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Singapore Beauty Secret: Spray Tanner Hannah

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I first read about Spray Tanner Hannah via one of my favourite Singapore bloggers, Changmoh Girl, who referred to her as an “urban myth”. I felt in need of a bit of a pick-me-up – our entire family has been pretty much perma-sick for the past few months, and post-baby my hormones are still all in chaos, leading to spotty skin, greasy hair (and also having lots of those little baby re-growth hairs around my hairline – you know what I mean when your hair grows in again after the big post-birth hair loss?)… Anyway, I have not been feeling at my most attractive, let’s just leave it at that!

P1000867I texted Hannah to make an appointment, and she responded right away giving me a couple of options. As Hannah has a full-time job (in Advertising) and only moonlights as a beauty therapist, you can need to book in with her in the early morning or late-ish evenings – perfect for busy mamas actually! I turned up at her Chip Bee Gardens house bright and early (7.30am!) having slunk sheepishly out of the house with no makeup on. Hannah is one of those chatty, friendly types who’ll instantly put you at your ease, almost making you forget that it’s a little awkward to strip basically naked in front of a complete stranger. You can decide whether to keep your bra and knickers on (I’m an uptight English person so naturally I did!) and then you step into Hannah’s little fabric booth to begin the bronzing!


Hannah’s tanning machine looks a little bit like a vacuum cleaner with a spray bottle attached to it, and makes a similar noise. Starting with your legs, Hannah will guide you through the various shapes you need to pull to get an all-over tan. I found the face the hardest part as I had to close my mouth and stop yapping away! Hannah talked me through the product that she uses, saying that she tried many different brands before coming across her perfect fake-tan which doesn’t have that normal FT smell of biscuits, and which doesn’t even have a hint of orange. You can choose whether to go for one coat or two – I dithered for a while before deciding, in for a penny, in for a pound… let’s go for it! Even though I’m super-pale, two coats looked more natural than I feared it would. I think if I had had just one coat I would have gone away wishing I had been bolder!


Five minutes later, I was standing under the ceiling fan drying off, before popping my clothes back on and heading out to start my day. One mistake I made which I would caution against – when you leave, your tan still needs two hours to “develop”, so you might not want to jump into a taxi and put a seatbelt tight against your neck as you will get a little smear there! I got a bit nervous about the colour getting darker and I also needed to get ready for a meeting, so I probably showered a little less than two hours later. When I stepped out of the shower though, I was pretty thrilled – I looked like I had spent two weeks baking myself in Bali, and gone was the pale, unhealthy-looking me of before! Best of all, NO ORANGE! Five days later, the tan has gradually faded but thanks to me keeping my bra on and therefore having “tan lines” to compare against, I can tell my skin colour is still several shades darker than normal, so it lasts really well. I think I’ve found my new beauty addiction, and will have to start planning what I’ll have to sacrifice in order to be able to afford a bi-weekly visit to Hannah!

Sassy Mama Tips for getting the best result from your spray tan:

1)      Exfoliate beforehand, but don’t apply moisturizer

2)      Wear loose, baggy black clothing and flip flops (no jewellery!) to your appointment

3)      Wait 2 hours, or overnight before showering to get the darkest colour

A spray tan from Spray Tanner Hannah costs $50 and takes around 15 minutes including drying time.

Spray Tanner Hannah
Tel: (+65) 9328 7674
Email: [email protected]
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