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Waldorf School Singapore: Yes it DOES Exist, and Here’s What Makes it So Special

kids outdoors at waldorf school singapore
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With an emphasis on creativity, curiosity and critical thinking (not to mention heaps of outdoor time and reasonable school fees), Waldorf Singapore provides a truly unique international school experience

A few years back, The New York Times published a curious story about how Silicon Valley’s top tech executives were choosing to send their children to Waldorf Schools, which are famously tech-free!

Here in Singapore, where many parents worry about high-pressure academics, too much tech, and not enough outdoor play in primary school, The Waldorf Steiner School Singapore provides a truly inspiring alternative.

classroom at waldorf steiner school singapore

Based on Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy (the very first Waldorf School was founded exactly 100 years ago in Europe!), the Waldorf curriculum focuses on developing a balanced, healthy person who is curious, compassionate and self-reliant. The approach is deliberately low-tech, instead using art, movement, and nature to stimulate the learning process. Today there are more than 1,000 Waldorf schools located all around the world in nearly 200 countries.

The Waldorf Steiner School Singapore was started by parents four years ago, and is now a thriving international school in the East catering to children ages 6 and up. Imagination and creativity are the name of the game — teachers integrate storytelling to bring each subject to life, and children spend lots of time with hands-on activities like cooking and knitting. Waldorf students also get lots of time outdoors, whether farming or learning about biology through natural observations.

teachers at the waldorf school singapore typically stay with the same students throughout their schooling

What sets Waldorf apart?

At Waldorf schools, teachers typically remain with the same class for five to eight years, which helps form a close bond and trusting relationship with each child, and enables teachers to better assess each student’s development, needs, and learning style. The Waldorf School philosophy encourages children to engage in all sorts of wonderful activities that support learning how to read and write, from improving hand-eye coordination, to discriminating forms, to understanding the sequence of events that make up a story.

The Waldorf approach aims to foster passionate, lifelong readers. During the first year (when children are ages 6 to 7), reading is introduced in a developmentally appropriate way; children learn consonants and vowel names and sounds through an artistic approach of drawing, painting, movement and speech, which has proven to engage them with great interest! All the while they also hone comprehension and vocabulary skills.

In addition to Waldorf’s limited tech exposure, classrooms are filled with natural materials, and in fact children are encouraged to create their own toys, learning materials, and even textbooks! You won’t see any plastic toys or materials in a Waldorf classroom, mama.

a child at waldorf school singapore writes with crayons

Is the Waldorf approach compatible with other learning styles?

When children move on from Waldorf schools to secondary school or mainstream education, they often eclipse their peers in academic achievement, as the critical thinking skills they’ve developed translate extremely well into any learning situation. Learning in a low-tech environment is also thought to improve attention span and the ability to focus, and the emphasis on social skills and human interaction also serves students quite well, in secondary school – and for life! Browse a list of famous Waldorf graduates and you’ll see CEOs, celebrity chefs, Oscar-winning actresses, renowned musicians, and famous architects.

Has all of the above gotten you as excited as we are, mama? Here’s yet another big selling point: Waldorf Steiner School Singapore has extremely reasonable school fees at $1,400 per month (with sibling discounts available, too!).

To find out more, email them at [email protected], or call them at the number below.

Waldorf Steiner School Singapore, 76 Jalan Senang, Singapore 418401, Tel: (+65) 6909 3676,,

Brought to you in partnership with Waldorf Steiner School Singapore

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