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Wired to Embrace Chinese With Yang Language School

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How this language school at Turf City can spark the love for Chinese language in your child, from Nursery onwards. FREE trial class for Sassy Mama kiddos!

Start ’em young! Have you heard this about Chinese language, mama? Starting early lays a stronger foundation for kids to build upon later, strengthening their ability to write and converse in Mandarin. Just as the Chinese saying goes, 一步一个脚印儿 – Every step leaves its print; work steadily and (you will) make solid progress. At Yang Language School, every child benefits from starting early to develop good language skills and to communicate in Chinese fluently.

Yang Language School follows the Bloom’s Taxonomy method of learning, which includes a six-step process: Acquire, Understand, Apply, Analyse, Evaluate and Create. This comprehensive framework aims to help the students navigate the art of learning Chinese successfully. Mama, a strong foundation is crucial in every level based on Bloom’s Taxanomy (each level increases in difficulty) before the students progress on to the next one. Hence, the school takes great care in understanding and evaluating each student’s level of Chinese knowledge. Experienced teachers plan and customise lessons to match the students’ competency and help them to improve further at every stage of their learning development.

The Starters programs for kiddos from Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2 are fun, engaging and visually stimulating, which go a long way in stoking their interest in Chinese. Students learn to recognise basic Chinese characters and articulate their thoughts in Chinese. All highly proficient teachers (with at least a degree in Chinese, Chinese studies or equivalent) lead kiddos through fun language-based activities like making handicrafts, colouring,  singing Chinese children’s songs, story-telling and show and tell. Children have so much fun playing they don’t even realise the language skills they’re picking up!

The school aligns its Primary age curriculum with the current MOE syllabus that focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing. With a conducive learning environment coupled with the use of latest media technology, students benefit from strong collaborative learning and multi-dimensional thinking in their lessons. They learn to use mind maps, engage in the current state of affairs discussions with their teachers and take part in arts and drama for a more encompassing learning framework.

Did we mention Yang Language School’s convenient location? With facilities right at Turf City in the Grandstand, you can drop your little one off while you run errands at the supermarket, or bring your other kids for other enrichment. Everybody wins!

We want our kids to be bilingual, and we want them to thrive in Chinese. Yang Language School can help you make that happen, mama! The school is offering a FREE trial class for Sassy Mama tots including evaluation analysis on their competency in Chinese! Call to make a reservation now mama!

Yang Language School, 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, #04-05 (Take Lift 4 next to Giant) Singapore 287994, Tel: (+65) 6463 0060 or email [email protected],

Brought to you in partnership with Yang Language School

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