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Creative thinkers with grit: the only preschool in Singapore with this innovative global curriculum

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Mulberry Learning Centre is the only preschool in Singapore to employ the innovative ‘Habits of Mind’ curriculum; find out the 16 core habits that will help your child thrive

There is absolutely a place in this world for dreamers and creatives, but the most successful dreamers (your Mark Zuckerbergs, Jack Mas and Steve Jobs) got where they were not because of the answers they had from the beginning, but the questions they posed. The most successful visionaries don’t just dream big, mama: they execute with grit and resolve. They don’t just react on impulse, but think carefully before they act. Did you know there’s actually a structured way for children to acquire these valuable habits? It’s called Habits of Mind, and there’s only one preschool where you can find it in Singapore: award-winning Mulberry Learning Centre.

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Habits of Mind is a globally-recognised pedagogy from the United States adopted by many schools around the world, including the Gifted Education Branch of Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE). Mulberry – which has eight convenient locations around Singapore – is the first and only preschool in Singapore to integrate Habits of Mind into its programmes for preschoolers. In fact, it’s the only preschool network in the world to be certified by Habits of Mind’s official founding body, The Institute for Habits of Mind in California, USA.

Habits of Mind emphasises 16 core habits, including those mentioned above along with traits like finding humour, thinking flexibly, and responding with wonderment and awe (is there anything we love to see more in our kids?!). Mulberry has found that young children benefit immensely from Habits of Mind, as it can help them manage distractions and better focus on the task at hand. It can also boost confidence when confronted with difficulties, and encourages creative problem solving.

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While Habits of Mind is at the heart of Mulberry’s philosophy, the school’s curriculum also incorporates aspects of Reggio Emilia and Multiple Intelligences – every minute is a moment to discover and marvel at the world around us, and these philsophies also blend harmoniously into their approach. Their ultimate goal is to create a learning haven where a child’s imagination runs free, and this unique mix allows children’ to develop sound academic fundamentals, creativity, strength of character, good social skills and positive learning habits.

Mulberry was selected as a “Best of the Best” winner in Parents World Magazine’s 2015 Preschool Awards, where it was named “Best in Promoting Positive Learning”. If you’d like to find out how your child can benefit from their award-winning, innovative curriculum mama, be sure to stop by one of their Open Day events this June, including a preview of a brand new centre opening soon at Cairnhill Community Club on 11 June, along with Open Days at their other seven centres on 25 June.

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Here’s to children that put their dreams into action!


Mulberry Learning Centre Open Days will take place on Saturday, 11 June at the new Cairnhill Community Club location from 10am to 3pm, and at the seven other locations on Saturday, 25 June from 9am to 1pm. Find out more about these events and register online here, mama!

Mulberry Learning Centre, Various locations, Tel: (+65) 6653 8082,

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