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The Ultimate Birthday Party Entertainers: Fizazzle

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Would you like to have your kids whisked away to Neverland by a real (looking) pirate? Tell a tale about lost treasure and how to find it? How about a walk-the-plank game?

Enter a new genre of party entertainers, who create a wonderful and whimsical world for your party. Fizazzle, a Singapore-based events entertainment company, does just that and caters for kids and adults alike. Tanya Quinn, the founder, hails from Ireland and is a professional dancer and choreographer. Like her, all of her entertainers and party planners come from musical, theatre, dance or acting backgrounds.

Tanya organized a pirate themed party for my son’s 5th birthday last weekend. I didn’t know what to expect until she and her team installed their gigantic Pirate backdrop. Suddenly our condo had transformed itself into a scene out of Pirates of the Caribbean. There were also skull and bones props, pirate bunting, costumes, inflatable sharks for the pool and even pirate music! But the best ‘prop’ was none other than Tanya herself as Captain Red alongside her two Mateys!

On my request, Tanya had organised a treasure hunt, easy enough for 5 year olds to understand and exciting enough to keep them busy for close to 2 hours! Sounds like mission impossible? Not for her. She kept them on their toes with super fun games like Captain Says or inflatable shark race in the pool. She made sure the games were varied and relatively short to keep the little ones engaged. After each game, the winners would receive a clue to find pieces of a puzzle. Once the puzzle was complete they had their map to find the treasure. I had asked if I could choose what I wanted to put in the treasure chest so instead of small knick-knacks I put my homemade goodie bags. It was a total success.

Tanya is a seasoned entertainer and when you meet her you know you are in good hands. She had scheduled two breaks within the treasure hunt, the first one for a snack and the second towards the end for the cake. She even offered to help cut the cake which was such a relief as I am always making a mess! After the cake she and her team quickly changed back into their normal clothes and started packing up. It was all done very professionally and discretely.

I must say there is something magical in taking a party to the immersive level. To see all of the kids interact with Tanya and be so totally caught up in the games and treasure hunt made all of the adults wish we could still be kids.

Each programme Fizazzle does is a completely different and immersive experience tailored to suit the customer, so whatever tickles your fancy contact them to find out how they can make it happen!


Prices start at $750 for a 2hr program inclusive of costumed host and props to facilitate the program (this includes all the activities they organize). There is an additional cost of $300 for the backdrop and if you go for the full décor it will cost an additional $950.

Ready to plan your next party with Fizzazle? Contact them at [email protected].

If you book your party before the end of the year, Fizazzle will offer you a 10%
discount on any pre-made party program. Just quote SassyMama when you book.

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