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Frozen, Moana & Mermaids: We’re Lovin’ Fizazzle’s Birthday Parties!

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Planning a birthday party, mama? Entertainment specialists Fizazzle tell us what’s all the rage with birthday parties these days!

When you’re planning a child’s birthday party, it’s best to get a specialist who can do it all. We’re talking games, entertainers, costumed characters, party decor and even catering! Kids entertainment company Fizazzle does exactly that: the high-end entertainment specialists are sure to fizz up your party and dazzle your guests with their one-stop party planning shop that can transform any venue with stunning decoration packages and value-added services like stage shows and performance artists – including stilt-walkers and mermaids!

We spoke with Fizazzle’s founder, Tanya Quinn (who has organised fab parties for kiddos at one of our Mama Meet Ups!), to scour her brain for the latest trends in the kids’ party scene, what makes Fizazzle different, and tips on keeping the kiddos preoccupied this summer!

Tell us more about you!

My background is in dance and musical theatre so I really understand the process of production, and entertainment. I’ve been running events for years internationally as well as in Singapore. I focus on kids and family as I can be more creative as I just love coming up with new, crazy ideas! I’ve also written a series of fantastical children’s adventure books that I’ve started publishing and also tie in to my party programs.

What’s hot in the kids’ party scene right now?

MOANA! HARRY POTTER! MERMAIDS! POOL PARTIES & DANCE PARTIES! Actually, we are finding mums just want something creative and unique for their kids. Quests and interactive storytelling are always popular as kids love to be part of the action.

What is Fizazzle up to at the moment?  

We are launching three new kids’ entertainment packages – The Storyteller, The Dazzling Theme & Out of The Box (more details below!) – designed to make mum’s life easier when choosing the perfect party. We want a party product that is ‘off the shelf’ and affordable but still maintains our wonderful, premium production values.

What makes you different?

From conception to creation, Fizazzle prides itself on producing the best packaged and bespoke children’s parties in Singapore. We are a one-stop shop for parents and companies planning for kids parties and family events. Our team of expert party planners takes the stress away by managing the whole process, from venue booking to all the little enhancements such as invite mailing and work hard to make sure no stone is unturned in bringing the idea to life. We do party planning, styling and -most importantly – unique entertainment.

Best party so far?

We have arranged some pretty amazing parties over the years as we’ve been lucky to have some clients who have a substantial budget for their events who were also very trusting to let us have free rein on what will happen! We like to surprise guests and clients by throwing in things they are not expecting — that’s why these clients enjoy the parties so much and come back year after year.

For example, we arranged a really big Harry Potter-themed party where we transformed the room into Hogwarts’ grand hall, and had a live percussion entrance plus quidditch! And a Star Wars party with a laser optical illusion show. These two have completely outdone all other parties in terms of set up, budget and conceptualization.

But sometimes it’s the most challenging parties we enjoy most; for example, I just arranged an amazing Superhero Quest in a hotel room in Sentosa for a great client of mine. She totally trusted me to come up with the idea and make it happen. We had 20 kids aged 3- 5yrs and their parents, inside a small hotel room and 2 hours to keep them entertained! That was the challenge: how to entertain them all within such a small space. After a lot of thought we came up with an escape room-style program where the kids and parents had to work together to work out how to get out of the room. Everyone really enjoyed it and it worked well with the space restrictions.

Any tips for mamas to keep kids busy this summer?

Treasure hunts are always great fun and easy to pull off indoors or in any of the great open spaces in Singapore. Children love getting crafty and drawing the treasure map and costumes and then taking part in the quest – mums can hide objects around the house or in the park. It’s great to have a simple idea with lots of creative elements, making, building, active finding and adventure.

Fizazzle’s New Kids Entertainment Packages

Fantastical stories are brought to life through dance, drama and games! Storyteller’s Party is a two-hour, fully choreographed, storytelling experience where kids embark on a magical quest to slay dragons, capture evil villains, uncover the secrets of the fairy kingdom or go in search of hidden treasure.

Pick your littlie’s favourite character or hobby, with Fizazzle’s collection of themed and seasonal parties. Inspired by Harry Potter, Disney’s Moana, superheroes, dance, dinosaurs and more, they can produce a fully themed and expertly choreographed experience.

If you’ve got an idea and want to mix it up, Fizazzle can organise the themed decor, provide a magician, put on a stage show or provide a huge range of exciting enhancements to work with you on a bespoke package.

Packages start from $750 for a two-hour experience. This includes creative direction, venue booking, production, activities and props.
Enhancements start from $150 for full decor, balloon sculpting, face painting, juggling, puppet show, bubble play, cake cutting and more.
Extras start from $100 for party bags, invites and catering.

Besides customising kids’ parties, Fizazzle can also plan other memorable events for adults such as baby showers, dinner parties, cocktail receptions, milestone birthdays and seasonal events.

Summer promo – get 10% off your next children’s party plus a free party enhancement (worth $500) if you book by end July 2017! Email [email protected] and mention Sassymama in the subject of your email!

Brought to you in partnership with Fizazzle

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