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Trehaus: Family-Friendly Co-Work Comes to Singapore

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Have you checked out Trehaus yet, mama? Whether you need a couple of hours to get some work done or are looking for a great childcare solution, we’re thrilled it’s come to Singapore!

At Sassy Mama, we’re incredibly lucky to get to work from home. And yet there are times when home feels like the most chaotic place on earth: babies are crying, toddlers are climbing on our backs, older kids are fighting over what to watch on TV. Whether making sales calls or needing to buckle down for an extended writing sesh, a change of scenery can work wonders for productivity.

For mamas who have helpers, there might be the option of leaving the kids at home while you decamp to a coffee shop, but if you don’t have that childcare option – or you’d ideally like to keep your kiddos closer – options were few and far between… until now. Mamas, if you haven’t heard, Trehaus is a new flexible, family-friendly co-work space that’s set out to prove that quality work and family life can co-exist.


Conveniently located at the top of Orchard Road at Claymore Connect, Trehaus is a bright and airy 4,000 square feet space that combines both private offices and a common co-work space with a truly amazing Kids’ Atelier that offers child-minding services for children 0-6 along with age-based playgroups and classes (“Arthaus”, “Dramahaus” and “Lighthaus”). There’s a tight ratio of one minder to four children at all times.

I was blown away by the attention paid to my toddler by the staff of trained educators – she loved singing along while they played songs on a keyboard, then digging through a sensory bowl of dried pasta. The light-filled space features lots of beautiful Reggio Emilia-inspired materials and imagination stokers like a teepee and light projector. And the modular, child-size furniture from hip Korean company Design Skin is so cool!


Need to take a break to feed your baby? No problem – Trehaus has a cosy, comfortable nursing room. Want to keep working but your little one needs to sleep? Trehaus has a range of cribs and toddler beds in a quiet room perfect for napping.

Founded by four working mamas and entrepreneurs, Trehaus is great for freelancers, parents with online businesses, or anyone working to launch their own business, for that matter. It’s big on workplace collaboration and community engagement, and to that end hosts lots of events and networking programmes.


Flexibility and Community are at the heart of the Trehaus concept, which means you can work there with a single day pass, on the popular Flexi Co-Work option (12 days per month access), or on an Unlimited Co-Work option. When you want to take a break or get some fresh air by working outside, there’s a lovely outdoor balcony with a nice breeze, along with a pantry kitchen stocked with yummy snacks, coffees and teas.

“We hope that Trehaus is a start to educating employers and employees that a flexible work-life arrangement can be productive, efficient and definitely beneficial to the workforce in the long run”, says co-founder Rachel Teo.

When mamas and their kids are happy, content and less stressed, it goes a long way toward better quality work. We, for one, are thrilled to have Trehaus on the scene!

Trehaus is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Prices start at $50 for a one-day drop-in session. Child minding is $15 per hour, or $30 for a one-hour playgroup or class. See the full kids’ schedule here

Trehaus, Claymore Connect, 442 Orchard Road, #03-01, Singapore 238879, Tel: (+65) 9843 8077

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