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Maid Insurance That Covers Pre-existing Medical Conditions, Cashless Doctor Visits & Hospitalisation?

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Looking for a maid insurance policy that covers pre-existing medical conditions, pays for doctor visits as well as hospitalisation?

I’ve just hired a new helper and I’m looking for a reliable, affordable maid insurance policy that will cover my helper’s pre-existing medical condition, but I’m worried we won’t be able to find an insurance policy that will cover her without being too expensive. I need hassle-free insurance that takes care of the small details as well as the big costs. Any advice?” Amy, mum of two 

Are you like our reader, Amy, who will appreciate some advice on maid insurance? This 2 minute read shares how FWD Maid Insurance can offer you that additional peace of mind you are looking for. FWD offers online insurance products that are relevant, easy to understand and importantly, very well-priced without scrimping on key benefits. FWD Maid Insurance is one of the first policies to provide medical coverage for all helper’s pre-existing medical conditions at no additional cost.

FWD Maid Insurance pays out for doctor visits

If your helper needs to see a doctor, FWD Maid Insurance also covers these costs, up to $30 per visit (the typical maid insurance only covers helpers for serious illnesses or injury that results in hospitalisation). FWD also offers six-monthly medical examinations — subsidised checkups for your helper for two of MOM’s mandatory 6ME tests (pregnancy and syphilis).

healthcare week kicks off helper appreciation month; here is a woman getting blood drawn as part of a medical checkup

FWD does not require payment from you if your helper’s security bond gets forfeited

As a full-time working mum, the last thing you probably need is to deal with the expense and inconvenience of paying your helper’s security bond upfront. FWD Insurance will pay MOM directly for the security bond (up to $5,000) without any additional payment from you! Furthermore, with the Security bond plus offered by FWD Insurance, you do not need to pay extra even if your helper’s security bond gets forfeited by the MOM.

FWD Maid Insurance offers a 100% refund within 3 months

FWD completely understands that things may not work out with a new hire and so they offer a 100% refund if you cancel your policy within the first 3 months. This assures you won’t be out of pocket if you have to start from scratch and find a new helper with a new insurance policy.

All in all, it’s worth getting a quote from FWD – it could save you lots of worry and potentially save you lots of cash in the long run should the worst happen and your helper gets ill or has an accident. So don’t delay! Get a quote online for maid insurance in under 10 seconds, and buy insurance within minutes!

Terms and Conditions apply. Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

*Information is correct as of 9 January 2020 Brought to you in Partnership with FWD Insurance

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