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15 Best Christmas 2023 Advent Calendars for Kids

2023 Advent Calendars
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Get the kids to kickstart their Christmas countdown with these fun and creative kids’ Advent Calendars for 2023! Yes, it’s early to be thinking about Christmas – but Advent calendars sell out fast!

The Advent calendar has roots that go back all the way to the 19th century, but these days, it’s just a really fun way to count down until Christmas day! The supermarkets are usually packed with chocolate Advent calendars from Cadbury Dairy Milk calendars to Lindt dark chocolate Advent calendars, but if you’d rather your kids didn’t overdose on chocolate this Christmas, then you’re going to want to take a closer look at these awesome kids’ 2023 Advent calendars. Order your kids’ Advent calendar early as you’ll need to have it ready for the first day of December – and if you are filling yours up with treats yourself, you’ll need time to plan that. You can buy cheap toys and trinkets from Daiso, sweets or just write notes with activity ideas (like movie night, an hour extra of staying up late, ice cream – we made some here that you can download for free!) There’s even a reverse Advent calendar idea to get your kids excited to give back to those who need it most during this holiday season!

↓ Read on for some great 2023 Advent calendars to celebrate the season with!

1. LEGO Advent Calendar 2023

advent calendar lego - 2023 Advent Calendars
Image credit: LEGO

What’s better than a regular ole kids’ Advent calendar? Ok, apart from a chocolate Advent calendar? A buildable one, of course! LEGO Advent calendars are always a hit with kids, and the LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar will get kiddos excited with its 24 doors of LEGO fun. This Advent calendar includes 7 mini figures including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain Marvel and other amazing accessories from the Marvel Universe that kids will love. If your kids are into other LEGO themes, there’s usually an Advent calendar to suit from LEGO Friends to LEGO Harry Potter and other themes!


2. Wooden Advent Calendar 2023

Wooden Advent Calendar - 2023 Advent Calendars
Image: PIONEER-EFFORT Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar via Amazon

The numbered drawers on this adorable PIONEER-EFFORT Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar Book are perfect for treats, special notes or tiny candies – you can vary them day by day. Once the countdown is done, add this gorgeous Advent calendar with its LED lights to your shelves for an added festive touch. We just love the simple white design with its Christmas scene of reindeer and snowflakes!


3. Fabric Advent Calendars 2023

fabric 2023 advent calendar for kids at christmas
Image credit: Unsplash

I have great memories of my mother’s fabric Advent calendar which she made from scratch – a glorious green padded Christmas Tree design with numbers sewn into the points where little presents and candies were hung all wrapped up. Fabric Advent calendars make a more sustainable choice in the long run since you can reuse them each year, and they become a much-loved family festive tradition. If you’re not a crafting enthusiast, or you simply don’t have the time to make a fabric Advent calendar for your kids, then check out Etsy for a wide range of colourful, customisable kids’ Advent calendars made from material.


4. Melissa & Doug Wooden Advent Calendar

Christmas 2023 Advent Calendars for Kids - Melissa & Doug
Image credit: Melissa & Doug Advent calendar

This Melissa & Doug wooden kids’ Advent calendar comes with a magnetic wooden tree, a wooden star and 24 magnetic ornaments – one for each day of the month. There’s a beautiful holiday poem on the back, which you and your kids can read out together – a fun, new tradition to add to your family’s list.


5. DIY Paper Advent Calendars

kids 2023 advent calendar in singapore
Image credit: Unsplash

This sweet idea for an Advent calendar for kids scores for creativeness and affordability. All you’ll need is some string, paper bags or envelopes, and pegs to hang up your creation – all of which you’ll find at crafting stores or homeware stores like Daiso and Spotlight. Just decorate the bags, number them, and fill them with little poems, heartfelt messages, religious quotes, or cute little activity coupons that your mini-me can cash in for a fun day with you.


6. Arts & Crafts Advent Calendar 2023

kids 2023 advent calendar in singapore
Image credit: PC The Purple Cow Advent Calendar

This Arts & Crafts Christmas Advent Calendar offers 24 daily surprises for little kids – each are an arts & crafts activity that will yield 24 season DIY ornaments and table decorations to be proudly hand-made by your kids. It’s the perfect daily activity kit for kids aged 6 and above!


7. ‘Old-fashioned’ Picture Advent Calendars

kids advent calendar 2023 singapore
Image credit:

You may be thinking why is it necessary to gift kids something every single day in December even if it is just chocolate or a little knick-knack. Maybe you are over all the plastic (we hear you!). That’s when a good old fashioned picture Advent calendar comes in. These are very affordable and make a lovely festive decoration. Each day the kids can open a door to reveal a picture behind it. There are plenty of Advent calendar options on Amazon Singapore that are colourful and easy to assemble.


8. Playmobil Advent Calendar 2023

Advent Calendars for Kids in Singapore 2023 - Playmobil Advent Calendar
Image credit: Playmobil Advent Calendar

Small hands will prefer the Playmobil kids’ Advent calendar to the LEGO Advent calendar mentioned earlier. This little kids’ Advent calendar contains 24 surprise items for each of the days leading up to Christmas, and once all the pieces are revealed, your child can help Santa load up his sleigh and deliver presents.


9. Reverse Advent Calendars

reverse diy advent calendar 2023
Image credit: Unsplash

A fun kids’ Advent calendar filled with treats is great, but why not use this time to teach your child about giving back to those in need? Decorate a box or basket, or use a plain cardboard box. Go out with your child to buy tinned or non-perishable items like coffee, hot chocolate, long-life milk, canned food, cooking oils, rice, noodles, peanut butter, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Every day from 1 December you can put in one item, or an item per child each day. A few days before Christmas, pack up your box and head to a charity with your kids so they can see how they’ve helped. If you’ve chosen to put money in the box instead, take your kids grocery shopping with the cash on day 22, and bring your purchases to charities such as Foodbank or Willing Hearts.

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10. Smiggle Stationery 2023 Advent Calendar

Christmas 2-23 Advent Calendars for Kids - Smiggle advent calendar
Image credit: Smiggle 2023 Advent Calendar

Smiggle’s kids’ 2023 Advent calendar offers limited edition Smiggle stationery – one for each of the 25 days – which includes fun things like rainbow pens, mini paint sets, scented stickers, snake puzzles, mini pencil packs, and more. There’s also a Bath & Beauty Advent Calendar by Smiggle if your little one is into sweet-smelling beauty treats like lip gloss, and nail polish.


11. Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

Christmas 2023 Advent Calendars for Kids in Singapore - Hot Wheels
Image credit: Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

Mark the days to Christmas with a Hot Wheels surprise each morning! Not only are there eight new Hot Wheels vehicles in the Advent calendar, there are also 16 new accessories and an all-new foldout playmat to zoom your cars on. This is a bit of a pricey Advent calendar though!


12. Fidget Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendars 2023 - Fidget Advent Calender
Image credit:

Got a kiddo that can’t sit still? This Fidget Advent Calendar has tons of fidgets that will keep them occupied as they countdown to Christmas! This Advent calendar offers a wide variety of fidgets to unveil, including reindeer shaped Pop-its, Christmas-themed Fidget Spinners and more.


13. Dinosaur Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendars for Kids in Singapore 2023 - Dinosaur Advent Calender
Image credit: D-FantiX Store Dinosaur Advent Calendar

Start this Christmas holiday with a rawr! This Dinosaur Advent Calendar contains 24 different miniature dinosaur figurines that your little dinosaur enthusiast is sure to love. From Baby Dinos and Fossils to large and small dinosaur figurines, meet all sorts of dinosaur friends as you unveil them all this holiday.


14. Ornament Advent Calendar

Christmas 2023 Advent Calendars for Kids in Singapore - Ornament Advent Calender
Image credit: Uncommon Goods Advent calendar

This Ornament Advent Calendar by Uncommon Goods is a great way to count down the days to Christmas whilst getting some decorating done at the same time. Every day, craft a brand new ornament and hang it on your Christmas tree. (If you haven’t purchased your Christmas tree, check this post out)! With adorable reindeer ornaments, a cool polar bear ornament and more, these DIY ornaments are easy to assemble and will look fantastic on your tree.


15. Elf on the Shelf

2023 advent calendar elf on the shelf

Ok, so this guy is not really an Advent calendar. But it’s something fun to do every morning in the lead-up to Christmas. This is how it works: parents ‘adopt’ (read ‘buy’ from a Scout Elf who arrives at your door (we love that the Elfs come in different ethnicities) with a book that you can read to your kids to explain how it works. Elf on the Shelf reports on the family’s behaviour to Santa each night. So instead of mums and dads saying “Santa is watching” you can just point to ole Scout Elf here and give your kids a knowing look. Every morning Scout Elf will be miraculously in a different position around the house (you might need to help him out with this part) for the kiddos to wake up and discover!


BONUS: Adult 2023 Advent Calendars

2023 Advent Calendars
Image credit: Sephora’s 2023 Advent calendar with beauty treats

Looking for your own Advent calendar mums and dads? Jo Malone’s Advent calendar is always one of the most popular on offer every Christmas featuring 24 luxe treats in a beautiful box (it’s helluva expensive though!). Other fun adult Advent calendar ideas include Pukka Tea‘s Advent calendar (a different herbal teabag every day!), and one of our favourite beauty go-to’s Sephora’s Advent calendar with 24 beauty products from makeup, to skincare, bath, and accessories!

Let the countdown to Christmas begin with these 2023 Advent calendars to help!

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