coding teaches kids how to break down complex issues, observe patterns in the world, identify general principles that generate these patterns, and work methodically towards a solution. Whether your child pursues a career in technology or not, these are analytical and problem-solving skills that will benefit them regardless.

The folks at SG Code Campus believe that giving kids the power of code is key to solving real problems that we care about. This is why they have developed a best-in-class curriculum designed to help your kid acquire serious coding chops:

Strong Conceptual Foundations
SG Code Campus offers a variety of coding languages, such as Scratch, micro:bit, App Inventor, Python, Java and JavaScript. But because coding languages have a tendency to come and go, at SG Code Campus, there is a focus on conceptual understanding first and foremost because concepts transcend languagesThis future-proofs all Code Campers, enabling them to learn the coding languages of the future that may not exist today.

Building for the Real World
All course offerings incorporate a practical element where Code Campers can build real-world solutions to problems that they care about, and that they are proud to call their own. This is great for confidence-building and lets kids know that they can make a real difference – their ideas and solutions count!

Positive Values
Importantly, SG Code Campus seeks to impart positive values alongside coding know-how: kids are encouraged to empathise with others and appreciate the value of community so that they can come together to solve real-world problems.

Comprehensive Learning Roadmap
The SG Code Campus team cares deeply about students’ learning outcomes and takes pride in their quality curriculum. Offerings are designed with specific age groups in mind, and a full learning roadmap provides kids with structured, age-appropriate access to the world of tech, so that they can get the coding education they deserve.

coding camps for kids with sg code campus

SG Code Campus offers 3 main programmes to cater to your child’s learning needs, whether or not they’re advanced coders or absolute beginners! With most offerings available as both Holiday Camps or Regular Weekly Classes, you can find a course for enrichment and exposure, or a full programme that caters for the long-term.

Basics (for kids 7-12): fun and enriching courses, rigorously designed to help students build up computational thinking skills from an early age. Using block-based languages such as Scratch, micro:bit and AppInventor, students will develop early foundations in Computer Science while learning to code up their own games, hardware and mobile apps. 2 entry-level courses (Basics 1 and Basics 3) are available for the young ones to get started, with offerings for 7- 8 year olds to be re-launched by year-end!

Principles (for youths 13-18): a 2-year long sequence for teenagers, which teaches both computer science theory and practicum in Python and JavaScript. Current students have explored advanced coding topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, built and published websites and mobile apps, and have even placed in top spots at national coding competitions! Students with prior experience or transferring in from other code schools can contact the SG Code Campus team to request for an in-person assessment session, to better place them in an appropriate course.

Academics (for youths 15-18) (NEW!): The newly-introduced Academics Programme prepares students to excel in Computer Science as an academic subject under the iGCSE, IB and AP curricula. The programme places special emphasis on the aspects that most students traditionally find challenging – data structures, algorithmic analysis and object-oriented programming in Java. Do check out their brand-new 30hour Java Immersive Coding Camp, available in late July!

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Coding at SG Code Campus
At SG Code Campus, quality instructors from top institutions (including Stanford, Berkeley, and Imperial) teach kids and youths to code using developmentally appropriate methods and tools to bring across abstract concepts in a manner that kids can best appreciate. Thanks to the small instructor-student ratio (a maximum of 1:8), Code Campers will get the attention and support they need to reach their highest potential. Whether they take a handful of courses or complete the entire roadmap, each Code Camper will come away with programming know-how, and a new found way of thinking.

We have one amazing offer for you! Sign up for any course by 30 June using promo code SASSYSCOOP18 to get $50 off any course!* MacBooks are provided for each student — no need to bring your own laptop! *This offer cannot be combined with any other limited time offers.

Two campuses at convenient locations:
– Marine Parade Campus, Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central #03-04, Singapore 449408
– Bukit Timah Campus, King’s Arcade, 559 Bukit Timah Road #03-01B, Singapore 269695
Contact: Email: [email protected]Tel: (+65) 3138 9477


Brought to you in partnership with SG Code Campus

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