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Things that Matter: Why You Should Consider Investing in International Health Coverage

Health Insurance for the whole family
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Between school drops, family visits and stunning travel opportunities, don’t let the most important things take a back seat, mama. Health Insurance – and one that offers international coverage is certainly worth investing in!

Stay with us, just for a minute. We know insurance is serious and a bit ho-hum, but it’s also an important aspect of your family’s expat life, mama! As globally mobile citizens, expats in Singapore need to watch out for unprecedented medical emergencies across the world – and that’s where an international coverage becomes a wise investment.

Cigna Global, a major insurance provider works extensively with expats to help them choose the right plans to accommodate any need, including worldwide health coverage. And here are the top reasons why you should consider investing in one!

Public Healthcare in Singapore

Health Insurance with Cigna Global

While the Singapore Health System allows government safety nets, if you aren’t a permanent resident or citizen, it can turn out to be rather expensive (and complex!). That’s why it is extremely important to have comprehensive private medical insurance set up before you land on the island.

But remember, an insurance provider should be able to offer solutions that suit your requirements. Always opt for a policy that ticks all the boxes when it comes to your family’s unique needs as an expat.

Worldwide coverage

Health Insurance wherever you travel

As globally mobile citizens, we often need an international cover for our health insurance – whether it’s in the paddy fields of Ubud or while walking through downtown New York; you want to be worry-free!

You may have a travel insurance in place but those are typically designed for short stays and to cover medical emergencies only, versus a global health insurance policy. Also, consider opting for coverage that helps against language barriers too. Conversing with a Mandarin speaker amidst an emergency – that’s a tough one!

The IPMI policies by Cigna Global ensure you can understand your policy and are able to talk to a customer service representative who offers support in English or another language you are familiar with.

International Medical Evacuation

On your travel adventures, should you be stuck in a location where a particular treatment is not available locally, International Medical Evacuation provides coverages for transportation costs to the nearest centre of medical excellence. The option also includes repatriation coverage, allowing you to get back home if necessary as well as the cost of flying a loved one over to provide that much needed support.

Choose only what you need

cigna insurance for expats in singapore

No hard selling or getting stuck with policy details that you don’t really need. The IPMI policies by Cigna Global usually allow you to choose a plan to accommodate your specific needs. Their plans can be tailored exactly to the necessities of your family, with the flexibility to choose from three levels of cover, and optional additional benefits that include outpatient care, medical, evacuation, vision and dental care. Full cancer care is included as standard in Cigna Global plans whilst the top two levels also cover maternity!

So EASY to apply for!
Getting your global health insurance with Cigna is easy peasy, mama! Just get onto their website and get a quote literally in minutes – free and without any obligation. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can complete the purchase of the policy online or by speaking to a customer service rep over the phone.

Psst… their team is available 24/7, 365 days a year, and can be reached through the worldwide helpline. Which means you can get all your work done once the kids are tucked in bed, without worrying about working hours!

Ready to explore worldwide coverage with Cigna Global? Simply log onto their website or give their customer representatives a call – day or night!, Worldwide Helpline: +44 (0)1475 779161

Brought to you in partnership with Cigna Global

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