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Where to Find Telemedicine Services & House Call Doctors in Singapore

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See the doctor without leaving the house! Consult these telemedicine services and house call doctors in Singapore for quality medical care without the effort of leaving your home

Avoiding the hospital or clinics may seem like a safer choice, especially if it’s not an urgent issue. But what if your baby has a fever or if your 9-year-old needs stitches or it’s a minor medical emergency after regular clinic hours? That’s where a house call doctor or a telemedicine consult would come in handy. Whether it’s minor burns, wound care, minor surgical procedures or even supervised Covid tests, these telemedicine services and house call doctors in Singapore can provide the quality care you need. Some of them even offer 24/7 service!

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Keep scrolling for our guide to telemedicine services and house call doctors in Singapore!

house call doctor singapore - IMI

Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI)

Rates: From $150 – $500. Final rates depend on the individual practitioner’s fees and remedies.
Hong Kong’s largest clinic for integrated health and natural wellbeing is now bringing its telemedicine services to Singapore. Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI) specialises in family medicine, corporate health, women’s health and more, and their telehealth offerings include naturopathy, homoeopathy, counselling and psychotherapy. Their naturopaths treat you as a whole individual, attending to the needs of your mind, body and spirit in order to treat the root cause of any health concern. IMI practitioners treat you with personalised herbal remedies tailored to your specific needs and provide you with access to the best clinical-grade, natural supplements from around the globe – all of which can be delivered to your doorstep in Singapore. IMI’s mental health practitioners can speak English, Mandarin, Korean and French and are also available for telemedicine consults in Singapore. Their counsellors can guide you through difficulties, while clinical psychologists and psychotherapists have experience supporting a range of conditions such as anxiety, depression, panic disorders, relationship issues, grief and complex trauma. IMI’s services are easy to access, and most importantly, secure and confidential.

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Rates: Home-based PCR tests are $150 nett, while real-time supervised ART tests are $12 nett.
Looking for a house doctor in Singapore or a telemedicine app to get a home-based Covid test (with express results in 5 hours!)? Hidoc has you covered! This holistic digital health platform in Singapore makes healthcare convenient and coordinated, with no waitlist and no hassle. Choose from a large online panel of specialists and experts – one of the island’s largest – who can offer you top-notch medical care, prescriptions and documents all from the safety and convenience of your home. Hidoc’s Care Team helps you find the right doctor, answers your questions and simplifies your care journey. The Hidoc app was built with families in mind, and its telemedicine services include women’s and children’s health experts to provide support at every life stage. Looking for an in-person doc? They also have a physical clinic Hidoc Medical Centre.

watch tv iconHidoc, [email protected],


Rates: $18 for a 15-minute teleconsultation;
Care is a telemedicine app that offers 24-hour doctor access, including on-demand teleconsultations with licensed GPs, doctor house calls in Singapore and even specialist appointments. It’s also got a handy symptom checker to save you time and headaches. Simply download the app and sign up for an account, and within minutes you can launch a well-priced teleconsultation that includes medication delivery in under 3 hours.

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Complete Healthcare International

Rates: $30, not including the doctor’s consultation
Complete Healthcare International offers a supervised consult for ART testing if you’re down with the cold or have Covid symptoms. Book an appointment over the phone or via the website and follow the detailed instructions to get started.

watch tv iconComplete Healthcare International,

DC Med

Rates: Weekdays: $250 (8am – midnight); $350 (midnight – am, weekends and PH). Payments can be made via cash or Pay Now.
For a house call doctor in Singapore you can trust, consult Dr. Carol Lee at DC Med. This Singaporean doctor speaks Mandarin and offers personalised, 24/7 home medical care to patients across the island. Over her 16 years of experience, Dr. Lee has done rotations in diverse specialities including obstetrics and gynaecology, children’s emergency medicine, geriatric medicine, and more.

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Doctor Anywhere

Rates: House doctor fees start from $174 (not including medication), while telemedicine fees start from $20
Doctor Anywhere uses its proprietary telemedicine app for video consults with Singapore-registered GPs within minutes (including medication delivery!). They also offer house doctors in Singapore and vaccination packages with easy online payment options.

watch tv iconDoctor Anywhere, 

Doctor Stitch

Rates: From $180
Launched in March 2020, Doctor Stitch specialises in just those types of emergencies that require medical attention but don’t necessarily need to take place in a hospital – think cuts, burns and wounds (like painful finger infections or ingrown toenails) that may require stitches or draining. Doctor Stitch is available for 24/7 house calls and offers both free WhatsApp consultation and free follow-up. Their price model also includes medications and some jabs.

watch tv iconDoctor Stitch,


You can expect licensed house call doctors in Singapore when you consult with Homage. In addition to house calls, their doctors can also conduct simple surgical procedures in the comfort of your home, health screenings, death certifications and more. If it’s a telemedicine consult you want, download the Homage app to get started.

International Medical Clinic (IMC)

Rates: Prices are available upon request
IMC‘s telemedicine practice allows families to connect with their trusted GP or paediatric doctor from the comfort of their own home. We love the convenience of being able to speak with your own family doctor who’s already familiar with your health history and has easy access to your medical records. IMC’s doctors are also able to dispense medicine and have it delivered to your doorstep, and the clinic has its own secure telemedicine facilities to ensure private, safe consultations with their doctors. Paediatric doctors can consult one-on-one with older kids and teens, or with parents presents for babies and younger children.

watch tv iconInternational Medical Clinic,

Jaga Me

Rates: From $20 (free medicine delivery); $150 on weekdays and $200 on weekends (house calls; not inclusive of GST). Additional charges may apply.
Jaga Me offers doctor house calls in Singapore and telemedicine consults for health screenings and more. The docs can review your medical history and symptoms, and conduct blood tests to determine a diagnosis. Jaga Me also offers telemedicine consults if you want to skip the long queues and crowds at the hospital or clinic.

watch tv iconJaga Me,

Kids Clinic

Rates: The first teleconsult session will cost $80 – $120 for 15 minutes. Subsequent consults will be charged $60 – $80 for the same timeframe
Kids Clinic is a group of Singaporean and expat paediatricians under the umbrella of Singapore Medical Group (SMG), with experienced paediatricians serving six clinic locations. Kids Clinic also provides online telemedicine consultations for parents over the secure HiDoc platform, accessible either online or via mobile app. Medications can be delivered straight to your doorstep or picked up at select Watsons outlets.

watch tv iconSMG Kids Clinic,


Rates: Available upon request
MaNaDr provides 24/7 virtual telemedicine consults to patients at home via both video and chat, all from within the MaNaDr app. It also offers flexible appointment booking options and medication delivery.

watch tv iconMaNaDr,

MW Medical

Rates: Available upon request
This team of house call doctors, nurses, therapists and more provide round-the-clock house call services. MW Medical‘s 24-hour doctor access means you’ll receive treatment, diagnosis, and administration all at once within your home, and you can usually arrange a home visit within 30 minutes of calling for a house call appointment.

watch tv iconMW Medical,

Raffles Hospital

Rates: Prices upon request
Raffles Medical provides 24-hour house call doctor services in Singapore, and their mobile team is well-equipped to manage medical situations or simple consults. House call services include wound care management, doctor consults, post-hospitalisation reviews, injections and medication provisions.

Raffles Hospital,

house call doctor singapore rescu sg
Image Credit: Rescu SG

Rescu SG

Rates: From $15 for telemedicine consults (added $5 for medication delivery); from $88 for house calls;
Book a house call doctor in Singapore from the comfort of your phone or laptop with this home healthcare service, which offers 24/7 mobile doctors on call. Rescu SG’s mobile doctors are fully registered with the Singapore Medical Council and are able to prescribe medication on site. Rescu SG can also provide telemedicine consults for those aged 12 and above via Whatsapp from 12pm to 2pm daily, except Fridays. Note that their team cannot attend to every medical emergency (bleedings, cuts, wounds etc), will not see patients for Covid and they do not provide vaccinations or swab tests.

watch tv iconRescu SG,

Sata CommHealth

Rates: Teleconsults are $15 and medication delivery is an additional $6
Download SATA CommHealth‘s self-titled telemedicine app to get a doctor’s consult at home. They offer digital healthcare services via video or teleconsultation with doctors and nurses for common, acute and stable healthcare conditions. The doctors can also prescribe meds and provide a medical certificate or referral letter.

watch tv iconSATA CommHealth,


Rates: Telemedicine consults are from $20; house call doctor services are from $200
Speedoc aims to “shift healthcare from hospital to home” with on-demand house call doctors in Singapore. Nurse and ambulance services are also available to book via their telemedicine app, and we love that they offer a comprehensive home children’s healthcare service that includes check-ups and vaccinations.

watch tv iconSpeedoc,

Trinity House Call

Rates: From $250
Trinity House Call offers comprehensive 24-hour doctor care from experienced Singapore physicians Dr. Lim Yeeu Kuang and Dr. Jonathon Koh Siak Meng. Just call the 24-hour medical hotline and you’ll receive a follow-up in minutes to schedule your house call (usually arranging for a home visit within the hour).

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Rates: $25 (8am – 8pm); $35 (8pm – midnight, Sundays and PH)
White Coat is a telemedicine app that helps you arrange a teleconsult with Singapore GPs to address a variety of symptoms and medical conditions, including dedicated appointments just for children. Within minutes, you can do a video consult with a doctor, including diagnosis and a follow-up treatment plan, as well as medication delivery if need be. AIA members can get up to $50 in medication, consultation and delivery fees covered with any telemedicine consult!

watch tv iconWhiteCoat,

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