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Planning a Kids Party in Singapore: How to Host a LEGO Movie Party!

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If the words ‘Kragle’, ‘Lord Business’ and ‘Master Builders’ are all part of the regular vocabulary at your home, then it’s time to treat ‘The Special’ one to a LEGO movie party!

It’s such a fun theme to try with so many elements to pick and choose from – and many of the options for DIY are fairly inexpensive too. Depending on how old the birthday child is, most of these crafts can be made with them rather than after they’re all tucked up in bed.

And our friends at the The Party Elves have come up with some pretty AWESOME ideas for you to try your hand at too!

Setting the Scene

We absolutely love this idea of an invite – great if you can hand deliver all of the invitations individually, or if you’re looking at a small group of invitees.

Lego Party Invite

Word the invite so they know they are coming to a Master Builder’s Convention and you can prepare them ahead of time for the fun experience they’re bound to have.

Entrance Door

Make up the door to the party venue to look like a Lego face or even Lord Business. Use these a-door-able inspirations from Halloween inspired doors to help you make them up.

All you need is paper, streamers, string and a little imagination.

Lego Party DoorImage sourced via quirkymomma

Welcome Sign

How about a LEGO welcome sign? Use a Lego mat and some basic large Lego bricks to make up a Birthday Sign or to welcome the Master Builders to the party.

This is one submitted by one of our clients for her little boy’s 7th birthday party.

Lego Party welcome sign

Goodie Bags

These simple paper bags are really easy to do, and definitely something that the kids can get stuck in and help with.

Lego Party Goodie BagImage sourced via Farmish Mama

These coloured bags can be found at Art Friend or Chin Giap Soon (the party store at #05-06/07/08 The Verge). We do recommend that you use spare bags of the same colour for the Lego circle detail to save you from running around town trying to find paper of the exact colour.

Can’t find the bags? No worries, you can use boxes from Daiso and a bit of paint or coloured paper to wrap them in. Foam is a great way to get the perfect Lego circle detail.

Lego Party goodie BoxImage sourced via lines across

Psst… If you want to make these from scratch, Lines Across has a handy template you can follow to make them.

Then go ahead and fill the bags or boxes with Lego toys, figurines, ‘Kragle’ Juice (any juice renamed), mini bags of M&Ms in the same Lego brick colours or if you have time, make your own soap or crayons with moulds purchased from baking shops.

Want to try something a little different?

How about a Lego far jar (a yellow plastic jar you draw Lego faces on) and fill it with dried nuts and fruit for an inexpensive and cute take away.

Lego Party Goodie Jars


Get a host for the party to dress up like Lord Business or Emmet. This is a cool idea from one of our fans, Leena Santore. She managed to bribe encourage her husband to play the role!

Lord Business


Think of all the usual decorative elements you would have for any party and infuse them with ideas from the movie.

Turn the venue into your very own Lego Universe. Use boxes, plain coloured wrapping paper or paint to make buildings found in a Lego city. You can use large boxes and include them in a relay game perhaps, or just make small ones and use them for a cityscape for your food table.

Create a fun banner with coloured construction paper and you can even add on the characters from the movie if your craft bone needs even more inspiration.

Lego Party Banner

Fill jars with Lego pieces to dot around tables and get your guests to guess how many pieces are in each jar.

Use construction paper as cupcake wrappers. Make these really easy fondant toppers and you can bring the food into the theme too.

Lego Party CupcakesImage sourced via Farmish Mama

Don’t have the time to get into all these ideas?

No worries, here’s a definite way of getting the decoration theme specific.

Print off a poster from the Lego Movie on large paper and use it as a backdrop for the cake, your photos, and goodie table — it can welcome your Master Builders.

From experience all children love balloons and lanterns and streamers. Use the 4 main colours of Lego as your inspiration, and even if that’s all you do, your venue will look smashing!

Lego Party Movie PosterImage sourced via Catch My Party


The easiest way to keep the kids occupied for a themed movie party is to get them into a challenge. Start with craft masks to kick off the games. Set out yellow paper plates for the guests draw eyes on and other features to make the different characters from the movie (make sure you have plenty of craft supplies to go around!).

Then put out a lot of Lego and let their imaginations go wild. Let the little Master Builders build their city, vehicles or defences so that they can fight Lord Business and rescue the citizens of Lego Universe. Or you could get them to race against each other to build the tallest freestanding tower. Remember if it’s going to be a race, each team/child should receive the same number of Lego pieces.

Other traditional games like relay, musical chairs or memory games can still be played… just use Lego inspired pieces rather than a ball or balloon or chairs.


Lego pizza anyone? Use bread and round pieces of salami or cheese or tomatoes to make Lego pizzas and these will be gone before you know it.

Slice grapes, strawberries or even cucumbers so you get lovely green and red circles. Place them on cheese and crackers for some healthy Lego crackers.

Lego cake and biscuits are always an easy way to get food that matches your theme. 

Lego Party cake

We hope you will go crazy with these ideas mamas and have as much fun as we did putting together your Lego-themed party. The great thing about a Lego Movie party is that these ideas work for girls and boys. As long as they love Lego you will have a winner on your hands!

Top image sourced via Pinterest

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