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Sassy Scoop: The Mayfair School, a friendly boutique early-learning centre in the West

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When it comes to pre-Primary schools, you’re the kind of mama who wants an environment where your mini Einstein can thrive and grow. But before you get frustrated looking for the needle in the haystack of small teacher-to-student ratio kindergartens, a little birdie told us about a unique school dedicated to working closely with parents, supporting confidence in the academic growth and overall wellbeing of their children. Introducing The Mayfair School, a nurturing childcare centre that successfully balances scholastic and play-based learning while ensuring every child feels like a winner.

Admitting a maximum of 45 children into its entire student body (ranging from 18 months up to 6 years old), The Mayfair School provides your children with a diverse and comprehensive start to their education through a hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum stressing “purposeful play”, active learning and object-driven discussions. In addition, the children are taught the “6 C’s” of life: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Care, Coordination, and Communication.

The Mayfair School extends this philosophy into its rigorous Mandarin curriculum developed by the Confucius Institute, a joint venture between Nanyang Polytechnic and the Ministry of Education in China, ensuring its Mandarin syllabus contains 70% of the content reflected in the MOE Mandarin programme.

Parents rave about the The Mayfair School, singing the praises of the creative and varied curriculum, bi-lingual teaching effectiveness, and open communication where they feel a strong partnership to ensure their child’s success at school.

Based in an airy, semi-detached house in a quiet residential neighbourhood, The Mayfair School provides the perfect school and play balance necessary for your child’s holistic development. With a fantastic outdoor garden and the ultimate play-worthy grounds, children enjoy twice-daily fresh air playtimes, getting to have fun with water, scavenger hunts and more!

Dedicated to ensuring that learning is multi-faceted, The Mayfair School further excites the myriad passions of little ones through science and computer lessons, and special interest activities like cooking lessons, gardening, speech and drama classes!

It’s enough to make you want to go back to school again yourself, mama! If you’re interested to find out more about The Mayfair School email [email protected] to find out more about their no-obligation two week trial.

The Mayfair School
Tel: (+65) 9246 9355

51 Chwee Chian Road, Singapore 119759
[email protected]

Brought to you in partnership with The Mayfair School

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