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Face Masks vs. Face Shields in Singapore: Pros and Cons, and Where to Buy Them

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All kiddos from the age of 2 will be required to wear a masks or face shield in school for the foreseeable future. Here’s why face shields might be better for younger kids, and where you can find them!

Good news: Kids can go back to school starting June 2. Not-as-good news: Kids from age 2 will be required to wear a face mask or face shield at all times. Many parents of toddlers are wondering how they’ll get their kids to adapt, not to mention the potential discomfort of wearing a mask all day long.

Here’s what you need to know about face masks vs. face shields, plus where you can find a face shield in Singapore for your kids.

face shield singapore toddler size
Find this kid-friendly face shield in Singapore on Carousell

Face Shield Basics

Face Shields seem to be gaining in popularity at the school level. The MOE announced that it will provide face shields to all preschool and primary students, and the thinking is that they are more comfortable for younger kids to wear than face masks. Particularly with little ones who are still learning to talk (and are hard to understand at the best of times!), it is both easier for them to understand others if they can see their lips moving, and for teachers to be able to comprehend what they’re saying. Toddlers are also less likely to try to take off a face shield than they are a mask.

We also like that face shields can be easily cleaned and don’t require the drying time of a mask. Unfortunately, as of June 2 the MOH has recommended that face shields only be used for children 12 and under, as they are not as effective as face masks.

Face Mask Basics

Face masks, on the other hand, are ultra-portable and available in a wide variety of colours, patterns and fabrics (click here to see our roundup of cute locally-produced face masks for kids!).

As Professor Teo Yik Ying, Dean of NUS’s School of Public Health, told Channel News Asia, face masks provide more protection than face shields, which are primarily aimed at minimizing droplet exposure and other parts of the face not covered by a face mask, which protects the nose and mouth most effectively. “The open nature of the face shield protects users against more forceful projections,” Professor Teo noted, “but does not completely eliminated exposure or dissipation of droplets.”

Along these lines, infectious disease experts actually recommend wearing both a face shield and face mask in tandem, but we think that’s a big ask for little ones! Here are the pros and cons of face shields vs. face masks to help you make an informed decision that suits you and your kiddos’ needs best. Fortunately MOE has stated that both provide adequate protection!

Face Shield Pros and Cons:

face shield singapore face mask pros cons

Where to Buy a Face Shield in Singapore

We have heard that face shields are current available for sale at FairPrice. You can also order them online both locally in Singapore and from abroad. Once again, MOE will be distributing face shields or face masks to all preschool and primary school students, though we think it’s best to have plenty of back-ups just in case. Here are some cute kids face shields that we’ve spotted online – order ASAP mamas to make sure you have them in time for school to start up on 2 June!

face shield singapore kids bucket hat
A bucket hat face shield available on Amazon

Ali Express:
5-Piece Animal-Themed Set ($12.22)
2-pack adjustable size ($27.07)
Children’s bucket hat with built-in face shield ($29.92)

Unicorn, Dinosaur & Anime Headbands ($2.50-$3 per piece)
Padded headband in pink or blue ($8)

5-pack of cute animals ($4.49)
Bucket hat in four colours with face shield ($8.30)

Bear and Bunny Headbands ($2.98)
Padded headband in pink or blue ($8)

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