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Is Your Child a Sore Loser? How Shaws Preschool Raises Good Sports

shaws preschool international singapore
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The ShawsPlay curriculum teaches kids the importance of resilience and sportsmanship from a young age. Here’s how you can see it for yourself at a Shaws Preschool tour!

Is there really any benefit to sending our kids to school just to play? Of course! While eventually most of us would love to see our little ones thrive academically, getting a good head start from their formative years is crucial – and often the most effective approach is a play-based one.

Shaws Preschool is well known for their ShawsPlay Curriculum, which is one of the few play-based curriculums in Singapore. The curriculum focuses on learning through play and sports with the goal of raising resilient and confident children who love to learn. Shaws also makes sure to give children life skills that will take them way beyond preschool! Kids are taught that outside the protective bubble of preschool and primary school, not everyone is a winner, and not everyone needs to be a winner all the time. We should let children know that it is okay to lose – the important lesson is to pick themselves up and try again, while thinking about what they can do differently the next time around. This encourages resilience! Shaws also teaches kids to congratulate the person that beat them to show sportsmanship. Which is also just as important.

shaws preschool international singapore

The ShawsPlay curriculum merges inquiry-based learning, play-based approaches and learning through play, in order to ensure that children enjoy learning, are prepared for formal school, and are prepared for life. ‘Play’ doesn’t just mean being outdoors and undirected play time – it also includes play-based introductions to coding concepts, math and STEAM. These curriculum highlights will encourage kids to ask questions and problem solve early!

Learning through play helps to raise resilient, confident, creative and imaginative children, who are adaptable communicators. The hope is that kids come out of their learning journey with empathy, the ability to collaborate well with others, and are able to self-regulate.

Book a tour at one of the five Shaws Preschool campuses to see how your child can gain the life skills they need for a lifelong love of learning:

All new joiners can enjoy a $500 registration fee waiver once enrolment fees are fully paid and the child starts on or before 31 December 2021.

Shaws Preschool, Multiple Locations: Mountbatten Road, Tanjong Katong/Boscombe Road, Katong Post Office, Braddell Heights, and Lorong Chuan,

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