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ZOOM! Trampoline Park: Get fit and have fun (even with bubs)

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Trampoline parks in Singapore aren’t just for kids, mama (though they do seem to love it more than just about anything). Find out how the whole fam can get fit at ZOOM! Park Asia with an exclusive discount for Sassy Mamas!

When ZOOM! Trampoline Park opened in 2014, we were thrilled to discover that it’s every bit as fun for mamas as it is for kiddos. Did you know they offer lessons for toddlers, children and adults? Trampolining is excellent for motor skills and promoting cardiovascular health. It’s also relatively low-impact, which is nice for our creaky mama knees!

coach at zoom trampoline park

“Family, Fitness, Fun” is ZOOM!’s motto, and this starts early with their adorable Baby Bounce” sessions for 2-to-4-year-olds. Instructor-led and parent-accompanied, these play-based classes help develop spatial awareness and motor skills in a safe and super-fun setting that wears out even the most energetic of toddlers.

Once kids have got the basics down, consider ZOOM!’s super-popular “Jump Acrobat” fundamental stage class for jumpers of all ages. In this reward-based scheme based on the internationally-recognised Long Term Trampoline Athlete Development (LTTAD) model, jumpers methodically work their way through skills like tumbling, twists and landings with an eye toward putting together competitive routines. The course lasts for eight weeks (one hour per week) with additional intensive camps available. Individuals who show promise in Jump Acrobat are invited to attend Development Squad Competition Training. 

the competition team at zoom trampoline park in singapore

Did you know that trampoline has been an Olympic sport since 2000? ZOOM! aims to take competitive trampolining in Singapore to new heights with its High Performance classes led by an experienced gymnast and former UK national-level competitor. ZOOM!’s students recently had massive success at the Singapore Open competition where, after just 10 weeks of training, schoolkids as young as 8 took in a haul of medal hardware.


Even if competition’s not your thing, mama, ZOOM!’s fitness classes are a fun way to keep fit while boosting strength and mobility. Coach Jessica is a qualified bootcamp coach (and ex-British Army officer!) so you know you’ll be getting a good workout.

140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Perk-green Sassy Mamas who book a Jump Acrobat course can take 5% off the price for an individual child or 10% off for siblings. Book the Baby Bounce class and you’ll also get an exclusive 10% discount. Just quote SASSY MAMA when you book, mama!

ZOOM! is open every day (even public holidays!), so why not check it out next time you’ve got a free moment with the fam. Whether you want to give your toddler an extra bounce in their step, encourage your kiddo’s Olympic dreams, or simply try out a fun and engaging way to keep fit, you’re bound to find your ZOOM! groove.

The 8-week Jump Acrobat course is $280 and includes 2 free 1-hour bounce vouchers with the deal. There is also a $50 one off registration fee to pay.

Zoom Park Asia, 200 Pandan Gardens, #01-14, Singapore 609336, Tel: (+65) 6334 4615,

Brought to you in partnership with ZOOM! Park Asia

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