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Kids’ Masks in Singapore: Higher Filtration Surgical Masks & Reusable Face Masks

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Looks like we’ll be keeping our face masks on for a while longer! Here’s where to get higher filtration surgical and reusable kids’ masks in Singapore

Face masks are mandatory for anyone leaving the house, although kids age 6 and below are exempted from this rule. However, children are still highly encouraged to wear masks, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and invest in some kids’ masks. According to The Straits Times, evidence has shown that Covid-19 can be transmitted through aerosols so we should be wearing masks with higher filtration capabilities – but that doesn’t mean we’ll have to rule out cloth masks altogether! Surgical masks are highly recommended, but cloth masks that are made of at least two layers are permissible. Keep reading for the recommendations on both mask types!

What is the safest kids’ mask?

  • Kids’ surgical masks are highly recommended
  • Any of the kids’ masks given out by the People’s Association or Temasek Foundation
  • Kids’ cloth masks that are made of at least two layers are permissible.

Keep reading for all the kids’ masks recommendations and where to buy kids’ masks from!

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Kids’ Surgical Masks

When buying surgical masks, look for a particle filtration efficiency (PFE) or bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of at least 95%. You can usually find this rating on the side of the surgical mask box.

Buy kids’ surgical masks from:

  • offers kids’ surgical masks locally and from abroad. As always Prime members will enjoy free local delivery and free international delivery on eligible orders over $60!
  • Most supermarkets sell both surgical and cloth masks now too, and at Fairprice we spotted some BZU Kids masks which have a 99% BFE rating! Other reputable brands include PowerPac and Anyguard.
  • Guardian has a number of brands offering 3-ply disposable masks for kids and surgical masks for adults. On top of convenient home delivery, they also have a new Click & Collect service that lets you schedule pick-ups of your pharmacy essentials at your nearby Guardian outlet!
  • You’ll be spoilt for choice with the numerous options available on Shopee for kids’ surgical masks. Make sure to read listings closely though, as some may be labelled as medical-grade masks when they’re actually not. Look at the reviews too so you can be sure that past customers have received the items as advertised.

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Kids’ Reusable Masks

While surgical masks are the best option to protect against Covid-19, the DET30 mask, Proshield mask and Livinguard masks given out during the nationwide mask distribution exercises are also suitable due to their double-layered and antimicrobial properties. We’re advised to stop the usage of single-layered cloth masks or masks with exhalation valves (which are more appropriate to combat haze), as they don’t have the same level of protection as double-layered and surgical masks.

How to choose a safe reusable kids’ mask?

When choosing a reusable kids’ mask, look for one that has an outer layer made of polyester, and an inner layer made of a finely woven fabric – this prevents droplets from entering or escaping the mask. Make sure to also keep track of how many times you’ve washed your reusable mask, because it’s best to replace them once they’ve been washed and used the maximum number of times recommended by the manufacturer. To increase the efficacy of your kids’ masks, consider adding disposable filters.

Where to buy kids’ reusable masks:

reusable face masks for kids and adults from face life unicorn dinosaur print

The Mask Life

This Aussie brand has funky face masks for the whole family that are reversible, reusable, and washable. Choose from a variety of fun kid-friendly patterns like unicorns, dinosaurs and space ships, or opt for a customised design that’s ideal for schools and business. Designed and produced in Australia, masks are constructed from breathable sports performance polyester material, which has moisture-wicking properties that’ll keep you cool and comfortable. So important in Singapore!

The Mask Life,

face mask singapore kids gill mask respirator

Gill Mask

Gill Mask is an eco-friendly, reusable silicone respirator with an easy and breathable design – making it the perfect option for kiddos! It’s got an innovative, adaptable cartridge design that ensures maximum protection and comfort, and best of all it can last up to two years! Just sterilize in boiling water or with household disinfectant. Gill Mask is available in both adult and kid face mask sizes, in three different colours. The face mask is available for purchase on, Lazada and Shopify.

Gill Mask,


The AIR+ Reusable Mask is designed for those who demand a higher level of protection in their daily lives, with anti-microbial protection against 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses and more than 95% particulate filtration against PM2.5 and harmful particles. These don’t come in kid’s sizes however if your child is older they may be able to wear the medium mask.



Enro masks come in six sizes so you can get the best fit possible for anyone in the family. You can choose from over 70 designs, plus it’s ultra-functional with PM0.1 filtration and can last through up to 100 washes without compromising its high filtration abilities.



If you love their AIRism range, you’ll love their new AIRism Mask. It has a triple-layer structure, with a filter that delivers a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99%, blocking bacteria and pollen. It’s silky smooth on the skin, light, thin and is free of the stiffness or thickness typical of non-woven and cotton masks. Available in three sizes (from kids to adults) and two colours.


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