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Review: Is Style Theory’s Clothing Subscription Worth it?

style theory review
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Spoiler alert: the answer is YES – and we have a promo code! Here’s what I loved about renting clothes from Style Theory

I love getting dressed. In my teens, I remember being so excited at the thought of being able to go to polytechnic and wear “home clothes” after spending over 10 years in the Singaporean education system wearing uniforms. I used to plan my outfits for school daily, and that habit has stayed with me well into adulthood. I’m pushing 30 and I still get butterflies thinking about what to wear if I’m going out the next day (should I see a therapist about this? Maybe. Anyway…).

I’m no stranger to Style Theory‘s fashion rental subscription and always wondered if I’d get much mileage paying $89/month for clothes I won’t get to keep. But after some thought, getting to try six new pieces a month (with the option to top up for more clothes) didn’t sound too bad, considering that’s how much I’d spend on just one item while shopping. So thanks to this collaboration, I got to fulfil my dream of trying new clothes every time I headed out in the past month!

style theory review box subscription outfit
From Style Theory: Minor Miracles coat and Moon River wide leg pants

How does Style Theory work?

Style Theory has three subscription plans: Capsule plan, Essentials plan and Ultimate plan. Monthly subscriptions start from $89 for the Capsule plan, which gives you two boxes a month with three items in each box. For the purpose of this review, Style Theory gave me the chance to try the Ultimate Plan – $159/month for 12 pieces.

After downloading the app and signing up, you’ll have to create a profile and enter your measurements – this makes browsing for clothes really easy, because the app immediately filters out what’s available in your size. Style Theory carries a range of over 72,000+ styles from local and international designers, including labels like Minor Miracles, Keepsake, 1 People, Sister Jane and more. I found a variety of outfits for work, going out, travel and even running errands. They list new arrivals every week so there were options aplenty!

If like me, you’re easily spoilt for choice and need to narrow down your options, you can add items to your Wishlist while browsing. All that’s left to do is add three items to your box and arrange for delivery. When the items arrive, you’re free to wear and keep them for as long as you’d like, or even purchase them at a discounted price if you’d like to keep them for good! If not, just pack them back into the bag or box that they came in, add three more items on the app and arrange for an instant swap.

What I liked about Style Theory

style theory review box subscription outfit
From Style Theory: Mijeong Park cotton shirt

Helped me curb the shopping urge

I usually try my best to have a sustainable approach to fashion (I have pieces in my wardrobe that I’ve worn for almost 10 years). But sometimes the craving for something new hits and I end up overthinking about how much wear I’ll get out of it – can I wear it for different occasions? Is the colour a decent neutral that will go with everything else in my wardrobe? But argh, that bright pink coat with the dramatic sleeves is too pretty to pass up! So what I loved most about renting from Style Theory is if I saw it, I liked it, I rented it!

No ironing or washing needed

Another plus (and I know my fellow mamas will feel me on this one)! Everything came steamed, pressed and ready to wear. And I didn’t even have to wash it afterwards. Our family laundry pile was significantly smaller during the time I was renting clothes. What’s that saying? “Sometimes you might feel like no one’s there for you, but you know who’s always there for you? Laundry.⁠” And that it was, but it was just a lot less, especially since I’m the ‘high maintenance’ one in my family who wears multiple pieces of clothing per outing. Style Theory takes care of all the dry cleaning so once you’ve worn the items, just put them aside.

style theory review box subscription outfit
From Style Theory: Greylin midi dress

Perfect for my ever-changing #mombod

Nearly all the pieces I chose were nursing-friendly, which was important for me as I’m still breastfeeding my 7-month-old and pumping. Style Theory also has a maternity wear section, and inclusive sizing that ranges from XXS to XL – so important for us mamas whose bodies are constantly changing during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. No matter what stage of mom life you’re in, it’s easy to look well put-together without thinking too much about whether you’re spending money on something in a different size just to fit you right now.

style theory review box subscription outfit

Style Theory: downsides

One thing to note about Style Theory is that it only lets you rent three items at a time. If you’d like to try more, you have the option of topping up or redeeming your points for clothes. As subscribers are able to hold onto their items for as long as they’d like before swapping it out, I’m guessing this is Style Theory’s way of ensuring the rental inventory is kept at a sufficient amount to serve all their customers equally.

When choosing my items, I appreciated that they’ve indicated the sheerness of each garment, but I would have liked to see fabric compositions included in the description. Personally I prefer to wear more breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and tencel for our hot climate, but I didn’t have a problem staying cool in most of the clothes I rented from Style Theory.

style theory review box subscription outfit
From Style Theory (L-R): Shirt Number White shirt dress, Gina Bacconi trousers; Salon de Yohn blouse, Sister Jane tweed skirt; C/MEO Collective denim dress; Y.A.S soft blazer

Who should try Style Theory?

If you’re a little more adventurous and love trying new styles for the office, weekends or date night, Style Theory is for you. You’ll save so much in wardrobe space and money! A new dress at a good quality high street store would cost anything from $70 and up. But for as low as $89/month, you’ll get a chance to wear new designer outfits every week! You also have the option to pause or cancel anytime in case you don’t need as many new clothes for the time being, such as while travelling. Tip: start off by having a look through Style Theory’s amazing selection and I guarantee you’ll find at least a handful of items you’d love to try!

Quote STXSM22 at checkout to redeem one-month free membership to Style Theory’s apparel Essentials Plan (worth $129 for 9 pieces/month!). Limited to 100 redemptions and expires on 31 December 2023.

Brought to you in partnership with Style Theory

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