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Crazy Milkshakes that Every Mama (and Kiddo) Must Try Now!

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A new OTT milkshakes trend is here and we are totally ok with that!

If there’s a Singapore food trend we can definitely get behind, mama, it’s the current milkshakes craze! Some of the confections we’ve recently seen out there (you know, in the name of research) is the stuff of our childhood dreams — and we don’t doubt your littlies would agree. So if your little one deserves a treat (and you’re ok with the calorie splurge — how bad can it be if you’re splitting it?!), consider some of our top picks below!

First up, we’ve got the epic indulgence that’s taking Singapore by storm: Cakeshakes™, as trademarked by local cake store Cake Spade, is an early trailblazer. The origins of this magnificent creation come from a quaint café in Canberra, Australia called Patissez, where the owner had wanted to come up with something that was delicious-looking and fit for Instagram.


The formula obviously worked because this food trend is currently all over social media. Filled and covered to the brim with almost anything and everything that’s sweet, these milkshakes will definitely bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard.

At Cake Spade, there are currently three concoctions that you can choose from: the Mudslide Cakeshake (pictured above), the Unicorn Shake and Matcha Azuki. The Mudslide Cakeshake is essentially a dark chocolate ice cream shake filled with a petite slice of chocolate cake, Oreo cookies, and marshmallow popcorn, then drizzled with caramel sauce. As for the Unicorn Shake, the most colourful of the lot is topped off with a pink ball of cotton candy, while the Matcha Azuki is a green tea ice cream milk shake with red beans and the works.


Another spot that’s taking milkshakes to 11 is The Benjamins (formerly known as Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery).Choose from Nutella Banana, Coffee Avocado and Caramel Crunch, or go for the Old School milkshake (topped with cotton candy and gem biscuits!) and you’ll surely gain you 100 likes on Instagram! We tried the Nutella Banana shake (topped with cake and…pretzels, because why not?) and boy was it a rich and lip-smacking dessert choice. These shakes are considerably large and tough to finish individually so we highly recommend sharing, mama!


Our verdict on this crazy out-of-this-world milkshake trend: Go ahead and try it! We’ll never say no to dessert and while these milkshakes are sinful and probably caloriffic, just a little taste won’t hurt anymore. Besides, life is too short for calorie counting, mama!

Cake Spade, 1 Tras Link, #01-06, Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867

Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery, 583 Orchard Rd, Forum The Shopping Gallery, Singapore 238884.

Lead image credit to Lady Iron Chef,  Image #1, #2, #2 sourced via Cake Spade,

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