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Three Simple Nature-Based Arts & Crafts Ideas for Kids

nature based art crafts
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Looking to get your kids connecting with nature? Try these simple and cheap nature-inspired arts and crafts!

Tired of relying on the sacred aisles of toy stores to keep your little inexhaustible bundles of energy engaged? Get a feeling they’re spending more time watching kids’ TV or studying Pokemon abilities, than stretching their legs at the best parks in town? Then it’s time we fill you in on three amazing arts and crafts ideas that will send you on outdoor treasure hunts with your little ones and help them hone their creative skills too!

Read on for inspiration on arts and crafts while bonding with your little buddies over nature!

nature based art crafts

1. Playdough Stick Tree

Who says ‘installation art’ belongs in fancy galleries and public spaces alone? With such few materials required (just two!), and such great results, this piece of art can now adorn your home too! All you need is a tub of play dough (or make your own with this recipe), and some dry sticks collected from sidewalks and parks during an outdoor excursion with your little explorer.

Ask your clay modellers to make little leaves using the play dough. Once done, stick the dry stick in it to make the ‘tree’ stand. Now just ask them to make playdough leaves and press them on the ‘branches’, and viola – your little artist’s vibrant ‘creative statement’ is ready for display.

This one is truly a showstopper as it’s easy and fun to carry out and stunning to behold. The best part is that kids can experiment with it to their heart’s content. From soft cherry blossom pinks and whites to fiery fall colours, to luscious green branches – they can turn to nature again for some vivid and beautiful inspiration!

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nature based art crafts

2. Paint with Flowers

We can’t thank Singapore enough to have the right weather for flowers to blossom the whole year-round. On your next walk around the hood, ask your kids to keep their eyes peeled for flowering trees/plants/bushes, and collect a few freshly fallen ones to bring back home for some painting with a twist.

Once home, get some paint and paper out, and get ready for the most unexpectedly beautiful results. Ask the kids to dip the flowers in some colour and make flower prints on paper! You will be pleasantly surprised to find some very pretty designs beginning to adorn the canvas. They can stick to just one design using one kind of flower or mix it up using different flowers.

Get ready to let their creativity bloom freely just like the flowers they picked for their project!

3. Rock Painting

nature based art crafts

Kids love this activity. During your walk together you’ll see your little ones behave like archaeologists, inspecting those stones and pebbles to decide if they’re worthy enough to feature in their art session.

Once your little adventurers reach home with their newly-acquired bounty, help them wash and dry the stones, and let the fun begin. It’s such a joy to see them turn the little stones into colourful gems! Such an easy activity requiring very little guidance, the kids are sure to ‘rock’ this one!

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Once the kids are done with the activity wash the colours off and return the rocks to where they belong – nature. Or leave your colourful gems out in the park for someone else to find! This activity could also form the basis of your kids’ very first geology lesson!

So there you have it, three easy nature-inspired arts and crafts to enjoy with the kids. Enjoy connecting to the great outdoors with your little buddies!

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