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Wharton Preschool’s Award-Winning Programme Launches in Admiralty – Now Offering Infant Care!

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Wharton Preschool launches a brand-new campus in Admiralty with infant care services (limited slots available). Find out how you can sign up for their limited complimentary Montessori enrichment classes!

Wharton Preschool‘s new campus in Admiralty is great news for parents in the north looking for quality infant, preschool, and KCare programmes! With pristine indoor and outdoor learning spaces and a renowned preschool programme, this new campus marks an exciting chapter for the award-winning preschool. Even better, the campus offers infant care services, ensuring your little ones get the best start in their educational journey. We dive into what parents can expect at Wharton Preschool’s new Admiralty campus, from their holistic learning approach to their superb facilities. Find out how you can snag complimentary weekly Montessori classes (worth up to $654)!

Holistic education tailored for individual growth

wharton preschool - outdoor play area

At Wharton Preschool’s new Admiralty campus, parents can expect nothing less from the award-winning preschool programme the preschool is known for. The curriculum will include thematic, mother tongue, and Montessori classes that have proven successful over the past decade. Wharton Preschool also ensures that each child gets the right learning approach tailored to their unique needs, interests, and abilities through an Individualised Education Plan (IEP). But that’s not all, Wharton Preschool goes the extra mile to create inclusive learning environments that cater to diverse learning styles. With classrooms decked out with a full range of Montessori apparatus, tactile and manipulable multi-sensory materials, little ones are encouraged to explore and discover.

Additionally, with a low student-teacher ratio, children get the individualised attention and support they deserve, all from qualified teachers. Children are encouraged to stay physically active, as the team understands that physical activity enhances brain function and neuroconnectivity for improved memory, attention, and problem-solving skills! Children here also enjoy daily nutritious meals (including lacto ovo vegetarian meals) with carefully planned menus.

Nurturing connections within the community

wharton preschool

Wharton Preschool goes beyond by extending its offerings to the wider community through its Community Classes, where families can access free educational lessons and take home materials. These classes offer a perfect blend of fun and educational activities, and you can even bring a friend along for added fun! The school recognises the pivotal role parents play in their child’s development, thus parents are encouraged to stay involved in the school’s activities. From joining in on celebrations to Parental Workshops that cover a wide range of educational and parenting topics, these initiatives facilitate better relationships between parent and child. What’s more, parents can use this opportunity to equip themselves with practical knowledge, insights and support to enrich their child’s development at home.

Sign up to tour Wharton Preschool Admiralty!

wharton preschool

Wharton Preschool’s new Admiralty campus further amplifies its commitment to outdoor learning, physical activity, and exploration. Wharton Preschool (Admiralty) has a newly constructed multipurpose court and field, alongside a playground. Versatility meets fun at their outdoor play area, where children can run freely, dribble, shoot hoops, and play tag. The outdoor area is also designed to foster curiosity and physical development in a natural setting, ensuring that creativity knows no bounds as the kids explore and interact with nature.

Wharton Preschool is hosting an Open House event on 29 June, where you can tour its facilities and understand why this renowned preschool is the premier preschool of choice for many parents. Secure your slot today! 

Sassy Mama readers get free weekly Montessori enrichment classes (worth $654!) from date of enrolment to 31 December 2024 at Wharton Preschool (Admiralty)! Offer is limited to the first 30 sign-ups in the months of July/August.

Wharton Preschool (Admiralty), 8 Admiralty Street #01-13, Singapore 757438, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 8102 3393,

This post was made in partnership with Wharton Preschool

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