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What’s Your COVID-19 Personality?

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Has lockdown turned you into a caricature of yourself? Find out your COVID-19 personality with our handy guide

Whether you’re a gym junkie turned home-workout guru, a workaholic who now works from bed, or an introvert who now has the perfect excuse to work your way through the entire Netflix catalogue, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who’ve found that certain personality traits have intensified under the pressure of lockdown!

The HBL Genius

While Home-Based Learning may have broken most of us, you’ve taken it in your stride — your kids are happy and engaged, you’re loving teaching and learning with them, and somehow, Year 3 Maths isn’t too hard for you. You’ve also nailed the art of the healthy snack: your kids just love sugar-free spelt cookies!

covid personality fitness freak

The Exercise Addict

Somehow, you’ve found the time in the day to increase your daily exercise regime. Morning yoga, virtual fitness sessions, heading out for a run in the fresh air — no problem! The rest of us are not sure how you’re doing it, but kudos to you!

The Home Baker

Maybe you already had the skills, but #circuitbreaker has given you the time and space to really lean into the baking! Obviously you’re baking sourdough, but you’re also whipping up Ottolenghi for dinner, brewing your own kombucha and perfecting sous vide chicken.

The Introvert

Honestly, life hasn’t changed that much for you! Yes, you’d like to be able to go for a stroll without wearing a mask, maybe grab a coffee sometimes, but staying in to read or Netflix and chill with a bottle of wine is your idea of a perfect Saturday night anyway.

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The Survivor

This thing hasn’t been easy, and you’re doing your best to get through it, day by day. You’ve probably been feeling a bit anxious about what the future holds, and there’s no shame in admitting that things are hard right now. Remember to reach out to friends and family, or a professional if needed. You got this!

The Social Butterfly

This lockdown has been tough for you! You’re chomping at the bit to get out and see your friends, go to a restaurant, visit some bars, and book your next long weekend away. To get through it you’ve been having Zoom dinner parties, Houseparty quiz nights, and plotting with your besties how you’ll celebrate your first night of freedom.

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The Realist

You’re rolling your eyes good-naturedly at the Home Bakers and the Exercise Addicts. For you, this is about taking it as easy as possible. Who’s got the time to learn a new skill right now?! You’re doing your best with HBL but everyone’s getting tons of screen time, you’re ordering Deliveroo, there is no sourdough starter in your kitchen — and this does not bother you AT ALL.

The WFH Workaholic

I mean, where does the work day begin and end when you’re working from home anyway? You’re answering emails before your eyes are fully open, taking calls during your lunch break, and still squinting at your laptop screen when you should be sleeping. You’ve mastered the art of dressing for Zoom – business from the waist up, comfort from the waist down, and have implemented Tom Ford’s tips for how to design flattering lighting for video calls.

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covid personality the foodie odette at home

The Foodie

You miss dining out, but you’re not letting the lockdown stop you from noshing on the best dishes in Singapore. You’re ordering in from Burnt Ends, Odette, Zen and Garibaldi, getting regular wine deliveries and organising Fri-yay cocktails from all the best bars. Plus it’s all for a good cause – #saveFNBSG!

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