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NEW! IB Careers-related Programme at Dulwich College (Singapore): Alternative to IBDP with Vocational Focus

IB Schools in Singapore - Dulwich College (Singapore)
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Dulwich College (Singapore)’s new IB Careers-related Programme could be the perfect fit for ambitious students with their ideal career in mind

Remember when you started your first job, mama? There are a lot of emotions that can overwhelm a young person when they start out in the workforce, especially when they’re fresh-out-of-school and have no working experience – they could be anxious, excited, nervous… and sometimes just clueless! Understandable, given all they’ve known is studying and finally being put to the task of applying those skills in the real world can feel daunting. But what if there was a school programme that could give them a better head start in their ideal career, even before they start working?

Dulwich College (Singapore), known for its proud 400-year heritage, excellence, and values of the founding school in London, is set to launch its IB Careers-related Programme (IBCP). This is an exciting alternative to the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) for 16 to 19-year-olds who are looking for practical, real-life approaches to learning that will enable them access to higher education, internships, apprenticeships or positions in a chosen field of interest.

The career programme particularly benefits students who have a real passion for a particular career pathway, so these are students who know early on that they want to go into sports, performing arts, sustainability careers, engineering or coding. The career programme allows them to pursue these passions without requiring them to maintain the level of breadth that they would otherwise need.

What will students study under the IBCP?

The two-year IBCP programme consists of:

  • A minimum of two IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) courses, which are assessed by written exams
  • The CP Core, which covers personal and professional skills, service learning, and development of a foreign language
  • A research-based reflective project
  • Career-related studies

Dulwich College (Singapore) will be offering the following career-related options in August 2022:

  • Business and Sustainability
  • Performance and Production Arts
  • Creative Practice: Art, Design and Communication
  • Sports
  • Engineering
  • Digital Technology

For example, in the Sports career pathway, students will explore a range of professional skills designed to develop a career in a sports-related industry through studying units such as Applied Sports Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition for Physical Performance and Practical Sports Performance, among others. Students will compliment these career-related units with three IB diploma courses such as Business Management and Sport and Exercise Health Science. This is where students have the opportunity to bring together their academic studies in the diploma courses with their career-related studies and reflect upon their learning.

Keen to know more about the IB Careers-related Programme and if it is the right choice for your child? Register for an information session with Dulwich College (Singapore) to find out more!

Dulwich College (Singapore), 71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore, 658996, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6890 1003,

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