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Say Goodbye to Toddler Tummy Troubles

toddler tummy troubles similac formula
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Here’s how to ensure total comfort for little tummies!

Did you know that 9 out of 10 babies in Singapore experience digestive issues?1 In the first two years of life, your little one’s digestive system is still developing so they may be more susceptible to digestive issues compared to adults. Parenting today comes with so many new challenges, but we believe that choosing the best for your toddler’s health and nutrition shouldn’t be one of them! Your toddler’s delicate tummy is more prone to common feeding intolerance and may result in constipation, colic and bloating in the belly… and one of the perceived causes could be too many bubbles in your toddler’s milk formula. A gassy tummy may lead to discomfort and a cranky kiddo!

Less bubbles, less troubles

Sometimes we can get a little carried away while shaking the bottle when we prepare our little one’s formula (guilty as charged!). Look for a milk formula that produces less air bubbles no matter how you shake or swirl when preparing it!

No matter how you shake or swirl it, Abbott’s Total Comfort LoFoam technology produces fewer air bubbles when you prepare Similac Total Comfort for a smoother, easier, nutrient-packed experience!

No palm oil! Yes goodness!

Did we mention Similac Total Comfort contains no palm oil? Toddlers are developing rapidly at this stage, so nutrients are necessary to support them and the absence of palm oil is reassuring! Plus, this hypoallergenic formula is made with 100% partially hydrolyzed whey protein, ensuring ease of digestion in every feed due to the smaller size of protein molecules.

It’s so important to provide the right nutrition for your little one – this ensures they’re well fed so their bodies continue to develop healthily, plus it could help them to fuss much less through the night. And we all know how important a good night’s sleep is!

Best all-round value

Similac Total Comfort is a great choice for meeting your little one’s nutrition requirements as it’s the best value-for-money option among other premium hypoallergenic formulas in the market (when comparing price per feed). Its lactose-free formula also contains 2′-FL and IMMUNIFY® blend of 10 ingredients (Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, Copper, Folic Acid, Iron, Selenium and Zinc) that support your child’s natural body defenses.

Click here to learn more about how nutrition can shape your toddler’s emotional well-being.

Would you like to see how well your toddler gets on with drinking Similac Total Comfort? Register here to get free sachet samples of Similac Total Comfort!

Brought to you in partnership with Abbott. 1Based on a survey with 2383 Singapore parents/caregivers in 2013. Artboard-1 As we’ve said from the start in our mission statement, at Sassy Mama we’re for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. We’re for doing what we feel is best for our families, for doing our research and knowing our options. We LOVE breastfeeding and do whatever we can to promote and support it, from telling you about the best nursing rooms and breast pumps to sharing expert advice from lactation consultants. We fully support the guidelines from both the World Health Organization and Singapore’s Ministry of Health, who recommend exclusively breastfeeding up until 6 months and then continuing to breastfeed until at least 2 years of age. However, we also realise that due to a variety of factors, many mamas are unable to breastfeed, and for these women and their babies, formula is a vital lifeline. We will always do our best to share information in a factual and informative manner, because information is power, mamas! Artboard-1

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