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5 Reasons Why Parents of Young Learners Love OWIS Nanyang!

5 Reasons Why Parents Love OWIS Nanyang!
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With a globally recognised curriculum, great facilities including a nature garden, play areas, art, music, drama and sports facilities, and an ethos of kindness and international mindedness all at a unique fee – it’s no wonder that OWIS Nanyang is the international school choice for so many!

When it comes to choosing an international school in Singapore for our children, we all want a place that will nurture them into being the best version of themselves. For many families, the school that they chose for this reason (and a few others) is OWIS Nanyang. Why not book a physical or virtual tour to see explore the school for yourself?

Here are the 5 most compelling reasons why OWIS Nanyang could be just the right fit for your family.

1. Globally Recognised Curriculum

OWIS Nanyang is accredited for the IB PYP curriculum. This globally recognised, inquiry-based programme makes students the agents of their learning, while teachers act as their guides and facilitators in their learning journeys.

The IB PYP follows a transdisciplinary approach to learning. What’s fascinating about this is that students discover the interconnectedness of knowledge. For example, a Unit of Inquiry on Ancient Civilisations becomes an opportunity to hone creativity by crafting fossils, construct 3D structures in Maths, explore the science behind mummification in an experiment, and embark on real-world learning through a trip to the museum.

The IB PYP becomes even more engaging in the hands of well-trained teachers. OWIS Nanyang’s educators bring their passion and experience to the classroom every day to make learning exciting for our Primary learners.

OWIS Nanyang goes all the way from Early Childhood to Grade 12 and the focus on academic rigour through inquiry-based learning continues in Secondary School through the Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme

2. Well-rounded, Engaging Education

5 Reasons Why Parents Love OWIS Nanyang!

Primary students at OWIS Nanyang are beneficiaries of a well-rounded education, exploring a wide range of subjects including English, Maths, Units of Inquiry, Art, Music, PE, Mandarin and ICT.

In their ICT lessons, Primary students learn how to use age-appropriate educational apps and safe ways in which they can research information to add to their understanding. OWIS Nanyang is a technology-enabled campus and students learn to use technology responsibly and productively through interactive tools like Apple TVs, iPads, and more. An important focus area is teaching students about digital citizenship from a young age.

3. A Beautiful Place to Learn

OWIS Nanyang is a vibrant, sprawling campus with many learning spaces for different activities and lessons. In this environment, students can find comfortable spaces to study and interact with peers. The OWIS Nanyang campus includes an expansive library, a nature garden, play areas, and art, music, drama and sports facilities.

4. Beyond Academics

5 Reasons Why Parents Love OWIS Nanyang!

Kindness and international-mindedness are uniquely valued at OWIS Nanyang. Students and teachers alike treat each other with kindness and empathy, while students learn to respect all cultures. Students at OWIS Nanyang also benefit from interactions with experienced, passionate teachers who look out for their students.

As part of the Pastoral Care Programme, teachers nurture the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, which teaches students to become thinkers and risk-takers as they learn the value of collaboration and teamwork. All students at OWIS Nanyang benefit from various opportunities to build knowledge and understanding.

5. Unique Fee for a No-Compromise International Education

The school’s vision is to provide a best-in-class, future-proofed education for an equitable fee, and over the years, they have stayed true to this path. The fees at OWIS Nanyang are widely considered to be quite reasonable among all the international schools in Singapore.

From Early Childhood to Grade 12, the learning environment at OWIS Nanyang is a happy one, where children form connections with others in their class and with their teachers. If you need even more reasons for why OWIS Nanyang is the school of choice for so many expat families, contact the Admissions team or join a school tour.

One World International School (OWIS), Nanyang Campus, 21 Jurong West Street 81, Singapore 649075, Tel: (+) 6914 6700,

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