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A New Ride at Legoland Malaysia: Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Lego Race

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Looking for thrills? LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is the first LEGOLAND theme park in the world to launch the LEGO VR Roller Coaster race next week November 2017!

No road trip plans for November? Well you do now! The Great LEGO Race virtual reality roller coaster ride is set to open 22 November 2017 and the kids are gonna be psyched! We’ve road tested the latest Lego Boost robotics coding toy. We have sorted the kids’ Legos neatly into the most awesome storage solution ever. But we need more Lego! Luckily Legoland has delivered, and as it’s only a short ride across the border (time your trip early to avoid border control queues) this kids’ amusement park is an easy-peasy day trip.

The Great Lego Race ride transforms three pre-existing “Project X” roller coasters into a supercharged virtual reality augmented roller coaster experience. With this ride, kids get the chance to be in the driver’s seat in a race against a cast of LEGO mini-figures (built to represent how our kiddos play with lego – i.e anything goes, mixing and matching themes and characters).  Strap the headset on, buckle up and you are off. You may be up against Pirate Captain or maybe Surfer Girl riding in their crazy Lego creations including a rocket powered surfboard and a stylish scooter fueled by espresso.

What to Expect from the Great LEGO Race

3 minutes of thrills and action from every direction – up, down, forward, backwards. The ride is only raised 18 metres above ground but thanks to the virtual reality headsets – you’ll feel like you are zooming 100 miles an hour doing careering wild bends.

The Great LEGO Race can be ridden with or without the VR headset. To ride the Lego race kids must be above 110cm and at least 4 years old accompanied. If kids want to use the VR headset (and really who wouldn’t?) they must be above 6 years old and 120cm.

Ready, get set, let’s go! Because our kids need a new reason to visit Legoland. Oh wait no they don’t but hey, we are still going! See you at the finish line!

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