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35 Virtual Fitness Classes, Apps & Streaming Workouts to Stay Fit and Stay Sane

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We’ve rounded up 35 virtual exercise classes, free streaming workouts and fitness apps to get you through the next month of circuit breaker lockdown. Let’s do this, mamas!

With circuit breaker measures starting on 8 April and lasting until at least 4 May, all gyms, pools, tennis courts and fitness classes in Singapore will be closed. We’re all going to be spending a lot more time indoors and at home (although it is ok to exercise outside, so long as you keep your social distance from others!).

Fortunately most of Singapore’s wonderful public parks will stay open (with some exceptions, including the closure of Jacob Ballas – sob); be sure to visit to see which parks are less crowded if you do want to go out for a jog or some fresh air. However if you prefer aircon; or need to stick close to home to be with your kiddos; or prefer to jump around between HIIT, yoga, barre, Pilates, boxing, or silly 80s dance parties; or you want to – ahem ogle Chris Hemsworth, there are plenty of online workouts and virtual fitness apps to get you through the lockdown while you do your part and stay home.

We’ve rounded up a veritable cornucopia of virtual fitness classes, including live streaming workouts from various gyms and fitness companies right here in Singapore (because it’s way more fun to work out with others live, not to mention you’ll be supporting local businesses!), along with some of our favorite fitness apps and top free global YouTube channels. We’ve included lots of kid-friendly workouts, too – look for this  symbol in the list below:

Local Fitness Classes
Free Online Streaming Workouts
Favourite Fitness Apps

fitnessfest 2018 kayla itsines
A jump rope is a good piece of fitness equipment to have at home (image: Kayla Itsines)

Home Gym Equipment

While most of the online workouts listed below require only bodyweight, a few might call for simple pieces of equipment like a mat, jump rope, resistance bands or weights. You can order these from places in Singapore like Decathlon,, or Lazada.

Even More Fitness Resources in Singapore 

In addition to the online workouts listed below, be sure to check out our roundups of favourite YouTube fitness channels and the top personal trainers in Singapore (many of whom are currently offering e-consultations and streaming workout content).

Feeling stressed and need to chill? Check out our guide to mindfulness & meditation in Singapore, including our favourite meditation apps.

webarre founders
WeBarre is offering multiple livestream barre classes each day, priced from $12 each

Local Virtual Fitness Classes

In addition to the fact that you’re supporting local businesses, the beauty of livestreaming these classes is that they occur at convenient times and you’re still able to interact with instructors and your fellow fitness junkies.

Barry’s Bootcamp: The popular global HIIT gym (which includes a location right here in Singapore), has FREE videos of its most popular trainers from all around the world on its IGTV channel. From 9 May, Barry’s Singapore will also offer dedicated 40-minute small group classes (limited to 20 people) via Zoom. Each class will consist of a warm-up, workout and cool-down, and will not require any additional equipment (unless noted ahead of time), and have the same classic Barry’s focus on total body, upper body, arms & abs, etc. Classes are priced at $15 each; click here to book!

Bolly Dancing has been offering specialist classes for all ages, fitness levels and dance experience here in Singapore since 2008, with Bollywood dance moves straight from Mumbai! They’re offering virtual Bolly Dazz Fitness, Zumba Fitness and various other fitness classes for just $8 each, all bookable via app or their website.

Boom Singapore: This popular functional training and boxing studio in the CBD is offering FREE workouts via IGTV. Classes range from 30-45 minutes, are high-energy with fun music, and don’t require much equipment.

virtual fitness classes online workouts dance embassy bollywood dancing
Go crazy with a virtual ‘Bollyfreak’ class from Dance Embassy

Dance Embassy provides awesome Bollywood dance, Zumba, Yoga, Kids Hip Hop and more, and is offering virtual classes for $15 apiece. Click the link for the full schedule and to book; you’ll receive an email with a password to log in to Zoom, along with a reminder 30 minutes beforehand.

F45: Anyone who’s a member of these popular gyms can get access to daily 45-minute workouts through the F45 app or via In contrast to F45’s typical class setup, however, in which there’s all sorts of equipment and fitness toys, daily home workouts are entirely body-weight based. Click here for more details.

Fitness First: One of Singapore’s most popular gyms, Fitness First is offering free live streaming workouts of some of its most popular classes, including Body Combat and Yoga Flow, via Facebook Live and its Instagram page. Check either for upcoming schedules and timings.

Health2mama is run by Singapore mamapreneur Bex Aldridge, who is sharing lots of great tips and video content (that’s safe for prenatal and post-natal mamas) on her Instagram page.

online workouts momentum bootcamps
Momentum’s trainers have created new virtual livestream bootcamp classes in Singapore

Momentum Bootcamps: Though best known for their outdoor bootcamps in the Botanic Gardens, East Coast Park and elsewhere, Momentum will be offering livestream virtual bootcamp classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. See their Instagram page for further details on how to book.

Movement Labs, which is run by awesome fitness mama of two Holly Kuzmiak-Ngiam, is offering Zoom Yoga classes on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings, for S$14 / US$10 per person. See the link for full details.

People’s Association: Local community clubs have launched a new initiative called PAssion Live with virtual courses that include fitness classes as well as a wide variety of other hobbies. Check out for a sampling of courses, or visit the Facebook page of your local Community Club for their daily schedule.

Pure Yoga: You can find free streaming workout videos on PURE’s Facebook page, along with live daily Yoga and cardio sessions on both Facebook and Instagram. Click here for the upcoming schedule.

Ritual: We’re big fans of this no-nonsense, 20-minute HIIT workout gym. They’re now posting daily workouts on their Instagram page, requiring minimal equipment (though you’ll still need to make yourself do burpees)! Ritual has also just added a new app (for both iPhone and Android) so you can work out anytime, anywhere.

Singapore Sports Hub has just introduced a FREE daily fitness programme called 7×7 (7-minute, 7 days), which incorporates different mindfulness and high-intensity workouts across the week, including Yoga, Cardio Dance, Boot Camp and more. Over 40 workout videos will be released each month. Click the link to watch each one!

Stepping Out Dance Studios: One of our fave spots offering dance classes for kids in Singapore, Stepping Out has stepped up to offer online dance classes for all ages — from as young as 2! Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, and Hip Hop classes are all available, and priced at $15 per class. Click here to book!

UFIT: Beloved for its group fitness classes, which range from Yoga to bootcamps to weight training, UFIT has launched daily live virtual classes for its members via Zoom (so you can still catch up with your gym buddies). Visit for more details.

Virgin Active: If you can’t get enough of fab classes like Grid Training, Mat Pilates or Boxing, have no fear: Virgin Active has put all their most popular classes online for members with live streaming via the MyLocker app.

WeBarre: We love these fun barre classes; currently you can see some class content on Instagram, but you can also pay for full livestream virtual classes ($12/class or $35/week), which last for 60 minutes. Click here for the full schedule and more information.

The Yard, one of Singapore’s leading spots for kids’ gymnastics, has launched over 300 FREE activity videos (including popular classes like Ninja Tots and Trampoline), and is also conducting live Zoom classes for toddlers and big kids!

Yoga Lab: The popular multi-location Yoga school is offering daily 60-minute Yoga and Barre classes via Zoom. Click here for schedule and booking info. Online drop-in classes start at just $5 each.

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livestream workouts pe with joe wicks
PE with Joe has captivated kids around the world with his free daily workouts (image: Facebook)

Free Online Streaming Workouts

The Be.Come Project: This body-neutral fitness website introduces a new 25-minute routine on a weekly basis, with the intent that you do that routine each day over the course of the week. Movements incorporate yoga, Pilates and dance, and are totally kid-friendly. Be.Come offers a 10-day free trial, and is priced at US$35/month thereafter.

Billy Blanks Tae Bo: Does anyone else remember doing Billy Blanks’s Tae Bo home videos in the 90s? He’s still going strong with his heart-pumping, martial arts-inspired workouts, but now you can find them for FREE on YouTube. 

Bulldog Online: This popular Yoga website creates custom 30-day workout plans tailored to your preferences and fitness level. You’ll find both online classes and an app so you can take your workouts everywhere. Includes a 30-day free trial (just long enough to get through the circuit breaker, hopefully!), and is priced at US$12.99 per month thereafter.

Chloe Ting: Most of the body-targeted “challenges” (“5-Week Booty,” “2-Week Shred” etc.) on this free workout site last for around 25-28 days – the perfect amount of time if you’re stuck inside during a circuit breaker, for instance. Workout durations range from 10 to 50 minutes.

Corepower Yoga: Corepower is an app where you can choose your ideal yoga class time (most are 20-60 minutes, but you can even do a one minute class) and then stream to your heart’s content on your TV, phone or tablet with classes led by top instructors in the U.S. For as long as quarantine lasts in the U.S. and studios are shut, however, you can livestream classes for free three times a day on YouTube.

cosmic kids yoga
Learning yoga with Cosmic Kids at home (image: Facebook)

Cosmic Kids Yoga: This free YouTube channel combines kids’ yoga with storytelling, along with a separate channel for mindfulness videos. There are tips to help concentration and visualization as well. Some schools actually use these videos as a brain break and to calm kids down and teach them mindfulness practises. Most videos are a brisk 4-8 minutes long to hold little attention spans.

Fitness Blender: You can access hundreds of home workouts like “8-minute abs” or “25-minute tank top arms” for free with this website and app, although for additional cost you can also get more tailored meal plans and personalised workouts.

Jim Fonda’s 80s Workout: This 15-minute Instagram video led by a Principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre is a little bit silly, but also a totally fun 80s-inspired aerobic dance workout. You may find yourself ogling the dancers’ incredible bodies, though! And if you happen to be up, he also does live classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 2am Singapore time (that’s 2pm in New York) on Instagram Stories.

Joe Wicks: Everyone and their mother seems to be raving about “P.E. with Joe” – a daily 30-minute free workout that runs from Monday to Friday. Kiddos love Joe’s energy as he takes them through squats, push-ups, jumping jacks and more. “Fancy Dress Friday” – in which Joe is known to don costumes and encourages kids to do the same – is also a particularly big hit.

Jump Rope Dudes is a great YouTube channel with a bunch of free jump rope workouts ranging from 6 minutes up to half an hour. They recommend using their own weighted jump ropes but really any jump rope will do. Most of the timed, guided workouts feature intervals where you jump rope, with other exercises like pushups and squats integrated in as well. We worked up a major sweat and found this 25-minute workout to be fantastic cardio.

Les Mills On Demand: It’s not surprising that Les Mills, the company that seems to have designed just about all the classes you take at the gym (Body Pump, Body Attack, RPM etc.) would launch its own channel with classes taught by master instructors. What we particularly like, however, is that they also offer a full suite of kids’ classes geared toward kiddos from the age of 2 up to 16. New customers can do a 14-day free trial and then pay S$25 per month thereafter.

OrangeTheory: The popular cross-training gym renowned for its high-calorie burns is offering free daily workouts on its Instagram page. While its signature equipment like the treadmill and rower are missing, you’ll still need stuff like free weights and a jump rope for the 40-minute sessions (which include a warm-up).

Yoga with Adrienne: These free online yoga classes, which range from just 10 minutes up to 45 minutes, have an emotional component (“Anchor in Hope”, “Yoga for Vulnerability”) but can also be sorted based on categories like weight loss, and “Yoga for Back Pain.”

livestream workouts fitness apps centr chris hemsworth
Work out with Chris Hemsworth in the Centr app (image via Facebook)

Fitness Apps

Aaptiv: If you prefer listening to instructions (or being outside) rather than trying to follow along with a video, this app is the one for you, with thousands of classes spanning yoga, weight training, running, and more, with 30 new classes added on each week. Aaptiv has a 30-day free trial, and is priced at US$14.99 per month thereafter.

Centr: Calling all Chris Hemsworth fans! His recently-launched app combines 20-to-40 minute workouts with professional trainers along with healthy meal plans and guided mindfulness and meditation (led by Thor himself). Workout genres include HIIT, boxing, yoga, strength training, MMA and more. The app has a 7-day free trial and is priced at US$27 per month thereafter (with cheaper rates for a longer commitment). 

Couch2 to 5k: Always wanted to run a 5k race but never had the motivation to get moving? There’s no time like a lockdown to change your mojo, mama! This free, no-frills app is nonetheless a gamec-hanger for anyone who wants to start running; over the course of eight weeks you’ll go from walking and intervals to a consistent running pace. The training program requires just three workouts per week, at 30-40 minutes each. Here’s hoping we’ll have some races to run later this year!

Glo: Choose from over 4,000 on-demand yoga, Pilates and meditation classes taught by leading instructors from all around the world with this top-notch app.  You answer a few simple questions about your workout preferences (including Prenatal and Postnatal, among many others) to help tailor the classes to your practice, and can choose from 16 different styles at all different levels. Glo has a  free trial (unclear how long it lasts for) and is thereafter priced at US$23.99 per month.

Just Dance: This game, which is compatible with a variety of video game platforms, challenges you to mimic dance moves on screen set to current popular music (my daughter is a big fan of the pandas that dance to Lizzo). You can track your movements with a camera or your phone, and receive points based on how accurately you mimic what’s on screen. The dances are HARD and you will be out of breath after a few minutes, but they’re also super fun to do alongside your kids.

Nike+ Run Club: This free app is great for tracking runs, including GPS maps, breaking down pace by mile or kilometer, and chiming in along the way to let you know how you’re going. The app does fun trophies and badges that celebrate achievements like “fastest mile”, “longest run” or “fastest 10k,” and you can also do “guided runs” led by world-class runners and coaches.

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Our Senior Editor @katemacmac can die happy after doing #burpees and push-ups with @kayla_itsines today at @gardensbythebay! Come down to work out with and meet the insta-queen yourself, mama, at @fitnessfestsg, TOMORROW from 9am-9pm at @marinabaysands. Kayla is doing a group boot camp at 12:15, and we’ll be partnering with @kilter.avenue to do a FREE parent-child fitness session for kids 3 and up at 2:45pm. Check out for all the deets!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #sosassy #sassymamasg #fitness #sgfitness #sgfitspo #fitspo #crossfit #boxing #yoga #yogapants #yogaeverydamnday #pilates #parkour #gym #gymlife #sports #strong #wellness #healthy #workout #fitnessmotivation #fitstagram

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SWEAT by Kayla Itsines: This app is specially designed for at-home workouts, and requires minimal equipment. The workouts may be quick (just about 30 minutes) but they are hard. We have done SWEAT on and off for years and it definitely gets results if you stick with it (12 weeks minimum) and eat well. And (as you can see above) we had the chance to meet Kayla Itsines a couple years ago when she was in Singapore and she is absolutely lovely! SWEAT is priced at US$19.99 per month.

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