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Here’s How Shaws Preschool’s NEW Curriculum Nurtures Kids to Become More Focused & Better Problem-Solvers

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Shaws Preschool’s upgraded curriculum includes activities that encourage preschoolers to master executive function skills such as self-control, working memory and mental flexibility – all important life skills

Brain development is a vital part of your child’s early years education, and it’s important that children develop executive functions to thrive. What are executive functions? These are basic mental skills that help us plan, focus attention, remember, organise and problem-solve – all necessary to navigate daily life. The best way to help children develop their executive functions is by learning through play, and Shaws Preschool is nothing if not an expert at – you guessed it – play!


Preparing kids for life outside of school

Shaws Preschool prides itself on being progressive so its little learners are always prepared to face a continuously changing world. That’s why they’ve upgraded their curriculum to include executive function development. This addition complements essential life skills elements such as adaptability, collaboration, empathy and entrepreneurship with learning areas like sports and motor skills, English and Chinese language mastery and expressive arts. When combined, this holistic, three-pronged approach allows teachers at Shaws to nurture children and form a strong foundation for life.

Shaws Preschool Open House

How Shaws helps kids successfully develop executive function

Shaws Preschool focuses on 11 different executive functions, and these include planning, time management, problem-solving, impulse, emotional and attention control, flexibility, working memory, organisation, task initiation and self-monitoring. Shaws Preschool encourages developing these functions through different types of experiential play opportunities. Explorative Play and Mastery Play are seen in activities such as pizza-making. Here, children are exposed to measurement, weight and volume while making the pizza. Once it is cooked, they need to decide how to slice it, and how many slices each child gets or can eat. This exposes them to divisions and fractions, and shows them how to model the concepts being taught in the classroom in daily life – further prepping them for learning in primary school.

Through its Construction Play element, children go through repeated tries and failures by experimenting with various ways to stack a block tower. Teachers do not provide answers when children fail, rather, they are encouraged to keep trying to find the solution themselves.

At the school’s Mud Kitchen, children engage in Socio-dramatic Play or Social Play by collaborating with each other to decide what sort of cafe or restaurant they want to establish for playtime. They find solutions to problems that may arise and pitch in with their own individual ideas. Toddlers participate in Mastery Play through activities such as scooping up sand during playtime, scribbling and painting and more. Their attention spans are much shorter, so Shaws’ teachers make it a point to expose them to an array of interesting activities.

Sports also play a big role in Shaws Preschool’s curriculum, and the activities planned for students are a great way for them to learn academic skills, life skills and executive skills. It’s the first step in preparing children academically to face local or international school curricula and pave the way forward for a successful life.

Learn how Shaws Preschool truly supports children as they grow. Click here to book a school tour!

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