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Guide to Eye Doctors: Family & Kids’ Optometrists and Ophthalmologists in Singapore

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Looking for an eye doctor or eye specialist to check for any eye problems? Check out our list of optometrists and ophthalmologists for kids and families in Singapore

If you’ve got an eye problem that needs addressing, where do you go? An optician, an optometrist or ophthalmologist in Singapore? First you have to know what each of them do.

Opticians, Optometrists & Ophthalmologists in Singapore

Optometrists:  are primary eye care providers who specialise in performing eye examinations. Through the tests, they can detect eye infections and common eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, all of which may be treatable if detected early.

Ophthalmologists:  are medical eye doctors who specialise in managing eye problems. They are trained to diagnose and treat eye diseases, including prescribing medications and performing eye surgeries.

Opticians: are equipped with the skills to dispense and fit glasses based on prescriptions from optometrists or ophthalmologists.
Information extracted from Ministry of Health

Keep scrolling for our guide to optometrists and ophthalmologists in Singapore!

optometrist opthalmologist asia retina

Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre

Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre is a comprehensive eye clinic for adults and children, particularly specialising in services such as Myopia Control and Treatment, Cataract Surgery and Presbyopia Correction, Macular Degeneration and Retinal Diseases, Glaucoma Prevention and Treatment, and Eye Wellness, including Dry Eye and Eyelid Treatments. Dr Claudine Pang heads the Asia Retina team, with 20 years experience including international fellowship training in New York, Vancouver and London. The clinic focuses on use of highly advanced technology for eye diagnostics and therapeutics. Dr Pang created the Asia Retina mobile app which is free to download. The app acts as a portal for self-assessment eye tests and personalised medical profile for patients, further emphasising the clinic’s personalised approach to every patient and customised quality eye care. Dr Pang and her team also contribute regularly to humanitarian efforts by providing free eye care to underprivileged societies locally and in developing countries.
Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre, 290 Orchard Road, #15-10 The Paragon, Singapore 238859, Tel: (+65) 6732 0007 / 9118 0007, [email protected],

Atlas Eye Specialist Centre

Led by Medical Director and Senior Consultant Eye Surgeon, Dr David Chan, Atlas Eye Specialist Centre offers a comprehensive range of medical and surgical solutions to treat common eye conditions such as myopia and cataracts, to more complex ones arising from infections, medical conditions such as diabetes, congenital disorders or from ageing.
Atlas Eye Specialist Centre @ Paragon Medical, 290 Orchard Road #07-09, Paragon Medical, Singapore 238859
Atlas Eye Specialist Centre @ Royal Square Medical Centre, 101 Irrawaddy Road #19-12/13, Royal Square Medical Centre, Singapore 329565,

Dr Leo Adult & Paediatric Eye Specialist

Dr Leo Adult & Paediatric Eye Specialist is a Singapore eye clinic that was established to provide a full suite of services for all eye care needs. They deliver patient-centric and effective specialist eye care, which comes in the form of personalised eye treatments, attentive evaluations as well as the use of modern equipment and techniques to significantly improve patient outcomes.
Dr Leo Adult & Paediatric Eye Specialist, #10-04 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510, Tel: (+65) 9668 2229 (emergency) / 6737 8366, [email protected],


Dr. Natasha Lim Eye Center

Dr Natasha Lim is a cataract surgeon in Singapore who specialises in iDesign iLASIK, implantation contact lens, presbyopia correction and 100% bladeless cataract surgery.
Dr. Natasha Lim Eye Center, 101 Irrawaddy Rd, #19-01/02/03/07, Royal Square Medical Suites, Royal Square @ Novena, 329565, Tel: (+65) 6570 2220,

Eagle Eye Centre

Eagle Eye Centre integrates ophthalmic and optometric eye care and offers subspecialty services including refractive surgery, presbyopia treatment, cataract surgery, retina services, corneal transplants, glaucoma and diabetic eye treatments, management of ocular inflammations, myopia screening and myopia control, paediatric ophthalmology, oculoplastics surgery, and neuro-ophthalmology.
Eagle Eye Centre, multiple locations,

The EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee

The Eyeclinic by Dr Cheryl Lee is a boutique eye clinic. Each member of staff is trained to address your concerns. Dr Lee is an internationally trained ophthalmologist with 20 years experience. Your spectacle and contact lens prescription and all diagnostic tests are performed by qualified optometrists. The financial counselling staff have ample experience with insurance having been with the clinic for ten years. Dr Lee also has a young child and has personal experience dealing with myopia control in kids.
The EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee, 333A Orchard Road #04-24/25 Mandarin Gallery, 238897, Tel: (+65) 6235 5833 (Clinic & 24hr Emergency) / 9788 9080 (WhatsApp/SMS),

Eye & Retina Surgeons

Eye & Retina Surgeons is a specialist eye practice which brings together 9 of Singapore’s established eye doctors and ophthalmologists in providing quality eye care. ERS was founded in 2007 as a general eye specialist clinic with a focus on the field of surgical and medical retina from its founding members. They have now formed subsidiaries: Eye and Aesthetic Surgeons which looks after oculoplastic, eyelid and orbital problems; Eye & Cornea Surgeons where the latest cornea treatment and surgeries are offered; and Eye & Glaucoma Surgeons to cater to those with glaucoma disease.
Eye & Retina Surgeons Camden, 1 Orchard Boulevard, #13-03 Camden Medical, Singapore 248649, Tel: (+65) 6738 2000
Eye & Retina Surgeons Novena, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #07-63 Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore 329563, Tel: (+65) 6734 8309 / 6734 8319,

opthalmologist optometrist singapore eye surgeons novena clinic

Eye Surgeons

Established in 1995, Eye Surgeons operates from two clinics: The Gleneagles Medical Centre and the Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre. They specialise in the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of eye conditions such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, Corneal & Retinal eye diseases, and much more for both adults and children. They strive to provide comprehensive as well as sub-speciality eye care to all patients at an affordable cost.
Eye Surgeons @ Novena, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, 38 Irrawaddy Road #09-28/31, 329563, Tel: (+65) 6694 0400 / 6694 0500
Eye Surgeons @ Napier, Gleneagles Medical Centre, 6 Napier Road #06-19, Singapore 258499, Tel: (+65) 6474 6711,

Hesed Eye Specialists

Hesed Eye Specialists is a comprehensive specialist eye clinic covering the full range of eye conditions. Hesed believes in Early Detection to give the best results. The clinic offers a friendly, stress-free environment so patients feel comfortable seeking care, and quality expertise, professionalism and technology to deliver the best possible outcomes.
Hesed Eye Specialists, 6A Napier Road, #01-32, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore 258500, Tel: (+65) 6513 6615,

glasses children eye exam orthokeratology

IGARD (Vision Therapy Eye Centre)

Helmed by Dr T.P. Yap and Associates, IGARD is well known in Singapore for their evidence-based approach to children’s myopia control, advanced orthokeratology (also known as “eye braces”), eyes re-alignment therapy (e.g. strabismus), amblyopia treatment (e.g. for lazy eyes), behavioural and neurodevelopmental optometry and interventions for children with vision-related learning challenges, including atypical children and those with special educational needs.
IGARD, 51 Cuppage Road #01-04 Singapore 229469, Tel: (+65) 6732 3233 / 9025 6677,

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery uses advanced technology both for diagnosis and treatment of all eye diseases. Since the clinic was established in 1995, their range of services has expanded to include LASIK (they actually introduced LASIK into Singapore in 1996), ICL, small incision cataract surgery, corneal transplants, eyelid surgery, retinal laser and other treatments. Their eye doctors are sub-specialty trained corneal and external eye disease specialists with extensive expertise in LASIK, TransPRK, LASEK, cataract surgery, corneal transplantation and comprehensive ophthalmology.
Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, 1 Scotts Road #21-03, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208, Tel: (+65) 6738 8122 / 6535 8833 (After Office Hours),

Lang Eye Centre

Lang Eye Centre by Senior Ophthalmologist Dr Leonard Ang is a comprehensive one-stop eye specialist centre which provides high-quality and affordable eye care and treatment. It offers the latest and most advanced cutting-edge treatments for general and complex eye diseases, including LASIK and refractive surgery.
Lang Eye Centre, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #08-46/47, Singapore 329563, Tel: (+65) 6684 1000,

NOVENA Bladeless Cataract Surgery & Eye Specialist Centre

Dr Goh of Novena Bladeless Cataract Surgery & Eye Specialist Centre has significant experience in general ophthalmology, and specialises in dealing with complex cataracts and simple and complex cases of glaucoma. He provides services for Precise Computer–Guided and 100% Bladeless Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma treatments and surgeries, Screenings, treatments for diabetic eye diseases and age-related macular degeneration, LASIK and implantable contact lens, laser treatment and more.
NOVENA Bladeless Cataract Surgery & Eye Specialist Centre, 101 Irrawaddy Road, #19-01/02/03/07, Royal Square Medical Centre, Royal Square@Novena, Singapore 329565, Tel: (+65) 6560 2220,

Shinagawa Eye Centre

Shinagawa Eye Centre has a long history of helping people with eye problems in Singapore. They have a full range of eye care services with advanced diagnostic and surgical devices available at our eye clinic. Their senior eye doctor, Dr Lee Sao Bing, has a wealth of experience in treating a wide range of eye conditions.
Shinagawa Eye Centre, 501 Orchard Road #05-15 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880, Tel: (+65) 6738 8222,

Steve Seah Eye Centre

Steve Seah Eye Centre is equipped with modern tools and techniques for the comprehensive management of all eye conditions, particularly glaucoma and cataracts. They provide timely and accurate diagnoses of eye disorders through a range of screening services, including diabetic eye exams and squint assessments. The clinic also provides quality eye surgery in Singapore, from Epi-LASIK treatments to eyelid surgery.
Steve Seah Eye Centre, One Orchard Blvd, #16-01/02 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649, Tel: (+65) 6565 6888,

Total Eyecare Centre

Total EyeCare Center was established in September 2004 and is now located in Orchid Hotel on the second floor. The clinic’s aim and philosophy is to provide the best possible Eye Care Service at a reasonable price. Total EyeCare Center is focused mainly in the treatment of complex Retinal Diseases such as Retinal Detachments/Retinal Tears, Age Related Macula Degeneration, Retinal Vein Occlusions, and Diabetic Retinopathy. Other services include full eye examination, full glaucoma screening, cataract screening and treatment, myopia control as well as LASIK evaluation and surgery.
Total Eyecare Centre Tanjong Pagar, 1 Tras Link, #02-09 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867
Total Eyecare Centre Jurong, Blk 343 #01-49, Jurong East St 31, Singapore 600343,

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