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Sassy Scoop: Real World Maths Tips from the Australian International School!

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With an academically rigorous curriculum perfect for global learners, the Australian International School (we first introduced you to their international education for kiddos here!) are raising the bar even higher with their exciting new partnership with Mathematics Expert, Professor Peter Sullivan… and he’s set to transform numeracy education at AIS.

Hailing from Monash University, Australia, Professor Sullivan brings a wealth of experience to the AIS, and is working with the school on a long-term project related to the best practice of teaching mathematics in the junior years. Professor Sullivan aims to turn the teaching of maths on its head encouraging little ones to connect ideas, build networks and problem solve in any number of ways… helping students be successful with mathematics, as well as see its relevance to everyday life!

Super keen to know more about how we as mamas can support our own kids numeracy learning, we turned to the AIS to get their top tips for helping our little ones acquire early mathematics skills… because maths is so much more than just memorising times tables, mama!


Australian International School’s Top Maths Tips for Little Learners!

–       Use real world examples to teach maths. People use maths every day to pay bills, prepare meals, calculate change, or choose phone plans. It has been estimated that we encounter roughly 1000 numbers every hour, so try to use these opportunities to chat with your kids about the impact of maths in our lives.

–       Allow children to solve problems. The ability to problem solve is a learned skill. Feel free to provide guidance, but it’s best to let children solve problems themselves. If we simply give our children the answers (without getting them to think about it!) they will not develop the capacity to think about a problem, and that can inhibit their conceptual understanding.

–       Don’t worry if it looks different. There is more than one way to solve a problem, and the way that your child learns to problem solve may be completely different to the way you were taught at school. The important thing here is that the strategy selected is understood and efficient!

–       Make maths fun. Play board games, solve puzzles, look for shapes or patterns, and use these games to encourage your kiddos to think about maths in fun and interesting ways. Discover measurement by playing in the bath or the sandpit, learn about time by racing in the park or pool, or discuss the probabilities of everyday events occurring… all are fantastic opportunities to teach maths concepts.

AIS is hosting their next Open House on Thursday 17 April 2014, so come along mama and pay them a visit – who knows what you might learn on the day?


Australian International School
1 Lorong Chuan, Singapore 556818
Tel: (+65) 6883 5155

Brought to you in partnership with Australian International School.



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