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Larger than Life Birthday Parties with the Most-est

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The Party Elves are back with tips on how to throw the most fabulous birthday parties Singapore has ever seen!

Don’t you love nicely themed events? What makes them so amazing is the attention to detail and the life-size reproduction of something you only see in books or the movies. Children’s birthday parties are the best kind of event to take to the hilt with all the different details that can be involved, and ‘up-sized’ to capture their imagination and transport everyone to NeverLand even for a few hours. And if you don’t hear a cry from your pocket, then why not!

candy kids party

Theme Choice

Some themes are more adept to detailed theme-ification than others, so select a theme that translates well into that larger-than-life look. A natural choice would be something like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a Circus theme or a favourite book like Secret Garden.

Location, location, location

Parties can take place anywhere. But a quick way of achieving that wow factor is to book an upscale location. Booking a Ritz-Carlton or Shangri-La function room – while certainly an option on the higher end of the scale – does come with a host of services. So you can relax while the hotel takes care of the nitty-gritty, like food and beverages and even the small details like temperature control and lighting. Then all you need is someone like The Party Elves to come in and transform your venue!

kids party location

With particular themes, splash that venue cash on an unusual location. Having a science party? Rent out Kidstop @ Jurong for the day or a science lab with a trained science assistant on hand to teach and make simple experiments. Planning a train party? Have the party in a train or at the Tanjong Pagar train station, which is now available for rent or events.

Another favourite is a chocolate party where a chef provides hands-on chocolate making demo, which the kids get to participate in, making it quite an unforgettable experience for the children.

kids cooking workshop party

Deck the halls

If hosting a destination party is not feasible this time around, create your own destination. Décor is de rigueur to any party, so make the most of it. The key to this is: bigger is beautiful to kids. Take it literally and make everything life-size – think Alice in Wonderland. Super-sized versions of everyday objects are guaranteed to elicit squeals of delight, as well as providing great props for photographic memories.

giant mushrooms party

Depending on your theme, mushrooms, candy canes, butterflies and birds, jungle animals, and trees translate particularly well into life-sized versions. Alternatively, rent a big-top for a circus theme, or get an event decorator to help drape swathes of cloth across the ceiling to create a Moroccan tent for an Aladdin party.

carousel merry go round kids party

Larger-than-life entertainment

Entertainment is a section where you can pull out all the stops for that icing on the cake. If you are planning a carnival party or a nursery rhyme party, why not hire in a horse carousel to embody Julia Donaldson herself at your party. Roving entertainers in full costume including acrobats and a Ring Master for a carnival or circus theme within a tented venue will certainly do the trick.

The lead-up to the big party

Why stop at only an invitation card? Include something statement-worthy that fits the theme to set the tone. If you know the invitees well, send a costume in line with the party theme. If that is not feasible, send a thoughtful accessory set instead. For girls off to fairyland, fairy wings and a nail art set will get little little ladies prepping.

For a circus party, or a treasure hunt party, why not write the invitation on the balloon, and slip a marble or a small pack of popping corn into the balloon, with instructions to blow up the balloon to find out details of the party?

Sending something other than just a paper or e-invite really does set the tone before your guests even get to the party, and gets everyone excited. Of course this means that expectations are set high, so ensure your event details are spot on!


When planning a party like this, don’t lose the forest for the trees. It can be really easy to get caught up with all the different inspiration available out there, but it may not work with the entire theme. Always take a step back and make sure the spirit of the theme is retained. Most importantly, if your child is old enough, please do sit down and discuss ideas with them. After all, it is their event and if after all your planning and spending they only wanted a simple pizza party, it all would have been for naught. Plus if they already have an idea, it will certainly save you time and energy. HAPPY PLANNING!

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