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Avoid the Hospital with These 24/7 Telemedicine & House Call Doctors in Singapore

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Have a medical emergency but want to avoid the hospital? We round up your house call doctor and telemedicine options to ensure you and your kiddos get the medical care you need!

In light of the ongoing Coronavirus situation, it makes sense that parents want to avoid unnecessary visits to the doctors or hospital emergency rooms! What if your baby has a fever, though? Or your 9-year-old requires stitches (true story! Read on for the deets…)? And of course plenty of medical situations arise outside normal office hours. Lucky for us, there are plenty of telemedicine options and mobile doctors in Singapore who are able to make house calls – some of them 24/7!

Read on for our guide to telemedicine and house call doctors in Singapore!

house call doctor singapore imc pediatrician telemedicine
IMC offers secure and convenient telemedicine consults with doctors from all of its clinics

International Medical Clinic (IMC)

IMC has been a popular medical provider with families across Singapore for 21 years, with four clinics and both general and family practices. IMC recently launched a new telemedicine practice, allowing families to connect with their trusted GP or paediatric doctor from the comfort of their own home. We love the convenience of being able to speak with your own family doctor who’s already familiar with your health history and has easy access to your medical records. IMC’s doctors are also able to dispense medicine and arrange to have it delivered directly to your doorstep. IMC has its own secure telemedicine facilities to ensure private, safe consultations with their doctors (don’t worry, your doc won’t be calling you from their couch or anything!), and paediatric doctors can consult one-on-one with older kids and teens, or with parents presents for babies and younger children.

Cost: Consultations generally last from 15-30 minutes, with prices starting from $75 depending upon the complexity of the situation.

Kids Clinic pediatricians are now available for telemedicine consultations, too
Kids Clinic pediatricians are now available for telemedicine consultations

SMG Kids Clinic

Kids Clinic is a group of Singaporean and expat pediatricians under the umbrella of Singapore Medical Group (SMG), with experienced pediatricians serving six clinic locations across Singapore’s heartland and central areas. Recognizing that time is precious for busy families, and to minimize travelling and in-clinic waiting times, Kids Clinic also provides online video consultations for parents. Brilliant! Kids Clinic tele-consultations are conducted over the secure HiDoc platform, which is accessible either online or via mobile app. Payment is easy peasy, too, via credit cards and even DBS Pay Lah! If medications are required, they can be delivered straight to your doorstep for just $10, or you can pick up at select Watsons if you prefer. Four pediatricians – Dr. Leo Hamilton, Dr. Heng Siok Kheng, Dr. Dave Ong, and Dr. Wendy Sinnathamby – are available for tele-consults Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm (check HiDoc for specific timings).

Cost: Tele-consults start from 15 minutes, with costs ranging from $80-$120 for the first consultation and $60-$80 for subsequent follow-ups.  

CHI Health

CHI Health offers 24/7 Virtual Care that is ideal for minor medical care and available via phone or video chat. You simply call a number or fill out an online form to answer a few questions, request a virtual visit, and a few minutes later you’ll be speaking to a live health care provider! Even better, the service is currently FREE!

Cost: Virtual Care is available 24/7 and free!

DC Med

Dr. Carol Lee at DC Med offers personalized 24/7 home medical care to patients across Singapore. This house call doctor is Singaporean (she also speaks Mandarin!) and she also underwent additional training in the UK and Australia. Over her 16 years of experience she has done rotations in diverse specialties including obstetrics and gynecology, children’s emergency medicine, geriatric medicine, and more.

Cost: Weekdays: $150 (8am-midnight) – $200 (midnight-8am); Weekends and PH: $200. Payments can be made via cash or Pay Now.

DC Med, (+65) 9837 0158,  

house call doctor singapore doctor anywhere app
The Doctor Anywhere team offers both video consultations via app and house calls

Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere is a sleek and efficient “healthtech” company that aims to deliver improved healthcare through innovation and technology. Through its proprietary app you can do video consults with Singapore-registered GPs within minutes (including medication delivery!), and they also offer home-based health screenings (including standard helper check-ups) and vaccination packages with easy online payment options. Doctor Anywhere has also teamed up with Great Eastern to offer free Covid-19 tele-consultations.

Cost: Online consultations from $20; house call appointments from $40  

Doctor Stitch

Newly-launched in March 2020, Doctor Stitch specializes in just those types of emergencies that require medical attention, but don’t necessarily need to take place in a hospital, such as cuts, burns and wounds (like painful finger infections or ingrown toenails) that may require stitches or draining, but are relatively minor. Doctor Stitch is available for 24/7 house calls, and offers both free WhatsApp consultation and free follow-up. Their price model also includes medications and some jabs.

Cost: From $180 (burn, stitch removal, simple wounds) to $365 (cuts and stitching).

Doctor World

Doctor World  “healthcare super-app” offers 24-hour doctor access, including both on-demand tele-consultations with licensed GPs, as well as doctor house calls and even specialist appointments. It’s also got a handy symptom checker to save you time and headaches. Simply download the app and sign up for an account, and within minutes you can launch a well-priced tele-consultation that includes medication delivery in under 3 hours.

Cost: $18 for a 15-minute tele-consultation; $200 for a 24/7 house call


HiDoc is a telemedicine service connecting patients with with Singapore GPs and specialists for on-demand virtual consultations s via both app and web browser. Prescription fulfilment is also available. Patients can choose from an extensive list of GPs and specialists when booking their appointment.

Cost: Costs are based on each individual doctor’s standard feeds  

MaNaDr Mobile Health 

MaNaDr launched in Singapore in 2017 to provide 24/7 virtual doctor house call tele-consultations to patients at home via both video and chat, all from within the MaNaDr app. It also offers flexible appointment booking options – you can even book via Facebook! Medication delivery is also available. 

MW Medical

This team of 24/7 “mobiledoctors” (and nurses, and therapists…) at MW Medical provides round-the-clock house calls – and has been doing so since 2003! MW Medical’s 24-hour doctors provide treatment, diagnosis, and administration all at once within your home, and in fact you can usually arrange a home visit within 30 minutes of calling for a house call appointment! 

MW Medical, Call (+65) 6250 0625 to make an appointment

house call doctor singapore rescu sg
Get on-demand 24/7 house calls with the friendly doctor team from Rescu SG

Rescu SG

Book a house call doctor from the comfort of your phone or laptop with this sleek home healthcare service offering 24/7 mobile doctors on call. Rescu’s Clinical Director is Dr. Bobby Stryker, a family physician from the UK with over 15 years’ experience. All of Rescu’s mobile doctors are fully registered with the Singapore Medical Council, and are able to prescribe medication on site. Note that Rescu cannot attend to every medical emergency (including bleeding/open wounds, pregnancy complications, chest pains, etc.), and they do not provide vaccinations. Give their helpful FAQs a read for more details.

“I caught my toddler’s stomach flu bug and it hit me so hard that I was bedridden in a matter of hours after vomiting non-stop. We called Rescu SG and they came swiftly, fully equipped in protective gear. Dr. Stryker explained every step and option in detail, highlighting the pros and cons so we could make our own decisions – particularly on whether I’d like to get a shot for the nausea and vomiting right there at home, or go to the hospital to get a drip to flush out the virus. I opted for the jab and I felt so much better that same evening. I was surprised that the total bill ended up being quite affordable considering I would have spent longer waiting to be looked at had I gone to the hospital, so I was glad it was all done without me having to leave the house (especially in my weak state!). Highly recommend.”

Cost: Rates start at $68 on weekdays and go up to $108 on weekends, public holidays and at night. You can pay at the end of the appointment by cash, credit card or PayNow.

Rescu, (+65) 8779 9441,  

Sata CommHealth

Working in concert with healthcare providers across the heartlands, these “doctors-on-wheels” provide both tele-consultations and do home visits to provide medical care to vulnerable patients.

Cost: Teleconsults are $19.50; comprehensive home health screening is $288; home vaccination packages from $32.


This health-tech company aims to “shift healthcare from hospital to home” with on-demand doctors available for 24/7 house calls. Nurse and ambulance services are also available to book via app, and we love that they offer a comprehensive home children’s health package that includes check-ups and vaccinations. Here’s what Sassy Mama team member had to say about Speedoc after her son had a recent medical emergency that required stitches: 

“Speedoc saved the day for us when my son had an accident in the house recently. He banged his head while horsing around with his brother and his glasses made a pretty big cut over his eye. I knew he was fine, but that the cut would need stitches. We have been so diligent about staying home and avoiding contact, so the thought of now having to call a taxi and enter a hospital was really daunting. A neighbour from my condo WhatsApp group suggested Speedoc and they came to the rescue. They were in our house in 2 hours and the whole visit took about 20 minutes. We were so impressed with their service and grateful for the at-home option.”

Trinity House Call

Trinity House Call offers comprehensive 24-hour doctor care from experienced Singapore physicians Dr. Lim Yeeu Kuang and Dr. Jonathon Koh Siak Meng. Just call the 24-hour medical hotline and you’ll receive a follow-up in minutes to schedule your house call (usually arranging for a home visit within the hour).

Cost: $250 (weekday office hours) to $300 (evenings from 11pm, weekends and public holidays)

Trinity House Call, (+65) 8223 4999,  


Available 7 days a week from 8am to midnight, White Coat is an app that helps you arrange teleconsults with Singapore GPs to address a variety of symptoms and medical conditions, including dedicated appointments just for children. Within minutes you can do a video consult with a doctor, including diagnosis and a follow-up treatment plan, as well as medication delivery if need be.

Cost: Consultation rates are $25 from 8am to 7:59pm and $50 from 8pm-midnight, and on weekends/public holidays from 8am-midnight.

Lead image via Getty; Doctor Anywhere image via Facebook and Rescu SG image via website

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