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Fruition through One-on-One Home Tuition With Ann Tutor

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Get back on track with an experienced home tutor who helps get grades UP, UP and UP!

If grades are dropping, the motivation to study is slowly diminishing and keeping up with school work is starting to overwhelm your child, don’t give up just yet, mama. The problem could lie deeper than what you may see on the surface, mama. Before you call it a day, Ann Tutor explains that providing excellent and targeted learning to address a student’s specific learning challenges helps put them back on the road to success in no time.

With more than 15 years of tutoring experience, Ann is familiar with the academic landscape here in Singapore, particularly the MOE’s syllabi in English, Mathematics and Science for children ages 6-14. She can help children deal with academic problems effectively, explaining concepts until they fully grasp them and feel confident to progress on to the next one. By working at the child’s pace, she aims to reduce unnecessary stress on the child while also focusing on what is important — tackling core difficulties.

Home tuition is all about giving students one-on-one learning sessions with undivided attention to the child. As the tutor identifies a student’s strengths and weaknesses in certain parts of the syllabus, they can focus on the topics in which they need the most help.

Personalised one-on-one tutoring is ideal for matching each child’s learning abilities to their strengths. Some children may feel shy or ashamed to seek help in front of their peers in class, but with home tuition, this dedicated time to focus on problem-solving skills, exam preparation and learning strategies in a positive and encouraging environment can  help them open up and learn comfortably.

As an enthusiastic tutor, Ann feels that once the students tackle the core problems in their subjects, they are able to enjoy the learning process more and are more likely to experience classroom success. If you’re pulling your hair out trying to help your kids buckle down and study, give her a call to see if she’s a good fit!

Ann Tutor, Tel: (+65) 9788 1221 or email [email protected],

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