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Playground Workout with Momentum Bootcamps

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For mamas looking to get in shape this year, have we got a treat for you! With our Workout of the Week series, please welcome super-fit mamas Vanessa and Amanda from Momentum Bootcamps to take you through a series of easy exercises you can do anytime, anywhere with nothing more than your own sweat and bodyweight. Let’s get moving!

When it comes to motherhood and fitness, the biggest complaint from most of our clients is their lack of time to exercise. It’s certainly a challenge trying to fit in a good workout while raising young kids, but it’s not impossible.

You don’t need expensive memberships to fitness clubs or fancy machines at home, effectively any park or playground can become your gym. Ask our Momemtum Bootcamps clients!

There’s nothing better than exercising outdoors, hearing the birds chirping and your kids laughing while you get your daily hit of endorphins (happy hormones) from a quick and effective workout.

Here are four exercises you can try next time you hit the playground with your kids:

Playground workout_toe tapsWarm Up: 50 toe taps on the slide 

Toe taps are a fantastic warm-up to increase your heart rate, or they can be used to add intensity while improving agility as a key element in any workout.

**You will be inserting 30 toe touches after every exercise you perform.

Start by touching your left toe on the slide, jump up and switch the feet in mid-air, touching your right toe to the slide. Continue alternating toe taps as quickly and safely as you can.


playground workout_slide pushupsSlide Push Ups

Targets: Chest, shoulders, triceps and abs

  • Hold a kneeling or toe plank position with your legs hip-width apart, wrists positioned directly under shoulders.
  • Keeping your core engaged and body in a straight line from head to heel, bend both elbows to lower your chest toward the slide. Press through your palms to push up and away from the slide.
  • Try and complete 12 reps followed by 30 toe taps.
  • Repeat 2 to 3 times.

TIP: Be mindful that you are in a great hair pulling position if your child is on the slide!

playground workout_leg squat to side kickElevated single leg squat to side kick 

Targets: Glutes, hips, quads and core

  • Stand with body side on to the slide, one foot on the bench the other on the ground.
  • Lower down into a squat position with your weight in your heels and core engaged. As you raise up from your squat you transfer your weight onto the foot that’s positioned on the slide, while you simultaneously lift your other leg off into a side kick, squeezing your glutes and keeping your abs tight.
  • Try and complete 15 squats with your left leg elevated, followed by 30 toe taps. The perform 15 reps on your right leg, followed up 30 toe taps.
  • 2 sets.

Tip: Try and keep your hips and pelvis square, pointing in the same direction as your feet. This exercise definitely challenges your balance and ankle stability, so if you are struggling, take your foot off the slide and perform squats to side-kick on even ground.

Playground workout_bench bunny hopBench Bunny Hops 

Targets: Your entire body

  • Your shoulders, arms and core will be switched on to fix your upper body into position. Your legs will be firing up to power over the bench, and your heart and lunges will be working to capacity. This is a great finisher! Position your hands directly under​neath your shoulders on a bench, engage your core and then power up through your legs to clear the width of the bench, landing softly on the ground. Power up and over the bench again, with limited rest between jumps. This is a tough plyometric exercise!
  • Try and complete 12 bunny hops directly followed by 30 toe taps. If you aim for 2 to 3 rounds you’ll be ready for ​home time with the kids.

Good luck!

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