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Sassy Scoop: A day in the life of Pat’s Schoolhouse, as told by 4-year old Darius!

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It’s my first day of preschool at Pat’s Schoolhouse Prinsep, and Mama is so excited, even though she looks a bit sad this morning. I’ve only been to childcare before, but I’m going to prove to her that I’m a big kid today so that she’ll stop kissing and squeezing me so much at drop off.

Wow – look at all of the fun toys and new friends to play with! My new friends come from all over the world, and we have fun learning about each other. Our teacher takes out a round ball-thing called a world globe to show us all of the different places me and my friends have lived in the world.

We start the morning exploring the sounds that animals make, and we even get to play with musical instruments that actually sound like the animals in the zoo. My new friends and I burst out laughing, and our teacher tells us we are learning something called timbre and pitch. I think it’s just a super fun math game. I love math games, so I’m really excited to spend more time doing this every week!

Next, we get to colour and draw. Our teacher asks us to draw a picture of something that makes us happy. I think about Mama and how she would be so proud of me when she sees this picture – our teacher has taught us how to write our name today. I’m going to colour my name with bright red and blue colours. Teacher says those are called primary colours. I think they make my name look like I’m a superhero. We’re lucky to be so close to the museums, because teacher says we are going to visit the museum next week to see artwork from other artists. Mama agrees too and I often hear her chatting to Dad about how my preschool’s location is great because it is near major expressways and public transportation which makes it easy for her to drop me off. She says that is one of the special reasons why many of my friends’ parents choose Pat’s Schoolhouse Prinsep. Many of my friends’ parents work in the city and want to be close to them so I guess having our preschool near their office is what they would call ‘lucky’.

I notice some funny looking stick figures on the board and ask what they are. Teacher tells me it’s my name, written in Chinese. I didn’t know my name looks like a little old man with a cane, next to a house! Lao shi helps me learn how to write my name like this. Lao shi calls it “learning the strokes”. It’s like an art class and a math game, because we learn how to draw the parts of the character in order and count the strokes to make it a word. This is fun!

The snacks and lunch at Pat’s Schoolhouse Prinsep are even better than what I eat at home. I’ve never tried chicken cutlet or mee rebus before. I think I may have a new favourite lunch. Our teacher tells us we will learn to cook next week. Maybe I can pack Daddy’s lunch for him to take to work?

After lunch, my friends want to play shops. I’m lucky because I get to be at the cash register, and the other kids have to “pay” me for what they want to buy. I help my friends add and subtract their “money”, and I get to count it back to them. It’s another math game! Teacher knows I love math games, and it makes me feel proud to show her how I can do maths so well!

Some of my new friends have gone home, but I get to stay later with the other kids. Teacher tells us that we are going to plant seeds and wait to see what will grow. She says we are learning patience and self-control. I wonder if my plant will be a carrot or a tomato, or maybe it will even be rice. I guess we will all have to wait and see!

Mama! She arrives at pick up with a smile, and I’m so excited to tell her all about my new friends and the adventures I’ve had today. I can’t wait to come back to Pat’s Schoolhouse tomorrow for more!

– Darius

Pat’s Schoolhouse Prinsep is the newest kid-on-the-block in the award-winning Pat’s family. Benefitting from its prime location amidst Singapore’s Civic and Cultural District, the children at Pat’s Schoolhouse Prinsep have the unique opportunity for exposure to nearby museums, libraries, performing theatres, and more. With 26 years experience in early childhood education, Pat’s provides the foundation for learning life’s essential skills by fostering creativity, curiosity and confidence within its spacious classrooms and access to the latest technology. The School Induction Programme (SIP), a unique feature to Pat’s Schoolhouse, gives a simulated primary school experience to K2 students, so that students are well-prepared for the next step in their educational adventure. The renowned bilingual immersion program in Mandarin and English sets Pat’s Schoolhouse ahead of the rest, giving your budding brainiac a competitive edge in preparation for local and international school.

Check out Pat’s Schoolhouse Prinsep for yourself!

Pat’s Schoolhouse
30 Prinsep Street, #04-01 & #05-01 Income at Prinsep, Singapore 188647

Tel: (+65 6781 2288)
[email protected]

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